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    Tokusatsu news on That's what the News Hound forum is suppose to be for. It's really no sweat and doesn't really change much. No worries. :)
    You haven't written any news for.... like.. half a year. ^__^
    I suuuuuck at returning messages, but of course you know this already -- you can spank me later. After the hoopla of the holiday I'll have a big heart felt one for you covering everything, but I hope you're doing okay and your Thanksgiving is rad. *huggle*
    I need to get into better shape and with a friend it'll be easier to get motivated.
    Awesome. Now my list went up. I'm already trying to catch up on my super lateness. Watching Kuuga and Decade. Then maybe Agito and Kabuto. Then for some Sentai with Shinkenger and Dairanger. Damn I'm late. Anything else you recommend?
    Finally got an up to date computer, and it's running Half Life 2 pretty smoothly, so I believe I'll finally be able to play TF2 with you whenever you get the chance.
    Cool. Romantically speaking I find that I might actually have chances with TWO girls and I might pursue either one of them o.o. Its not a situation I am equiped to deal with :p
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