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  • So I read a report that HHH wants to revive the tag divison and the funny part is, he's interested in bringing in Beer Money once there TNA contract is done with. :laugh:
    I agree about Zeke.

    And geez... Everywhere I go that everybody is being so negative about Slammiversary. I haven't watched it yet, so I can't form an opinion on it.
    Do you still care about Big Zeke? Atleast there putting him in a decent fued with Wade Barrett for IC title, which I hope he wins next Sunday.
    R-Truth is getting really good at this heel thing and I was shocked he got a win over Cena. It could be a possiibilty they could be grooming him as a top heel if Punk does leave. It's rumored he might leave in late July.
    Ziggler lost the IC strap & is now the No. 1 contender for the World title. No word if it's going to be at the Royal Rumble. Thoughts?
    Dude, the Juan Cena thing is gonna be hilarious tonight.

    I been thinking, when he comes back, do you think Christian should take a crack at commentary? One thing I like about his mic skills, he doesn't bullshit around & gets straight to the point when he does speak. It would atleast give him SOMETHING to do, if think about it.
    Take it with a BIG grain of salt, but there's a major rumor going on, that CM Punk may get repackaged. New gimmick & new name.
    MVP thinks NXT is awful & he'll be glad when it's over. You know he speaks the truth about that. He needs to be World Champion, lol.
    I guess we know what's going to happen at NoC. Miz lose the US title, get's pissed about it, Cena overcomes the odds again & Miz screws him for his first World Championship.
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