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  • yes all of the DX are japanese ver. if you require pics and more details feel free to mail me at thank you. ^^)
    Hi there, the guy who previously reserved the GaoKing came to pick it up, so it was sold =/
    No problem man. Enjoy your keys! Also keep an eye out for the Korean and HK releases they're doing this year of the keys and Gokaiger. The keys should be the exact same and they'll be cheaper than the Japanese releases. The sounds from the HK or Korean toys will be different, but the keys should be the same.
    yes, it is, but I should let you know that the chest sticker has cut lines on the shoulders at the split between the front and back halves of the chest plastic.
    This is about the 2 red ranger vehicles. to answer your question: Yes, SH Figuarts Gokai Red fits perfectly. in both of them. I know the larger one was used for a couple of different PR toylines, including Lightspeed Rescue, and the smaller one is from Lost Galaxy. So they can fit just about every figure in a five-six inch scale. They also fit DekaRed and ShinkenRed as well. I just put them in there to see and they fit quite nicely. ShinkenRed looked a little silly but DekaRed and Gokai Red looked awesome.
    Yes, go ask guys like Gekidan and Oblivion. Ask them what Knight_IXA / ClimaxHeroDen-O's true personality is.
    See what I mean, don't try and be like Knight_IXA / ClimaxHeroDen-O, even if he has Aspergers. Try asking other people about how they think of Knight_IXA / ClimaxHeroDen-O, then you'll know who's bullshitting you.
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