It’s almost upon us. The one shopping day of the year filled with so much violence, betrayal and family drama, it could be a God of War game. Hit the jump to find out our run down of the some of the best deals for gaming this holiday season.

Below are a list of the finest deals I could find while scouring the internet. Obviously all deals won’t be available at the exact price for your area so check your local sales paper. Honestly though, for larger retail stores things are usually across the board when it comes to price. I’ve also taken the liberty to highlight what I feel are the best of the best deal wise. Keep in mind, I may not mean quality, but rather the price normally versus the price during the sale. Browse our website to find reviews to most of the games below.

All these sales papers can be found in their entirety with the highest quality scans on the internet at

First off if your are looking for something nice, new and shiny to play games on you could do far worse then the console deals below.

PS3: Pretty much every store will have a bundle for $199.99. This includes, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Toys R Us and Gamestop. For your cash you’ll get a 160 GB PS3, Ratchet and Clank All For One, Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition, Wireless PS3 controller and a 30 day membership to Playstation Plus. No retail store wins out here in term of a deal, but either way that is a heck of a price for a Blu-Ray player that plays video games.

Xbox 360

Xbox has a little more variety in store for gamers as far as deals go.

Wal-Mart, GameStop: $199.96 4GB 360 w/Kinect and Kinect Adventures, 1 Month of Live and a 50 Dollar Gift Card

Best Buy:  $199.99 250GB Xbox 360 w/ Fable 2, downloadable token for Halo Reach, Wireless Controller, 3 Months of Xbox Live

Target: $149.99 4GB Xbox 360

Toys R Us:$199.99 360 4GB w/Kinect, Kinect Adventures and Wireless controller plus a free 10 dollar gift card. $199.99 for a 360 4GB Xbox w/Gears of War 3, 3 month of Xbox Live and a 50 dollar gift card.


If you still don’t have a Wii there are a couple of places that can hook you up.

Wal-Mart, GameStop, Toys R Us: 149.99 for a Wii system with Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack

Wal-Mart: $99.99 Cheapest your getting a new Wii folks. New powder blue system.


The hot new portable system that is getting a bevy of new games around this time.

Best Buy: 179.99 for 3DS bundle. Your pick of either Super Mario Land Bundle (Super Mario 3D Land game and a red system) or Legend of Zelda Bundle (Ocarina of Time 3$D and awesome black 3DS with Triforce and gold trimming)

Toys-R-Us: $189.99 3DS bundle with a free Mario bobblehead stylus. Your pick of either Super Mario Land Bundle (Super Mario 3D Land game and a red system) or Legend of Zelda Bundle (Ocarina of Time 3D and awesome black 3DS with Triforce and gold trimming)

GameStop: $199.99 3DS bundle. Your pick of either Super Mario Land Bundle (Super Mario 3D Land game and a red system) or Legend of Zelda Bundle (Ocarina of Time 3D and awesome black 3DS with Triforce and gold trimming).

Tiered pricing for trading in a DS system goes like this: Trade DSiXL – 3DS costs $99.99, Trade DSI – 3DS costs $119, Trade DS Lite- 3DS costs $129.

In addition every used Nintendo system comes with a free 1 Year in store replacement plan. You can pick up a used DSI as low as $99.99 and a used Wii as low as $79.99.


Now that you have your wonderful new systems you’ll need something to play on them and some nice new accessories. We’ve got you covered. This isn’t a complete list, but what we feel are the best buys.

Skylanders is the hot item for children this holiday system. A lot of stores have a variety of good prices for the game and figures because of that. Check out our review to see if it’s right for you and then check out the different deals below.

Target and Wal-Mart: Skylanders Starter Kit: 49.99.

Best-Buy: Skylanders Ultimate Bundle comes with a 3 Pack of figures, the pirate adventure pack and an exclusive Volcano challenge area: 79.99

Toys-R-Us: Skylanders Starter Kit: 59.99.

Toys R Us also has the best deals for accessories as starting 11/21 to 11/23 (yes right now) they have figures for 2 for 10 dollars. On Thanksgiving night everything is buy one get one. That means you buy a 20 dollar adventure pack you get any other accessory or figure for equal or lesser value free.

Here are a list of the best game deals from different stores.

Wal-Mart (Doorbusters starting at 10PM 11/24)

$59.99: Limited Edition Skyward Sword with soundtrack CD and Gold Remote Plus

$15: God of War 3, Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2, Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Epic Mickey, Uncharted 2 Game of the Year Edition, Toy Story 3

$28: Call of Duty Black Ops, Batman: Arkham City, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3

Best Buy (Doors open at 12AM 11/25)

$7.99: 3 Month Xbox Live, Gears of War Triple Pack, Toy Story 3, Scribblenauts

$14.99: Homefront, Dirt 3, Final Fantasy XIII, Spiderman Edge of Time, Animal Crossing City Folk

$14.99: Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports 2, Once Upon a Monster, UFC Trainer, Rabbids Alive and Kicking, Sims 3

$29.99: Call of Duty Black Ops, Deus Ex Human Revolution, XMen Destiny, Gears of War 3, Disney Universe, Survivor Cabela for Wii

$34.99: Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Forza 4, NBA 2K12, Fifa Soccer 12

K Mart

$24.99 : Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition w/ plush Sackboy

$9.99: Enslaved, Medal of Honor

$34.99: Metal Gear Solid Collection, Battlefield 3

$29.99: Rage

Toys R Us (Opens at 9PM 11/24)

11/20-11/23: Al Nintendo 3DS and DS games Buy 1 get one 40% off. 40% off all accessories.

Black Friday: Buy 1 Get 1 on 70 in store titles.

$19.99: Mario 3DS stand statue

$23.99: Lego Wii Controller

$17.99: All systems Afterglow controllers

Buy 1 Get 1 5 Dollars including: Gears of War 3, Forza, Kinect Sports 1 and 2, Dance Central 1 and 2, Little Big Planet 2, Uncharted 2, Rage, Sims 3, Battlefield 3, Rage, Madden 2012, Call of Duty Black Ops, Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction, God of War 3. Prices vary and more titles not listed.

To keep you playing: Buy 1 Get 1 Batteries.

GameStop (doors opening at 12AM 11/25)

$15: Uncharted 2 Game of the Year Edition, Heavy Rain Directors Cut

$29.99: Rage, Sonic Generations, Sims 3, Portal 2

$19.99: Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, Dead Rising 2

$9.99: Battlefield Bad Company 2

Did we miss any deals? Got something to share with your fellow gamers? Hit us up in the comments below.



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