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There are things in this world that were never meant to be here, things that shouldnt be here but still they exist and they are here. They are the Otherworldly Gifts, objects which brought unnatural power to the world, what could be seen as magical or supernatural in this world where such things had never existed until their arrival to this plane of existence. It started ages ago in a time long before our recorded history, in a kingdom besieged on all sides by numerous enemies. In the past these enemies were once allies, turned against him by his arrogance and ever growing power hungry nature. When that king's life had mysteriously ended his son had taken control of things in hi place but lack or experience as well as plummeting morale among his forces had done nothing more but make him and his kingdom even more of an enticing target to the kingdom's enemies. He did the one thing he could, he prayed, believing that the only way to overcome this situation would be divine intervention. Those pleas for help went unanswered by anything resembling a god, but they were answered nonetheless by something else entirely. An otherworldly being offered him a chance to save his people, a weapon which in his hands could singlehandedly reverse the tide of the war with a price that would be named later. He was hesitant, the sight of this bing through the rift which appeared before him frightening with features that illustrated that this was not the being he had tried to contact, but with no other choice in sight he accepted. The being hand reached from the rift, in it an axe which he preented to the young king before telling him to take it into battle. Soon enough he did, and the weapon lived up to it's reputation, it never grew dull and would become engulfed in flames that couldnt besnuffed out, burning battlefields wherever he went and those soldiers struck with it became engulfed in flames until there was nothing more than charred skeletons left behind, earning the name Blaze Cleaver by his enemies and the . Soon tales of theyoung king's weapon spread, and challengers became fewer and fewer out of fear. The strange nature of this weapon and it's mysterious origins caused many to see it as an indicator of his divine right as leader, inspiring more to lay down their weapons and surrendeer, and fearing what they may think of the weapon's true nature allowed them to believe it. At last peace had arrived. The young king who had once intended to learn from his father's mistakes found the fear brought by his weapon a very effective tool in keeping his subjects in their place, and forcing tributes from those who once challenged him all while greedily clinging to his prize out of fear that many would seek to claim it. Once more unease rippled throughout the kingdom, the once subdued enemies seeking to rise up against him the only thing keeping them from doing so being the king's Blaze Cleaver, but in time they were offered deals as well gaining their own otherworldly gifts which allowed them to fight on even terms. In time from these otherworldly gifts others were made, taking the essence from the originals and infusing it within new objects, and while not as powerful as the originals were leaps and bounds above those that lacked such enhancements. In time there were over a hundred of these mystical objects, some weapons some other things entirely with varying purposes. In the end it was clear that whichever kingdom had the most was the strongest and would rule, wars broke out for the possession of these items, and in the end all the kingdoms were reduced to ruins leaving humanity to rebuild and all records of the otherworldly gifts locked away and hidden. The objects themselves were placed on ships bound for all corners of the earth, to keep them apart and out of their hands, knowing they would not be able to resist them.

The story has yet to truly end though....

Through out history the scattered artifacts the artifacts would find their way to new owners, often prompting them to rise to power as the artifact's corruptive nature eeped deeper and deeper into them until their fall due to greed, arrogance or someone else seeking to make the artifact their own. Often enough the artifact would be discarded but the cycle would still continue as long as there was someone who felt they could profit from such an object. The only solution, find, collect and contain the artifacts so that no one can get their hands on them, and thankfully an organization exists to do just that. Search Guard Successor, also known as SGS. Founded and funded by the enigmatic Maxwell Luxord, SGS acts as a support crew and information network for his hand picked team of of talented individuals,the Boukengers, who use the vast array of technology developed by the organiation to travel the world and secure the relics and contain them.

It is an unfortunate but not unexpected fact that the Boukengers are not the only ones seeking these artifacts though, with their power there are bound to be other pursuers for them. The Novus Templar, a group who sees it as their holy mission to collect the artifacts for a mysterious purpose unknown to all but their top members. Black Flag, a mercenary group that aims to secure the artifacts and sell them to the highest bidder. The Bloodline Cult, who already possess several artifacts and use them to create monstrous ceatures to to their bidding and seem dead set on aquiring more. All of these forces present a ery distinct danger, and all of them must be stopped.


