Pros and Cons of Your City

Bad Wolf

I live in Granada Hills,CA a small city(i guess?)but i've only lived here about two years.


-It's quiet:
no gang violence or hooligans running around so you feel safe walking down the street

-Good Food:
realy a good diversity of resturants,Jack n' The Box,KFC,Burger King,Pizza,etc.

-The Sky:
it's realy dim so on clear nights i would sit outside in the lawn or lay on a bench and stare up at the Moon and let my mind wander.


-Too quiet:
it kind of gets to you,if your paranoid like me

-No Toku fans that i know of:
i kind of feel lonley,if i didn't have internet i'd go crazy.

Dry, Hot, Earthquakes, realy as i type this there is a wild fire burning,it's no where near my house but the Santa anna Winds push the smoke towards my neighborhood so we can't go outside plus my not grandma is a smoker so smoke outside and inside :/

They are a pest thats why i use Fangire B' Gone, It' keeps Them away and my house smelling fresh all day.

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