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  • I see... Hope they do release the entire Shinkenger keys as a set or something... Anyway, I do have an extra ShinkenRed mask from the duplicate carton... Selling it for S$12 if you are interested :)
    Yo... The June copy of Terebi Magazine with the ShinkenBlue Ranger Key has arrived at Kinokuniya. There were 2 copies left at the Liang Court branch when I was there earlier in the afternoon, not sure about Takashimaya or Bugis Junction. Thought you might be interested :p
    I cant effin sleep. So you are stuck for a little while longer. :p Im sorry to hear this though. XD Im annoying as hell.
    Omg Marvelous!! Im such a fangirl. Give meh that jacket nao!! :p XD

    I am so jealous of your banner. o_o I wished i looked half as good as Erika does.
    I am, actually. I'm having fun. I was able to find fan fics and fan art easy enough, so that's where I'll be most of the time.
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