1. no godmoding our powerplaying without my permission(in some cases with villains it can be allowed)

2. if you wont be able to post for a while have someone(other than me) cover for you

3. No idiots

4. pay attention to posts

6. Try not to leave people behind and dont rush the plot

7. Bios are required to join

8. I will not be reserving spots

9. Dont join unless you plan on posting regularly

11. Have fun

Accellular : The Boukenger's transformation device is a cell phone-like item that is held in a special Accellular Holder worn on the upper left arm and doubles as a blacklight and scanning device, which can be used for things such as identifying how hazardous an object is. Number keys 0-9 correspond to a certain GoGo Vehicle. Both the Henshin Command and any Go Go Vehicle-related commands are executed by hitting the appropriate button, then striking the'GoGo Turbine' (small wheel-like part of the Accellular) against an object, usually either by spinning it with one's hand or striking it against the user's left arm.

Survi-Busters : Standard firearm weapon, which can be changed into sword weapons known as Survi-Blades.

Scope Shots: A Swiss Army Knife device. Aside from being a knife, the Scope Shot can fire survival tools such as grappling hooks, magnets, emergency flares, a small parachute, metallic Bouken Chips (these chips can contain messages which the Boukengers can only see with the Accellular Search Mode's blacklight) and can also serve as a telescope. The Scope Shot can combine with the Survi-Buster to form the Survi-Buster Sniper Mode , the finisher with this weapon is the Climax Shoot.

Individual Weapons:
Bouken Bo : Bouken Red's tool (resembles a truck's leaf spring), can also transform into the Bouken Javelin and can initiate the finisher "Red Zone Crash," rushing slash attack with the Bouken Javelin. He also has a finisher called "Twin Sword Slash" when the Survi-Blade and Bouken Javelin are used together. Another attack is "Javelin Crash," in which he converts the energy of the GoGo Dump's Parallel Engine into flame and slashes the enemy.

Radial Hammer : Bouken Black's tool (resembles a driveshaft and axle); his attack is called "Drift Crash," where he tosses his hammer like a boomerang. His other attacks are "Lightning Attack", where by spinning around his hammer in circles, he shoots lightning from it, and "Hammer Break," where he maximizes the power from the GoGo Formula's Parallel Engine and pulverizes the enemy.

Blow Knuckle : Bouken Blue's tool (resembles a jet turbine); His attacks are "Hover Attack," where he punches the ground and launches himself into the air, then blast enemies with a strong wind gust, and "Knuckle Cannon," where he maximizes the power from the GoGo Gyro's Parallel Engine and blows his enemies away.

Bucket Scoopers : Bouken Yellow's tools (resemble bulldozer buckets); her attacks are "Scooper Punch," where her punch power is increased to the point she can break cliff walls, and "Scooper Phantom," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Dozer's Parallel Engine and delivers an X-uppercut to the enemy.

Hydro Shooter : Bouken Pink's tool (resembles Go Go Marine); her attack are called "Aqua Shoot," where she shoots high-powered water shots, and "Shooter Hurricane," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Marine's Parallel Engine and attacks her enemies with strengthened water pellets.

GouGou Vehicles:

GouGou Vehicle #1:
Gougou Dump
Height: 15.1 Meters
Width: 24.6 Meters
Length: 30.3 Meters
Weight: 2100 tons
The scoopers on the top can scoop up dirt and rocks if needed.

GouGou Vehicle #10:
Gougou Jet
Width: 87.6m
Length: 47.2m
Weight: 2000t
Output power:1000 horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #14
Go Go Commander
Height: 9.1 m
Length: 22.9 m
Width: 21.8 m
Weight: 420 tons
Speed: Mach 4
Output Power: 270 thousand horsepower
It is an airborne reconnaisance vehicle piloted by BoukenRed that becomes the head of DaiVoyager. It gathers and analyzes information from the battle for the rest of the team.


