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Alva nodded in response to Tsuru-chan's answer. Scanning around him, Alva saw the actress but didn't see Ryuusuke-kun with her. A strange feeling washed over him, as the color seemed to fade from the world. Alva blinked, for he couldn't remember the last time this happened, though he knew what it was.

Glancing around at the now faceless people Alva frowned. He knew something was wrong, but he couldn't find the source. Blinking Alva struggled to bring the world back into focus, briefly blinded by the returning color.

"My senses are never wrong" He mused silently frowning "They're here...somewhere"


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“Ryuusuke-san, the item has been confirmed to be a Precious. You must coordinate your team to execute a motion to obtain the device at one. I am counting on you guys greatly, but be more cautious. I am also detecting that another source has surfaced. Rather it is another potential Precious or the Hoshi Kariudo is unknown. I shall keep you posted.†Mr. Voice open a private channel to BoukenRed.

Ryuusuke, who was wheeling in stacks of tupperware containing the cantaloupe pieces he chopped up, suddenly moved out of sight upon hearing his accellular ring. Making sure that no one else spotted him disappear behind a pile of crates, the captain of the Boukengers pulled out his Accellular and ducked down, lowering his voice enough so that only Mr. Voice could hear. "Got it. I will stay close to Jeanne, and make sure that the Hoshi Kariudo can't get to her or the Precious," he responded, closing off the channel. Taking a brief moment to look behind the crate, Ryuusuke checked once again to make sure that the others were in their respective positions. Hiding behind the crate again, Ryuusuke opened up the communications channel and sent a voice message to the Accellulars of the others. "Stay your positions and be ready at anytime. The Hoshi Kariudo could be at this studio, its whereabouts unknown," he said through the lowest possible tone that was still audible.

Upon relaying the message to the rest of the team, he emerged once more from behind the crates and grabbed on to the handle of the wagon that carried the stacks of tupperware. Without further hesitation, Ryuusuke tugged the wagon all the way to the refreshments table, preparing the cantaloupe pieces for Jeanne.


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"Hmm...I'll keep that in mind, Alva-san...I better return to her side in any case..." Closing her communications line, Rika headed back out into view and was soon back at the actress's side, taking on her role as her bodyguard again. Seeing that Ryuusuke had come out to prepare refreshments for the actress, she sighed slightly.

I'm pretty sure I could look after her by myself...but...I guess two people watching after her is better than one... Rika still felt like a lone wolf in some respects, but was starting to get used to this whole team notion again. I could just pretend this is like the old days...haa...Hibari-san...I still pray for you, you know... Though she thought that, she shook her head, telling herself afterward to stay focused, as their enemies could show up at any moment.


While Aiden was disguised as a janitor he mopped up messes and was sweeping in the hallways near the set, and Aiden thought," Freakin B.S. to be put in this position." Aiden just sighed as he kept sweeping hoping the action would start soon, because Aiden was a good fighter and not a great janitor. After getting the message to hold his position Aiden responded and said," Understood just hurry up this guy's outfit smells like really bad."


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The production director of the live-action Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanee rubbed his forehead feeling another migraine already on the progression it had taken just to begin filming the first episode alone. If it was not the star actress being all high-and-mighty, glitches in the CG henshin scene and newly hired help. The director’s unbearable comfort came from their valuable sponsorship currently on the set. A light tap on his shoulder caused the elderly man turn slightly in his chair. Standing besides him with clipboard in hand was his personal assistant.

“Sir, I have another request from our benefactor asking for a different brand of sake.â€

“What?! Tell me exactly what wrong with the one he has been partaking from?!†The director’s voice raised in annoyance. The rather visible vein seen on the director made the assistant cower a few feet back.

“H-He believes that we have presented him with an inferior brand that is water down. If we do not see to the demands, he promised to take back every cent and invest it into something more promising.â€

“Why that self-absorbent son of a….†The director muttered lowly underneath his breath “FINE! FINE! Then return to him and ask exactly what sake brand he prefers. It has taken us about two years to get the rights to do a live production and we barely even started.†With a slight bow the assistant ran back towards the awaiting Damien. “GET THE ACTRESS READY FOR THE ACTION SCENE! ALSO BRING IN THE YOUMA COSTUME FOR OUR STUNT ACTOR! I’D LIKE US TO GET MOVING WITH THIS FILMING BEFORE THE DY’S END PEOPLE!â€


Alva glanced around as people began moving into to place for... something. He sighed slightly and moved out of the way. "Hmm?" He blinked as a costume was brought forth, a strange aura emitted from it.

Something told him this was the cause of his sense going off. Opening a channel he asked "Any instructions on what to do now? I have a strange feeling about that costume" He murmured

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Hearing his Accellular beep while he watches the Actress prepare for the battle scene, Ryuusuke quickly goes to hide behind a nearby pile of crates, quickly pulling it out to see who it is that sent a message. It was Alva.

"Any instructions on what to do now? I have a strange feeling about that costume" he heard Alva murmur as quietly as possible.

Opening the channel to all of the Boukengers, he began to issue an order despite the fact that Damien rarely ever listened to his commands. "All Boukengers, remain on standby. Do not perform any unnecessary movements that will jeopardize this mission. I repeat, do not perform any unnecessary movements. Over and out," he commanded through the Accellular as quietly as possible, before pocketing it once more. Having finished issuing his orders, he goes back to his prime position -- right by Jeanne's chair to await the haughty actress's demands if, or rather when, the scene should stop for any reason, including stupid ones.

Have to keep an eye on the monster suit. It may be a real monster, like Alva said, Ryuusuke thought to himself, keeping an eye out for Jeanne and the suit actor.
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Arising onto her feet Hitomi stared transfix at the entrance prior receiving Alva’s speculation on a stage costume and Ryuusuke’s order. At first she did not exactly quite understand why they should be concern over a costume until catching the tones in their voices. At this point Hitomi’s idea of monitoring things from outside when their enemy could be very well right be within the studio rather…pointless. Be as it may disobey a direct order would likely place not only their mission, but the innocent bystanders. “Always by the book.†Hitomi muttered underneath her breath.

Tsuru felt a cold sliver shoot directly down her spine as the stage crew brought out the costume in question. The costume look like it came directly out of the creator of the final fantasy genre only more twisted pulling into the world of Stephen King’s. It was not the presentation of the monster costume, but rather what might happen to its wearer. Alva-san…I’d very much like to hope that you are wrong for a change. Then again whenever have you been wrong?

The suit actor walked out of changing trailer wearing a full diver suit to maculate the creatures dark skin not covered by the suit. As the stage crew began to help the actor into the outfit, Hotaru’s changing Sakura blossom absorbed into the suit completely. It was now only a moment of having piece in place retrieving the Precious for the Hoshi Kariudos.


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