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Name: Ryuusuke Dojima
Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Abilities: A skilled martial artist and marksman, though he prefers using melee weapons like broom handles and rocks, and if necessary, make use of guns as melee weapons. Can also play the guitar, and with an electric guitar in his hands, he can perform a Tom Morello-like guitar solo.
Age (18-24): 23
Ranger Designation: BoukenRed
Gear: Accellular, Water Jet, Scope Shot
Weapon(s): SurviBuster/SurviBlade, Bouken Bo/BoukenJavelin, Golden Sword
Gougou Vehicle(s): Gougou Dump, Gougou Jet, Gougou Commander
Character song:
Personality: Though appearing to be cocky at first, Ryuusuke is a cool individual that fights hard, and always tries to find an enemy's weak spot if he estimates his opponent to be stronger. Despite being a ruffian in the past, Ryuusuke commands his subordinates' respect through his focus on the team, rather than himself.
Bio: For most of his life, Ryuusuke has not known what his past was like, what his parents looked like or what their names where, or where in Japan he was born. All he knows is that he was raised by a group of Pirates in Thailand, where he was exposed to the pirates' daily activities: raiding various boats off the coast of the small nation. Because of such exposure, he slowly worked his way through the ranks of the pirates, eventually becoming the leader of a new generation of the seafaring scoundrels that even the Thai government could not deal with.

Because of his fighting prowess and uncanny knack of finding treasure, Ryuusuke decided that his band of pirates would go beyond pillaging ships that happened to venture into their territory; he decided that his pirates would go and look for treasure in the nearby areas of their territory. With the team's first order of business being the search for equipment, he goes and hijacks a large yacht containing some of the essentials for treasure-hunting: scuba gear, navigational charts, maps, and more importantly, the boat itself. Successful in driving away the poor scientists that used to own the yacht, Ryuusuke immediately set sail in one of the small islands along the coast, where he learned had a treasure known as a "Precious".

Racking up a string of successful pillaging missions on three spots that had "Precious" in them, Ryuusuke grew more and more popular in the eyes of his subordinates, as they have grown wealthier through the sale of Precious in the black market. Unfortunately for the pirate captain, a small voice of dissent was beginning to grow under him. A sub-group that formed within the pirates have begun to question his leadership, as they felt that their treasure-hunting missions were beginning to put the group closer into danger -- whether it be death or arrest by the Interpol. Even then, the sub-group decided to keep their plans under wrap until the next mission -- which was to steal a "Precious" located in an island near China. It was the most dangerous mission the pirates have taken on thus far, and Ryuusuke felt even more excited, hoping to net a lot of money. What he didn't count on, however, was that his activities have garnered the attention of SGS, and was on the lookout for him and his group while hot on the heels of the very same Precious.

As the group arrived on the island, Ryuusuke began to lead the team safely and successfully through the traps that guarded the prize the Treasure hunters sought, which was at the middle of a semi-active volcano. It was there that Ryuusuke met Akashi and the other Boukengers, who immediately warned him that he will be taken down immediately should they try to go after the Precious. Thinking that his pirates will back him up, Ryuusuke commanded his team to hold off the Boukengers. Unfortunately for him, he was instead met with mutiny, as the rest of the pirates all drew their swords and aimed it at him. Angered at the pirates betrayal, He demanded to know why, to which the instigator of the mutiny answered by telling him that he was putting the team in danger with his treasure hunts. Without any further time wasted, the instigator instantly kicked Ryuusuke into the pit of lava, and led the pirates out of the volcanic cavern. Thinking for sure that he had a good life behind him, Ryuusuke finally let the betrayal sink in as he closed his eyes, feeling the wind rush as he fell ever so closer to the boiling lava. That is, until he stopped in mid-air. Opening his eyes once more, he saw that Akashi, henshined into BoukenRed, had caught him, and was pulling him up to safety with the use of the Scope Shot. Demanding to know why the leader of Boukenger saved his life, Akashi told the young man that his treasure hunting skills would be put to better use if he joined SGS. Though still reluctant, Ryuusuke felt that unlike the pirates he led for quite some time, the Boukengers were opening their hearts to a ruffian like him, and that he sensed that the team was placing their trust on him. Unable to ignore the feelings of the team, Ryuusuke has accepted the offer, placing him on track to inherit the mantle of BoukenRed from Satoru Akashi, the legendary "Immortal Fang".