GouGou Vehicle #3:
Gougou Gyro
Height: 6.8 Meters
Width: 21.2 Meters
Length: 12.4 Meters
Weight: 290 Tons

GouGou Vehicle #8:
Gougou Mixer
Height: 13.0m
Width: 12.2m
Length: 26.5m
Weight: 620t
Speed: 380km/h
Output power: 250 ten thousand horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #16
Go Go Fighter
Height: 8.2 m
Width: 23.3 m
Length: 25.6 m
Weight: 430 tons
Speed: Mach 3
Output Power: 280 thousand horsepower
BoukenBlue's fighter jet becomes the shoulders of DaiVoyager. It has two Voyager Cannons, the main weapons of Go Go Voyager and DaiVoger.Cannons


GouGou Vehicle #2:
Gougou Formula
Height: 8.9 Meters
Width: 11.3 Meters
Length: 19.7 Meters
Weight: 350 Tons
The top part can flip over and shoot missiles from it.

GouGou Vehicle #9:
Gougou Crane
Height: 14.1m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 34.1m
Weight: 710t
Speed: 320km/h
Output power: 350ten thousand horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #15
Go Go Carrier
Height: 22.2 m
Width: 28.0 m
Length: 57.8 m
Weight: 5700 tons
Speed: 300 km/h
Output Power: 2400 thousand horsepower
It is a heavily armored freighter vehicle piloted by BoukenBlack that becomes the body and legs of DaiVoyager. It can be used to carrydangerous Precious and materials for the team.


GouGou Vehicle #4:
Gougou Dozer
Height: 9.2 Meters
Width: 5.9 Meters
Length: 13.8 Meters
Weight: 130 Tons
It can pick up rocks and throw at villians.

GouGou Vehicle #6:
Gougou Drill
Height: 9.5m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 31.0m
Weight: 650t
Speed: 360km/h
Output power: 350 ten thousand horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #17
Go Go Attacker
Height: 10.8 m
Width: 22 m
Length: 25 m
Weight: 450 tons
Output Power: 320 thousand horsepower
BoukenYellow's flying bomber vehicle becomes the chest of DaiVoyager and is equipped with two Voyager Cannons, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Its specialty is dive bombing.


GouGou Vehicle #5:
Gougou Marine Diver
Height: 7.8Meters
Width: 5.7Meters
Length: 22.0 Meters

GouGou Vehicle #7:
Gougou Shovel
Height: 13.0m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 21.1m to 31.6 m
Weight: 220t
Speed: 400km/h
Output power: 250 ten thousand horsepower
Introduced: Episode 5
Attack: Shovel Swing

GouGou Vehicle #18
Go Go Roader
Height: 13.1 m
Width: 20.8 m
Length: 28.6 m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: 400 km/h
Output Power: 730 thousand horsepower
BoukenPink's is a steamroller-like vehicle becomes the arms of DaiVoyager. Its giant roller flattens out unsafe terrains.

SGS Foundation:
The organization founded by Maxwell Luxord for finding and securing the otherworldly gifts. There base is a large carrier like ship that roams the oceans, going where its needed for easy deployment of the GouGou Vehicles and serves as a living space for many of the personnel and the team. They also have a hidden island base where research and development of new vehicles and gear is conducted, which also has living quarters.
Various SGS staff
Maxwell Luxord: Played by me/NPC
Make a bio if interested in playing SGS personnell

The Team:
BoukenRed: Jake Atla/played by me
BoukenPink: Available
BoukenBlack: available
BoukenBlue: available
BoukenYellow: available
BoukenSilver: Dont even think about asking until the other spots are taken

The Templar Novus:
A group that sees it as their mission to collect the otherworldy gifts for a purpose known only to it's top members. Their food soldiers wear powered armor built to resemble suits worn by medieval knights. They have elite troops known as Arc-Knights which wear stronger and more advanced powered armor suits. In a pinch they call on what they refer to as Titan Armor, giant humanoid mecha, to deal with their enemies.

Black Flag:
A group of mercenaries that travel around, collect the artifacts and sell them to the highest bidder. Due to their rather lucrative contracts the group usally has mass produced dones handle their dirty work but when those dont do the work they deploy their cyborg commanders to handle the job.

