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  • To be honest, you could probably spend all day in Akihabara shopping, there's a shitton of arcades to lounge about in too. What days are you here?
    Ok~ So I painted the white bits on the belt charm for you. It's really hard cause it's tiny so I had to simplify it. I'll take a picture of it when the resin dries, and you gotta let me know if it's ok or if you liked it better with just the black design, ok? cause painting over it black again wont be a hassle.. it's the little white designs that are really tough to do @_@ I kinda liked it better with just the black because the design was more sleek and simple.. but let me know what you like better ok? :3

    <3 Just wanted to give you an update.

    Edit: Yeah.. @_@.. I can't do the white part of the design here.. I'm gonna have to go back over it in black.. it's way too small to do it.. and I'm a perfectionist and I don't want it to look crummy. I really hope you don't mind. I'll go back over it with black paint to make it like how you saw the webcam pic the other night <3 sound ok?
    Nice. How much? And thanks!
    lately i've been watching supernatural and criminal minds :D .... been in a bit of an american tv show binge ^^
    hihi :D i haven't been on the board in ages XD

    was finishing up my rotations. graduated recently! and juuuust finished up taking my board exams. just waiting for my results on my 2nd one (passed the first one :D) and then i should be getting my license soon ^^
    If your goal is fat loss then it pays to stick with a good ratio of strength training to cardiovascular exercise. You don't need expensive equipment for a lot of the most effective strength training movements, bodyweight is the way to go: pushups, pullups, core, squats of all sorts, planque, handstands, farmer's walks, grip training, all require minimal or no equipment (a good pullup bar can be purchased for about $30). I don't want to saturate your visitor page with miscellany, so if you'd like anymore detail feel free to PM me.
    Hahah no worries.. it was more about the time loss but it's all my bad hehehe :3 no worries though!
    Undraaavvvee! @_@ Sorry about the pic delay.. I wanted to make Gokaiyellow for you so I could take the pics of it alltogether.. but I forgot it in the oven too long and I discovered a blackened-like prune when I went to get it out.. lol.. @_@ So I'm on my ass making another one for you.. lol..

    Sorry sorry @_@.. I am a klutz..
    Also.. holy **** you're 28? I've always thought you were like 24 or something! Haha.. learn something new every day! :333
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