Since that time, Ryuusuke has inherited the mantle of team leader from Akashi, and has made himself known as the "Chaser Dragon" due to his tenacity in going after the hard-to-reach Precious, as well as his skill in warding off a group of pirates or any other group that would go against SGS. It should also be noted that although he keeps his cool around her, Ryuusuke has a hidden crush on Rika Kirishima, also known as BoukenSilver. However, her heart may be the only Precious Ryuusuke can never reach...
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The Void Dragoon


The Void Dragoon are aerial assault soldiers capable of both land and air base attacks. Their intellectual prowless is about 1/3 of the Void Dusk. The Void Dragoon work together efficiently under the command of the Imperial Leader (a selected Void), Monster or Hime Hotaru.

The Void Dusk


Mindless Voids only capable of ground base attacks unlike those of the Dragoons. These horrific creatures are capable of thought, but more align of a predatorily.

Hey don't worry about it Gatack-san, I'm still working on mine. ^_^
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Name: Aiden O'Connel
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Abilities: Aiden is a strategist and he is a martial artist in Judo.
Age: 18
Ranger Designation: BoukenBlack
Gear: Accellular, Water Jet, Scope Shot
Weapons: Surviblaster/Surviblade, Radial Hammer
Gougou Vehicle: GoGo Formula, GoGo Crane, GoGo Carrier
Character Song: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbQfQV6YbLQ&feature=channel_page[/ame]
Personality: Aiden is very smart, but he is also sarcastic and tends to sound like a douchebag.
History: Aiden grew up in a wealthy environment surrounded by butlers, and maids who would do anything he said. Though they say that things get worse before they get better. Aiden's whole family value became nothing after his father's company filed for bankruptcy, and with his father's company gone then went everything else. Aiden then had to move in with his uncle and aunt while their family settled everything, but living on a farm would take Aiden some time to get used to.

Life was hard for Aiden in highschool being home schooled Aiden learned stuff in eighth grade while he should of been in sixth, so he already knew what the teachers taught. Aiden just felt like life was pointless his money was gone, and he was just living a horrible life, and that is when he got a call from a person who called themselves Mr.Voice. Aiden was shocked, and said," What do you want, did you kidnap someone?" Mr. Voice laughed, and said," Please if you would come to this address it is in Japan, but I have a means of transportation to get you there." After a day of traveling Aiden was at the address of the Boukenger's headquarters, and he was shocked it was inside a museum. After arriving Mr.Voice told him," You've been selected to be Bouken Black. Now you have skills that surpass others, and I wish for you to join the team." There was a accelular in front of him, and Mr. Voice said," If you accept then please take the accelular in front of you." Aiden held the changer, and then was assigned the title of Bouken black.


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Course you're accepted. Now the only thing that we're waiting for besides my profiles for the remaining two are BoukenBlue and BoukenPink. I would like having at least the first set. However, if we cannot find any takers for those spot, we shall start and worry about those later.

Also, everyone is welcome to make a secondary character or NPC character.


Well after arguing wiht myself for who knows how long I decided to break one of my personal philosphies (joining an rpg after the spot I wanted gets claimed) which is sort of a once in a lifetime thing. Anyways save blue for me I'll get a bio up within three days.

I bet Gatack and Denjin will be in a state of shock when they see this
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Forgive me but I made a couple changes to Alva's personality (making it easier for me to play)... thinking of an NPC for him atm as well.


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Consider that spot hold, and no reason for you to apologize Tigerhawk-san. I've posted the villians profile, but having trouble deciding BoukenYellow's race.