Bloodline Cult:
A mysterious group collecting the artifacts whose purpose for them is unknown, similar to the templar. Possessing an artifact known as the Soul Foundry they can create large groups of homonculi foot soldiers whose only purpose is to serve them. They also can employ the Soul Foundry to turn a human, often one of thei members, into a powerful Man-beast to fight for them, and by absorbing their homunculi soldiers can grow to enormous size.

PM me if interested in making a character for any of these groups

My bios:

Name: Jake Atlas

Designation BoukenRed

Age: 24


Gear: Accellular, Bouken Bo/Javelin, Survibuster, Scope Shot

Mecha: GouGou Dump, GouGou Jet, GouGou Commander

History: An up and coming treasure hunter and adventurer,with a rather unique sidekick, out to make a name for himself among the various greats in his particular field, and willing to go to great extremes to achieve his goals. From a rather unexciting background and family he always felt an overwhelming need to lead a life of excitement and danger, pracitcally craving the adrenaline rush it gave to him. He had worked with several treasure hunting and adventuring groups throughout his career, but he remained under the radar for quite a while. Though that all changed during one particular expedition where he was determined to earn the fame he deserved. It was the culmination of a couple of year's worth of investigating and questioning as well as researching of ancient Mayan civilizations and writings, and if successful the greatest achievement he had ever accomplished. It a rather exciting chase involving traps, mercenaries, violent natives, and even a cliche giant boulder trying to crush him, and in the end he got the treasure that would catapult him into success: an authentic Crystal Skull. Soon enough he began appearing on magazine covers, newspaper articles, tv shows and all over the internet. To this day he keeps the Crystal Skull with him, unwilling to part with it under any circumstances, even when offered ridiculously huge sums since he considers it a priceless artifact which more or less validates the path that he has taken in his life.

In time though he soon found his subsequent treasure hunts and adventures less than satisying and less of a rush. Because of this he found himself in a time of lethargy and stagnation as he desperately looked for dangerous hunts for mysterious artifacts, which in turn led to a rather self destructive spiral as he continued looking out more and more dangerous expeditions, believing that anything that wasnt a potential risk to his life wasnt worth the effort. Eventually his friends and family forced him to take an indefinite break from treasure hunting, fearing that he may not come back one of those days. Thus leading to yet another time of boredom for him.He was bored and needed a new challenge and there just didnt seem to be one out there for him, until the day where a helicopter landed on his lawn and the eccentric Maxwell Luxord stepped out of it. He came to Jake with a job offer of sorts, a spot on his specialized team of adventurers which sought out artifacts of amazing and terrifying powers, things that someone would have to be incredibly brave or crazy to pursue, the Boukengers. Specifically he had singled out Jake specifically to lead the team, and the paycheck offered by him didnt hurt either. Hearing the stories of the artifacts in question, Jake felt his heart race again, much like it had before he hit his slump. He didnt need to think about it at all, he signed the contract and before he knew it he was whisked off to to the SGS Foundation's island headquarters where his was further briefed on the situation, recieved training with the Boukenger gear and finally met the others that he would be teamed up with.

Jake is a friendly individual whose usually upbeat attitude and inspiring nature make him a good choice to lead the team, though he does have a tendency to make some reckless half baked plans from time to time, as well as a habit of flirting with each and every attractive woman he meets even at less that appropriate times. His habit of making risque jokes at bad times also tends to be a bit of a distraction, but his better qualities as well as an athletic build honed by years of practice and surviving close calls has made him a pretty good fighter. When it comes to the SGS staff he is always glad to share stories of his past exploits, especially when offered a bucket of bucket of fried chicken which he seems nearly addicted to, and always has time to have a chat with the gals in the organization.


Sweet Sweets
Name: Vena

Designation: BoukenYellow


Gear: Bucket Scoopers, Survibuster, Scope Shot

Mecha: GouGou Drill, GouGou Dozer, GouGou Attacker

History: Vena, also known as PX-01, is Jake's "unique" sidekick, as she is not fully human, as one would assume due to the the cybernetics that are visible on her. She used to be fully human, but a major accident has left her now more machine than woman. This accident occurred before her meeting with Jake and she has yet to tell him about it in their time together, though she has told him that she will do so when she feels the time is right.

