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    Kamen rider series with the best story and characters

    Could you recommend the kamen rider show with said qualities?
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    The sexiest kamen rider armor

    The title says it all.
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    Which sentai has the most sexually attractive giant robots?

    Personally I think ohranger has some damn sexy mecha.
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    is ultraman nexus any good?

    I was thinking about watching it, but is it good or bad?
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    Anyone else would like to more toku from the 70's throughthe early 80's subbed?

    BEcause a lot of toku don't like watching raws(myself included), I would like to see more 70's and early 80's toku subbed. These past few yews, toku from the late 80's though the 90's are getting more attention. I think that younger toku fans should get the chance to see old school toku subbed.
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    Japan Hero

    I was wondering ,why does no-one hardly visit the japan hero board when it was the most popular toku board 5 years ago? What do you guys think of the members there?
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    The Last Kamen Rider

    Chapter 1 MY name is Shouta kamiya, the first and last kamen rider. I was once a regulay student at Tokyo University. I had a bright future ahead of me. I even had a great friendship with my teacher, Proffessor Yamagi. MY hobby was motorbiking. I would even compete in competitions with...
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    A tokusatsu you'd like to see created

    Title says it all.Here's something I'd like to see. A show about some guy who dreams of being a toku senshi but insteads become a kaijin. A kaijin tat fights other kaijin and sometimes senshi who mistake him for being evil. Plus, when he fights giant kaijin and mecha, he transforms in a giant...
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    Why is that some people actually complain about a actor's looks?

    One aspect of the toku fandom that I find shallow is when the fans complain about when the actors looks femine. Seriously, who cares, being a toku hero isn't about looks,its about actions. A toku actor could a transexual and still be a hero.
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    What do you like about showa era rider shows?

    What do you like about showa era rider shows?
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    What do you dislike about the showa era of kamen rider?

    What do you dislike about the showa era of kamen rider?
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    Would ishimori think of the new gen kamen rider?

    I was curious of what ishimori would think of the new gen riders, i've seen a lot of people say he was hate them since since they don't match his original vision.
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    Would old school rider fans be pleased if the new was exactly like the old gen?

    Most old school rider fans hate the new gen, calling them metal heroes.Some hate the addtions made to the fanshisce.Some of them seems to hate that the show is no longer about a guy out for revenge against the organization that created him.Some hate the new suit designs, saying they...
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    What are your top 10 MOTW?

    What are your top 10 MOTW?
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    Create a toku villain or organization

    Titile says it all.This is a evil organization set in an alternate Kamen rider reality. I call it the shadow hand organization. Anyone could a member of shadow hand, your neighbor, your lover, or even your best friend. Shadow hand owns all criminals ,tyrants,and conquers have been agents of...