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JSF, I called you a morally bankrupt goalpost shifter months back when we were arguing. That was out of line of me to say that, you're not. I'm sorry I said that. Have a happy holiday and New Year.
It's all good man. Water under the bridge. Thanks for the comment, I also apologize if I offended you in some way, shape or form. I've been wrong on a lot of things before, but I'm quite grateful I was. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here today with the kind of mentality I have now. Sorry this reply was late, the forum was down for awhile, and I just got back on it
Do you mean completed fan fic projects? EWell nothing they're still there we don't delte them or anything

And the post has been removed
The other 6 Hermonie Grangers are on the way actually and I will be working on them soon.