Power Rangers: Shinkenger 2011 (News Thread)

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You said that same thing 12 hours ago. If you were hoping it would be on the first post by now, then Saiko must be doing something else. Give it time. No point in posting it again.
We already know about this...I just can't stop posting about it:



Please, get rid that idiotic Disney MMPR logo...and replace it with the TRUE one:


I'll make it in the style of the DVD art that Elie showed us, you want me to make that picture into a banner?

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One thing that bugs me is how alot of PR merch is "cartoon-ized" with animated pictures of the Rangers. Why the **** is this done?... IT'S A LIVE ACTION TV SHOW.

It's like a 24 Season 1 DVD Boxed Set with Animated pictures of Keifer Sutherland on the cover.

I love the fact that they got the poses right... Saban and his subtle pokes at the fandom. :patriotic:

They get points for that forsure.


Maybe they're focused on Comic Con...or weren't those recent casting Tweets about final callbacks?
I know quite a few of them went to, or is going to the Con. And yes, a lot of the tweets mentioned final callbacks, but I've heard that this could go on for another week or so...

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As far as I know. It was the Saban era that would take the Sentai suits and "Jew" them to death (cheapen the **** out of them).

You can tell the difference from PRWF to PRNS.

One thing Disney did right was keep the actual suits/material that was sent to them from Toei.
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