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  • Yeah, I can agree with that. I wish Tzachor should've make on their own way instead of Shinkenger's story. They can use Shinkenger footage, but not to use Shinkenger's story.
    Oh and I actually like Antonio, Jayden and Mike. :) The rest of them... EH... lame.

    Execpt for Bulk and Spike. It's really important to have them as the comic relief.
    Hey brah. How are you doing?

    I feel little bit... kinda of... empty about Samurai. NOT VERY EMPTY. I didn't like the way they handle Samurai to be VERY kiddy. Look at Emily and Mia. They talk like children. Not long sentence. :-/ Not a perfect season but better than Shinkenger, IMO.

    How about you?
    Dude! Me too! I'm so tired of the negative criticism towards Samurai. I really enjoy the show a lot. Sure... it's still baby. I'm glad you're doing great!

    I'm doing ok. Struggling about my jobs. That damn economy lol. Ah. It's life. I'm trying to find a job so I can quit other job. Hopefully, i plan to apply Best Buy next month.
    Doing really good, brah! Been busy working two jobs. WHEW! Good thing that I'm catching up to watch Power Rangers Samurai. :)
    I want to ask you about twitter. Were you able to follow some people today? When I was on there, I saw all zeros. Is Twitter down or something? Please let me know.
    Yeah man, hopefully they'll be able to me SOMETHING. I won't ask too much, just some general stuff ya know.
    Thanks very much, indeed.

    Please do. Seriously, you seemed to be very business-wise yourself. To collecting the information, so you can pass it over to us! I demand to know what season 18's title going to be! You tell them that!
    Well, I'm writer.

    I've written almost every single episodes. It's called "Universal Lords." Very familiar to Doctor Who, I'm sure you know what that show is. To be honest with you, I should be back to work as of now, but time went by too fast. It's getting late out here.

    That's why I'm moving out.
    Bad news, my friend.

    I'll be moving to UK in few years' time. I won't be able to suggest the ideas to them. But I can try to suggest the ideas to them...only if the hub network is very success, then hopefully they can launch two new networks, thanks to me.
    Actually, my friend.

    Discovery Kids has been dying years, years back. Not many shows coming on there anymore. Last show I've ever saw was the future is wild. After that...I never saw the finale.

    Man, Discovery Kids stink. So glad that this lady who behind fox kids in the past is back to control it all. I'll pray for their success, But why can't they get cool idea like launching another tv network like, "Hub Teen"? Or "Hub anime"? How would you like that, eh? :169:
    Oh, you're thinking too much! LOL. You and me both are thinking too much, my friend! :laugh:

    But, hey, I don't know if the deal with Nick is on temporary or not, given a popularity and success, we will have to see. You told us that President of Saban Brands predicts that if that happens, that PR would be around for more than 10 to 15 years. Seriously, he's thinking too much, just like us! :D

    Anyways, What do you think of "Discovery Kids"? Are you happy that they're about to be out of picture for good?
    Yeah. We will see how it is going.

    It's like homecoming to former fox kids in the past. But won't they need like more channels like Nick does? Anyways, we will see. Thanks for mention that..Power Rangers on the Hub hasn't crosses my mind as of late. What a strange though.
    Hey, is it very possible that PR come to the HUB network someday in the future? It's first thing that pops up in my head last night. Now that you mentioned about it after I left.

    What do you see? Very likely? No?
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