For nearly as long as Toonami has been a thing, there has always been the TIE — the Total Immersion Event, or a number of days when the mascot robots stop announcing the schedule, playing video games, or giving life advice — and get into an adventure of their own. Now we know what the next one will be.

You’ll have to wait a while for it, though. It was announced by the Toonami crew that they’d be sitting out 2018, and they did just that — the TIE typically runs through November, but nothing unusual appeared. This new trailer teases The Forge for “Fall 2019,” which we assume means November again. This is quite an early trailer. The event should be good.

Each TIE tends to have permanent effects on the bumpers for the next year. The very first TIE, The Intruder, ran in 2000 and killed off the original TOM — so that a newer build could take his place.

Fifteen years later Toonami ran The Intruder II in 2015, revealing that the original TOM had merged with the Intruder and become a new villain. He aimed to destroy TOM, Sara and the Absolution ship, but only managed one of those things. For the next year TOM and Sara, without a ship, broadcast Toonami from an abandoned station on a desolate planet.

Since then, the next couple TIEs revealed the station was actually another ship (the Vindication) which blasted off. Sara gained a new body (and is now a fairy), and TOM got a new wormlike pet. Then a TOM from the future came to stop an evil Sara from the future, or something — we’re still not sure what happened in that one.

The point is TOM emerged from that incident with battle scars that have remained for all of 2018 (and much of 2019, apparently). If we had to bet money on what The Forge is about, we’d guess it involves TOM getting a new body. The adventure begins in ten or so months.

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