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  • Do do do dooooooo.
    Ms.Whatsyourface, may I please inspect your profile for trolls?I heard some of them got away and hid in other places.
    They hold the opinion that taking fantasy creatures and turning them into lolis is disrespectful and idiotic.

    I haven't actually finished Ryuki yet, but my friends say that despite the inconclusive ending, it has a much better plot than DK.
    That's really another complaint they have about it. It ruins the mythos of various creatures just as bad as Twilight ruined vampires. One of them was talking about how he saw a female Touhou fan who was the ugliest girl he had ever seen and had gigantic feet.

    My friends, especially one who is a major Kamen Rider expert, have told me not to watch DK because it's such a bastardization of Ryuki.

    The main Riders in Ryuki do use bikes, and most of the others are villains, so I don't see the purpose of this question. Having villainous Riders is a good idea as it breaks from the monotony of fighting kaijin all the time.

    I didn't know the part about the production, I just heard that it was produced by 4kids.
    And they say the complex interactions between the Ryuki characters were what it made it much better. Also there's the fact that it was produced by 4kids, and they have a pretty bad reputation.
    The point was that the original meaning of the word refers to a person I described, also known as a hikikomori. It's not a good thing, and has very negative connotations. Basically anyone who is unhealthily obsessed with anime/manga or Japanese Culture is mocked and hated by my friends. And they say Touhou only appeals to those kinds of people. They also say that ZUN is a pedophile who looks like he lives with his parents and rapes little girls.

    Kabuto actually ran out of most of their budget about halfway through, hence the lack of Clock Up scenes and such in the second half of the series. As I said before, I've never actually seen Dragon Knight aside from a few clips, but what I did see looked pretty lame. Some more things they say is that the pacing is terrible and the plot is very poorly thrown together, with lots of plot holes.
    Also they say how an otaku in Japan is considered a nerd who stays home all day and has no social skills at all and no job, so anyone who describes themselves as one proudly is an idiot. As for the Touhou characters, they just say they're all badly drawn lolis who exist for no purpose other than fanservice.

    There's one of my friends who really likes Ichigo and Nigo, and he would probably scream bloody murder at you comparing them to characters in DK. They say that a good show that harkens back to the basics of Kamen Rider is Kabuto.
    They would take exception to that, since they would probably think you don't think properly if you like Touhou. They're the kind of people who say that anyone who likes anything they don't like is an idiot and has horrible taste. They also counter anyone who tries to tell them that people have a right to their own opinions by saying something like "So that means it's okay to say Twilight is better than Shakespeare, even though only a moron would say that."

    They don't like any of the DK music, or really anything about it. Their main complains seem to be:

    - The actors can't act
    - The suit work is very clumsy
    - The plot is bad and generic compared to Ryuki's plot
    - The characters are bland and not interesting and lack the depth and entertainment value of the Ryuki characters
    - The music sucks
    You're making all of the same arguments that they hate, they have said that only idiots call people close-minded for not liking ****, and then they quoted someone who said "Let's be open-minded, but not so open minded that our brains fall out".

    Another complaint they have about DK is that the music sucks compared to Ryuki, they say just listen to the opening song from Dragon Knight and then listen to the opening song from Ryuki, and the difference in quality is clear.
    Don't even get started with TVtropes, they hate it with a passion since they think it says way too many good things about Bleach which they all hate. They won't accept any arguments if they originate from that site (they often call it "TVDopes"). I haven't heard them directly criticize Touhou's music, but they criticize pretty much everything else about it and say that the fans are some of the most obnoxious there are.

    As for DK, my friends love the classic Showa Riders but they also like the different plot of Ryuki, and feel like DK completely ruined it. In fact, if I told them you said that DK had the same feel as the classic Rider series, they would probably want to murder you.
    That still makes no sense, if fanart is needed to make up for the lack of/poorly drawn official art, then their argument is that the original must suck so badly that there's no point of drawing fanart for it. They also say that DK ruined Ryuki's plot by completely changing it and getting rid of all of the characters.
    Another argument they use is that when the fanart is better than the official art, then the original sucks so badly only idiots would make fanart of it in the first place. They said that they could just draw a stick figure and get millions of fans drawing fanart of it if it worked that way. As for the plot and characters, they generally hate the entire concept of "moe" and anything with lolis in it, and call all of the fans of such things pedophiles who live with their mothers and will never get a real girlfriend.

    As for Ryuki, they say that the American actors can't act worth ****, and they removed all of the awesome stuff like having a Rider who was a serial killer, and instead replaced it with a generic "lol alien overlord" plot.

    (Keep in mind I'm not saying this stuff, I'm just saying what they say, most of it is actually word - for - word).
    I have never seen it, but pretty much all of my friends agree it's a shitty remake and barely better than Saban's Masked Rider.

    One of them actually commented on the Touhou fighting game and said that the fact that ZUN had to hire someone else to do the art proves he sucks
    They think it's a horrible adaptation that got rid of all of the good characters and music, it sounds like they're grunting like pigs when walking in the suits. I am planning to watch the series you named, though. As for Touhou, they say things like it's pure faggotry weaboo **** with no plot, terrible art, and ZUN is a pedophile. They also say all Touhou fans are retarded pillow fuckers. They are pretty harsh.

    Speaking of MUGEN, I used to try to program characters for it, but I never released them because they sucked. It was fun, though.
    All of my friends hate Dragon Knight but most of them like Ryuki. Personally the Heisei series I have seen are Kabuto and Ryuki, and I want to watch Blade, Agito, W, and maybe Kuuga. As for the whole Touhou thing, I am basically neutral about it, I have no real interest in it but I do not despise it either like my friends do. They often spend time mocking it and saying how shitty it is.
    Well my friends have a very selective definition of media they consider to be acceptable, based on how "manly" it is. For example, they love the Showa Kamen Riders, but dislike most of the Heisei ones, especially Kiva and Decade. Also their reaction to something like Touhou referencing something they like, like JJBA, is as if they just saw Osama Bin Laden burning the American flag. (Maybe not the best example, since they're not all American, but you get the idea).
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