I hate to be a bother, but what is everyone input on the ideas that I've mention.


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For some reason when trying to post BoukenYellow, the image was not showing


Name: Tsuruhime 'Tsuru' Inou
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Human/Half-Lemurian
Abilities: Always cheerful, Tsuruhime cannot remain angry or upset longer than a second. She cannot stand others being unhappy and is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on.
Age: 20
Ranger Designation: BoukenYellow
Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot
Weapons: SurviBlade/SurviBlaster, Bucket Scoopers, And Golden Sword
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Dozer, Gougou Drill, Go Go Attacker
Character Song: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9WNcwIRsx8&feature=related[/ame]
Personality: An energetic, good-natured and playful soul cares more of the well-being of others rather than herself. Her own pain and nightmares concealed behind a masking smile.
History: The daughter of Masumi and Natsuki Inou, Tsuruhime was born into a loving and nurturing family with a passion for adventure. Growing up Tsuruhime could be said one of few children privilege to travel around the world searching ruins and excavations. The only times that she was not concluded were trips that Tsuruhime’s parents deem too dangerous. What Tsuruhime did not realize that these excluded travels required her parents to work secretively with the former Boukengers.

A guarded secret that did not last when Tsuruhime managed to sneak on board a vessel heading towards the main-lands of a remote island. Masumi and Natsuki were sent on a mission from Mr. Voice to locate a possible Precious found within the volcanic core. Not only did they find the treasured relic, the couple also encountered a small army of the Hoshi Kariudos Voids (a brief encounter)….and their stowaway daughter.

After handling the situation with the unknown creatures, the mission was scrub due to the fact the readings were not a possible Precious, but the unusual reading coming from the creatures themselves. Having no option except to henshin in front of Tsuruhime, it was made unanimous that she learns about SGS secret. Now years later, Tsuruhime continues to follow her parents footsteps as the new BoukenYellow.
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(OOC: I've decided on an interesting NPC for Alva. Hope this is ok MagiPink-San)


Dragon Appearance: Secret
Dragon Name: Secret

Name: Alva's Ryuteki (Dragon Flute)
True Name: Gignika
Gender: Female
Race: Green Dragon
Abilities: None
Age: 2465 years old
Character Song: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGoWtY_h4xo[/ame]

Personality: Cares deeply for Alva, tries to offer him advice and cheer him up in rough times.

History: Gignika was a member of Alva's adopted family. She helped raise the mischievous black dragonling becoming an older sister to him. As the years past Gignika found herself wishing she be more to Alva than his sister. The pair learned and grew fond of playing an ancient type of flute together. The years were filled with happy songs as the two grew older.

Gignika was one of the only females not to have taken part in the ancient aeiral dance when the time was right. When the king summoned a meeting between himself and the dragon elder, Gignika thought little of it, other than it was odd that Alva had attended.

To Gignika shock, upon his return Alva admitted that he loved her and wished they could be mates. Before Gignika could speak her feelings, Alva asked to play their favorite melody together. Gignika was happy to do so and the pair played for a good hour before finally stopping. Suddenly he said was going away and hoped she would find a nice partner among the others. Gignika refused and tried to press Alva for details but was told only that he probably wouldn't return to her, ever. He suddenly kissed Gignika and left her without another word.

Hurt and confused Gignika pressed the elder for information about what occured at the meeting. After constantly asking and finally telling of her conversation with Alva, the elder relented and told of Alva's decision. Though he admitted, he didn't know where Alva had gone to guard the treasures. He'd said that Alva had asked him not to tell her, fearing she would never be happy if she knew the truth.

Alva's fear was true, Gignika wasn't happy. In fact, she'd spent every waking moment searching though the ancient tomes for something. Years of searching and Gignika finally found the spell she sought. It was a forbidden spell and before anyone knew what occurred, Gignika was gone, never to been seen by her family again.

