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  • Yeah, I can agree with that. I wish Tzachor should've make on their own way instead of Shinkenger's story. They can use Shinkenger footage, but not to use Shinkenger's story.
    Oh and I actually like Antonio, Jayden and Mike. :) The rest of them... EH... lame.

    Execpt for Bulk and Spike. It's really important to have them as the comic relief.
    Hey brah. How are you doing?

    I feel little bit... kinda of... empty about Samurai. NOT VERY EMPTY. I didn't like the way they handle Samurai to be VERY kiddy. Look at Emily and Mia. They talk like children. Not long sentence. :-/ Not a perfect season but better than Shinkenger, IMO.

    How about you?
    Dude! Me too! I'm so tired of the negative criticism towards Samurai. I really enjoy the show a lot. Sure... it's still baby. I'm glad you're doing great!

    I'm doing ok. Struggling about my jobs. That damn economy lol. Ah. It's life. I'm trying to find a job so I can quit other job. Hopefully, i plan to apply Best Buy next month.
    Doing really good, brah! Been busy working two jobs. WHEW! Good thing that I'm catching up to watch Power Rangers Samurai. :)
    I want to ask you about twitter. Were you able to follow some people today? When I was on there, I saw all zeros. Is Twitter down or something? Please let me know.
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