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  • Y'know, I agree with this "AkaRed" guy; Not that I'm trying to defend the show or anything but, I think he makes a decent point.
    Was the stream you mentioned named "Ju**"? 'cause, I just noticed too late that someone linked it on my twitter.
    (name censored so it won't fly over the place)
    I reported it already but there weren't any mods on so I had to scream at someone in a panic! It just so happened to be you :D
    Yeah but, I'd like to get it up and running again, it'd be nice ...'least, I tend to think so.

    It's a chan that King put together though, I got banned from it yesterday for weird reasons. lol.
    Hey, if you guys want to go back into #tokuchat, you're welcome too. King ditched it a while ago for #bravetoku, for unknown reasons and no one who'd complain uses the chan right now.
    I was going to tell you "To bad they don't have Toku."

    But you tell me they do. :O_O: Where?
    Haha, okay. I'll steer clear from the Kiva movie, lol.

    Gotta find the hyper battle now~ I'm always in the mood for lols~ :anime:
    No, not yet. :sweat: To be honest, after seeing the finale, I wasn't too motivated to see all the extra movies and such. I have yet to see the Kiva movie~
    lol, it's okay. I'm just disappointed that I didn't enjoy it as much as I would've liked. But the soundtrack will definitely make it onto my iPod soon. I really love Supernova. It's such a fun song~
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