While Alva searched the ruins upon awakening, he found himself drawn to his flute, which he'd kept as a reminder of Gignika. The flute had strange marks upon it, but Alva assumed he'd made them before going into GiiRaikutengka. He didn't feel much like playing during his search, so it'd wouldn't be till soon after Alva became BoukenAmber that he finally sat down one evening to reminisce. While playing 'their' song Alva was shocked as Gignika appeared before him, looking ecstatic. Between bouts of Alva fainting from shock Gignika explained what happened. She found a soul-binding spell and managed to cast it twice before it took effect. Once to bind her to Alva, the second to specifically bind her to his flute.

Alva didn't know what to make of it, but was happy to Gignika by his side, regardless of her state. The other Boukenger know he plays a flute type know as Ryuteki and seem to listen in sometimes as he plays. Gignika agreed to only appear when their special song was played, so she'd know no others were around to see her. Alva still call's Gignika "-neesan" out of habit, which she doesn't mind.


Regular Clothes

Con Artist/formal clothing:

Name: Damien Crescend

Gender: Male (duh)

Race: Human, American

Abilities: Piloting aircraft, gambling, voice imitation, smooth talking and not to bad of a singer when he wants to be. Sort of an odd jack of all trades with several talents for certain situations. He also has a knack for maintaining facial expressions, making him very difficult to read thanks to his years of poker playing.

Age: 22

Ranger Designation: BoukenBlue

Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot

Weapons: SurviBlade/SurviBlaster, Blow Knuckle

Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Gyro, Gougou Mixer, Go Go Fighter

Character Song:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPSng8qc73Q]Stormy May Day[/ame]

Personality: Very eccentric , very cocky and sometimes very difficult to work with a tendency to go off and do his own without letting anyone know. He seems to not acknowledge men he doesnt respect though will listen intently to any women who may approach. At least he is a mostly friendly individual, but would be a better asset if it werent for the fact that the only people he looked out for were himself and the girls.

History: Damien's story is a long and interesting one, which he is fairly sure could be made into a best selling novel some day. From humble beginnings in the state of Nevada he always seemed to be quite a bit more clever than his peers, often tricking them into buying some random piece of junk off him after he convinced them that it was a some sort of priceless treasure, and conviniently dissapearing when they realized they had been tricked. As years went on he perfected his art , conning people out of bigger and better things, especially during his trips to Las Vegas, where he was probably one of the few people who went home with more money than he came there with thanks to his keen intellect and ability to maintain a perfect and permanent pokerface. Of course this occasionally led to some trouble when the casino owners felt he won a little too often. But even then he was never the type top allow himself to be caught easily , especially since at a certain point he had made an effort to learn how to pilot small aircraft and gain a pilot license, allowing him to take to the skies when he needed to get out of town and lay low for a bit.

During those trips he would often make use of his smooth talking and the rather powerful singing voice he had developed ,hanks to being forced to play the tuba for a while in his younger days, to support himself while taking some rather shady work on the side. It was through one of these rather shady jobs that resulted in him becoming one of the Boukengers when he crossed paths with Souta Mogami also known as BoukenBlue. It started when some rather shady individuals approached him with a rather lucrative offer, and all he had to do was bring a package to a certain spot. It was fairly simple and straightforward, and he had no reason to turn down the offer, but the fact that the thing he was transporting was a Precious that was currently high on SGS's priority list thanks to it's ability to perfectly replicate things such as precious metals and currency, put simply in the wrong hands this thing could have easily crippled the world's economy. in an attempt to intercept the package before it left the ground Souta first approached Damien , challenging him to a game of poker in hopes that he could drive up the stakes to the point where he would have to bet the precious and hopefully lose it. The fact that Souta was left without any money, or even his Boukenger jacket, spoke for itself, especially when Damien's plane shot across the sky. Not willing to give up Souta, who thankfully still had his Accellular summoned the GouGou Gyro and took off after him. After a lonmg and drawn out chase through the skies of the United States, it seemed that Damien's tricks had once more kept Souta one step behind him.

