So you’d like to see a video game all about you, your life, and whatever else you might possibly want in it? Well for the measly sum of around $67,000, you can have your very own custom-made video game made for you.

 According to an article in the New York Times, a new service called Amuse Me is giving customers this opportunity. The brainchild of Amusement Editor-in-Chielf Abdel Bounane, Amuse Me will build a game almost to whatever specifications you desire, with the cost of the final product varying depending on the level of customisation you wish on the base products. At the deluxe level, video game artists will develop an entire universe based on the customers desires, and can cost up to €50,000, or $67,000.

“So far, our very first orders included a fight game between the client’s mother and George Papandreou,” Mr. Bounane said, referring to the former Greek prime minister. “Also, a man who cheated on his wife asked for a game where he’d be the hero, and her face would appear on every ‘bonus’ he won.”

 While expensive, this could herald a whole new avenue for gaming, with some of those involved seeing this as possibly the first step in something revolutionary.

“In an era of standardized mass production, true luxury is the uniqueness of an object,” he said. “This could go as far as conceiving a game where each level would be based on the structure of your DNA.”

   Of course, this sort of customised computer game does not necessarily have to be just about you. Consider the potential for gifts… what could say “I love everything about you” than getting a computer game all about that special someone in your life?

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