Throwing Some Justice!
Aug 15, 2007
The reason Glee is so awesome, because of the awesome Ryan Murphy. The same brilliant mind behind Nip/Tuck.
Just an Internet User Passing Thru
Aug 15, 2009
This video is somehow seducing me to like Glee as well

Eye See You
Feb 10, 2005

The season finale of Vampire Diaries aired two weeks ago. For those who follow the series, how did you like it? And in other news, it has been picked for it's second season.

Glee gets a third season pickup, and it hasn't even gotten into the season season yet! Talk about awesome! Link

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The Vamp D finale was.... meh up until it was that girl's mother who returned. Forgot the name, Elaina?. That was cool. But other then that I find all of my new show season finales to be NOTHING compared to the finales of past shows like Buffy & Angel.
Mar 9, 2007
The VD finale was pretty good. It's just really nice to see how far it came, improving a lot from the pretty awful earliest episodes. It's hardly great but it's still a worthwhile watch, and it takes good use of the good aspects of the books whilst discarding the bad (particularly LJ Smith's writing style) and adding its own spin into something different and interesting, just how an adaptation should be.

Second half of the first season of Glee has been fun, some really great moments and one or two decent dramatic moments (best numbers so far probably from Kristin Chenowith again, and Kurt's version of 'Rose's Turn'), although they don't quite glue together right. Most recent episode was weird, didn't like the direction (no surprise) but I didn't expect NPH to be that good. Tina needs a solo though, there might be one in the Gaga episode since it focuses on her but I haven't heard that stated, Bad Romance is the group led by Finn and Poker Face is a duet between Rachel and the Vocal Adrenaline coach IIRC...