Finally it seemed that Damien would claim his money, and SGS would have lost it's target as Damien approached the designated point with Souta still tailing him. It was then that Damien discovered he had been double crossed as several thugs pulled guns on him. Seeing one last chance to get the Precious Souta dashed in with his Accellular ready, only to have it shot out of his hand and onto the groundnot far away from Damien. Seeing no other choice Souta shouted a Damien to use it, allowing Damien to temporarily become BoukenBlue and make short work of the thugs. Despite Damien's con artist and self righteous nature he returned the Accellular to Souta , saying that he doesnt steal from those that earn his respect, which Souta managed to do just by keeping up with him all of this time.

As Damien prepared to leave and head home to claim his next score Souta stopped him, believing that Damien's particular skill's could be put to use as a Boukenger, especially after he saw him handle himself rather well in that fight. At first Damien didnt think he as serious but finally he agreed to join saying "This stuff has become tiresome, I could go for a fresh challenge." and with that , as well as some negotiating with Mr Voice about overlooking his shadier past deeds and thus became the full time BoukenBlue......after cleaning out the bank accounts of those that double crossed him first.


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Had to take some time reflecting on the NPC, but consider added to the profiles.

Kain, let me say that I am thrilled to have you aboard and that your profile is accepted. Very excellent profile by the way.

I do apologize if I have not made the changes or added my profile as of yesterday, but I was really steamed. It's an early day today, so by the time I get home shall have a profile ready and shall work on BoukenPink's profile. Also, I shall come up with a villian NPC character. Really need a few more besides the one.


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Sweet and take your time. I'm working on BoukenPink's profile right now and I'd like to say that we shall be starting come...three days. Unless earlier, I'll keep everyone updated


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Name: Hitomi Skylark
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown, but appears to be human
Abilities: water manipulation
Age: Unknown, but appears to be at least 18
Ranger Designation: BoukenPink
Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot
Weapons: SurviBlade/SurviBlaster, Hydro Shooter
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Marine Diver, Gougou Shovel, Go Go Roader
Character Song: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HOdukZz4g&feature=related"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HOdukZz4g&feature=related[/ame]
Personality: Very soften spoken, intellectual and a loner who prefers to stay far away from social events as possible. Hitomi’s outwardly detachment is not spark from her misplace trust in others, but mainly distrust within herself. The young gothic girl main fear is who or what she shall become. Hitomi does display some ability in water manipulation.

History: Raised in an orphanage Hitomi has been from one foster to the next, never staying in one place long enough to actually, and call home. Raised in an orphanage Hitomi has been from one foster care to the next, never staying in one place long enough too actually call home. Found wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan in weathered worn clothes and possibly not eaten for weeks, Hitomi was place into police custody. When asked by the authorities if her parents knew where she was and how they could locate them, Hitomi merely replied that she does not have any family or remember her last name. Without any relatives, the authorities had no choice, but to place her in the care of the St. Sierra Orphanage.

As Hitomi grew, the gothic girl displayed rather a unique ability of manipulating water to her will. This credited to the reason no foster care would keep her for more than five months. Hitomi’s current residency is with a well-to-do family unable to have a child of their own. Much to her amazement Hitomi’s foster mother is the twice removed cousin of Sakura Nishibori. It is from Sakura did Hitomi found someone that she could relate with to a certain extent. The former BoukenPink ranger saw much of herself within Hitomi, the mantle was passed onto her.

Sakura hope by accepting such a great responsibility Hitomi will open more and not be afraid of letting others see who she is.
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Hi Hi

Thought that I would like to announce that we are ready to go. Either later tonight (or by tomorrow) we shall get this thing officially started. Kain, I have not forgotten about your villian in the works and update the sign-up. I will also be working on a few NPC characters too.


I'll probably get my villain dude up tomorrow or something. But he probably wont pop up until later so it's all good

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