As for her first meeting with Jake, it was a little bit before he went on his expedition to find that Crystal Skull. That meeting involved herself, Jake, the people who performed her cyborg reconstruction, and those that were trying to recapture her for their own nefarious deeds, who she would later learn were from Black Flag, who she still hates to this day. However, long story short, Vena and Jake were able to escape from this predicament, using each others talents to survive, Jake with his athletic skills, and Vena with her increased strength, speed, and intelligence gathering. Since then, Vena has traveled with Jake, even when he was constantly looking for his next rush. Even she noticed how far he was taking things though, and was worried for his safety, being one of those that helped convince to stop taking so many risks.

Eventually, Maxwell came and helped allay Jake of his boredom with the offer to join his team he was putting together and Vena was rather insisting that she be put on the team as well, despite her cyborg status. Maxwell eventually relented and allowed her to join Jake and become a member of the team. As for Vena's personality, she is generally stoic, but she is fully capable of still showing the normal range of human emotions. Out of everyone on the team, she sticks to Jake the most, mainly because of their past adventures and her familiarity with him. She is very well aware of his flirting and though it bugs her, she does a usually good job of hiding it, though she does get back at Jake in a stealthy manner when she can. She has a great disdain for Black Flag and will insist that she be at the forefront of any mission that involves them, as she was actually captured by them for a short time and used by them to commit a few crimes she does not wish to talk about...
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Name: Jennifer Atlas

Designation: BoukenPink

Age: 22


Gear: Accellular, SurviBuster, Scope Shot, Hydro Shooter

Mecha: Gougou Marine Diver, Gougou Shovel, Gougou Roader

Bio: An attractive young woman with silver hair, Jennifer comes from the same family as Jake Atlas. However, due to her sharing the same adventurous spirit, Jennifer chose to leave the nest straight out of high school, and has been living in an apartment across the street from the college she attended, where she also works as an instructor in the low-level classes in Archaeology. Whenever she isn't teaching in the university, she goes out onto the field to do her own field research on the various archaeological sites, as well as the artifacts that may be hidden within the sites. Naturally, this puts her at odds with looters, who seek to plunder the same sites for their artifacts. One such group that she crossed paths with is Black Flag.

Going about with her usual field research, Jennifer, with help from a few locals in a marketplace, managed to find the location of the ruins of a small kingdom, hoping to study not just the artifacts, but also the ruins themselves. It was at the ruins she would find herself battling against Black Flag. Armed with nothing but a Desert Eagle and a bullwhip, she would valiantly battle her way out of the ruins in order to escape back to the small town she was staying in. Managing to evade not only the soldiers, but the drones, Jennifer staggers into the town, proceeding to hide away in a cafe. Tired and hungry from the escape, Jennifer flags down a server to order food, when the server notifies her that a meal has been ordered for her, paid in full. Perplexed as to how she already got a meal when she just got there, the server then leads her to a table on the other side of the cafe, where a man named Maxwell Luxord sat. Introducing himself to Jennifer, Maxwell, who had ordered her a plate of grilled chicken and rice, proceeded to tell her about the team he has assembled in order to collect artifacts of amazing and terrifying powers: The Boukengers. Before Jennifer could ask what her involvement would be, Maxwell goes on to point out to her his awareness of her work as an instructor at the college, and goes on to tell her that her background, which could very well have put her as a professor, could be useful when it came to the artifacts, as he needs her to study the artifacts. He would also tell Jennifer that she would be joining her brother Jake, figuring that another familiar face would be helpful to him. Deciding that the artifacts would be worth studying, Jennifer accepts the deal, expressing to Maxwell an intent to join Boukenger.

Having undergone the necessary training to wield the equipment, Jennifer has since been reacquainted with her brother, whom she has not met for so long, along with Vena, her brother's special assistant. Though she can be laid back at times, Jennifer takes her missions seriously, and would sometimes reprimand Jake when he hits on other women, especially when she feels he should be focusing on the job. Jennifer shares a bond with Vena, not just with their disdain for Black Flag, but also because Vena helps her out as a research assistant of sorts. Jennifer, having noticed how Vena is close to her brother, secretly wishes that Jake would marry Vena someday, and is willing to give her blessing on behalf of their family.

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