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  • I see... Hope they do release the entire Shinkenger keys as a set or something... Anyway, I do have an extra ShinkenRed mask from the duplicate carton... Selling it for S$12 if you are interested :)
    Yo... The June copy of Terebi Magazine with the ShinkenBlue Ranger Key has arrived at Kinokuniya. There were 2 copies left at the Liang Court branch when I was there earlier in the afternoon, not sure about Takashimaya or Bugis Junction. Thought you might be interested :p
    I cant effin sleep. So you are stuck for a little while longer. :p Im sorry to hear this though. XD Im annoying as hell.
    Omg Marvelous!! Im such a fangirl. Give meh that jacket nao!! :p XD

    I am so jealous of your banner. o_o I wished i looked half as good as Erika does.
    I am, actually. I'm having fun. I was able to find fan fics and fan art easy enough, so that's where I'll be most of the time.
    so how often do you get go to home? or you don't at all til you get out?

    yeah i'm still into that crap. xD
    that's my chick you rockin on your avy boi! lol.

    what's cookin man! it's been awhile since we last talked!
    Hi. This is somewhat random, but I noticed you were capable of making GIF avatars, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me with two. I'd make one myself, but I'm without my Imageready program at the moment, and the avatar thread is so full of incompleted request right now, who knows when it would be completed. It seems some tend to abuse requesting.

    Both request are based off of a YouTube video. If you need me to send you the downloaded video via Megaupload it shouldn't be a problem. If you decide to help, I'll gladly credit you.

    are u goin to join the military? how long is ur trainin?

    i'm alright i guess. been bored the whole day and did do anythin yet other than eat and here. :p
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