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  • Lol I was just discussing this. I find it funny WWE wants Beer Money when TNA is breaking them up to move Roode into main event status.

    Anyhow, WWE is retarded because Beer Money are signed until 2013. They aren't going anywhere unless TNA fires them and that's not happening.
    I didn't really watch alot of it because I was watching the NBA Finals but from what I saw, It was a good PPV. Solid matches, clean finishes in most of them.

    Ray vs Styles stole the show. Sting vs Anderson reminded me alot of the Taker vs Punk match at Breaking Point. Bischoff went against hogan's word of having a clean match and interfered. What's wrong with that? It's adding to a story. Sting has been saying forever he wants Bischoff out.

    That's why I can't stand the unnecessary hate. It usually makes people look even more stupid. Everyone wants TNA to push new talent, Crimson is getting a massive push but it's a problem.
    XD I totally forgot about them myself. Gonna remind myself of their awesomeness. Thanks, let me know if you can get me a copy good sir.
    Daniels, Truth and a few other guys in wrestling can wrestle at a high level over the 38 year old age range. Zeke is so damn big, he might pop a muscle if he wrestles a 15 minute match at his age.
    Zeke is a bust. thought they would push him to the main event by now...before he gets too old to wrestle. He's like 39 lol
    Yup! I saw... I hope it's good!
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