Rumors that something called “Persona 5 R” was on the way have been confirmed. Atlus uploaded a short teaser to YouTube this morning….30 seconds in length, and revealing its existence.

And its existence was about it. A date of March 2019 is mentioned at the end, but according to Atlus, this is simply when more of the game will be revealed, not the date of its release.

Despite its most recent release being in 2016, it’s been a visible 2018 for the Persona series, culminating with the surprise reveal of Joker, the main character of Persona 5, as a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Many fans took this to mean a Switch port of Persona 5 is a full possibility, and that Persona 5 R was that port.

Well……this teaser pretty explicitly opens with the Playstation logo. All indications would be the series will continue its Sony exclusivity for another year, and that this is simply an enhanced edition of the same game on the same console.

That’s kind of a letdown, but who knows what else will be revealed this coming March. They’ve got three months before the actual announcement, and there will be a lot of loud begging from Persona fans between now and then. And for the record, plenty of other video games have been announced before with Playstation branding that were actually multiplatform upon release.

Keep wishing! We’ll know more in 2019.

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