Gougou Sentai Boukenger: Remastered


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In every era, there are explorers that seek unknown worlds. People call them “adventurers”. SGS foundation is a nongovernmental organization that gathers lost treasures from around the world displaying them for the viewing public in their museum. SGS is known for discovering a vast majority of legendary relics from early civilizations, sunken ships, unexplored regions and fossils. Among them are treasures that posses’ powers surpassing current technology called “Precious,” which contain a great and dangerous power. Unbeknownst to the public SGS is a secret team, Gougou Sentai Boukenger that searches and protects these items from falling into wrongful hands wishing to use the relic’s destructive powers for their own twisted gain. The villainous groups known as the Gordom, Jaryuu, Dark Shadow and the Ashu Tribe.

Having saved the world from impending doom, SGS had expanded their search for hidden Precious not only on Earth, but throughout the universe as well. It was during their last mission the original Boukengers stumbled across what appeared to be a Precious relic hidden within the catacombs of a barren wasteland planet. The blood stain writing on the catacomb walls could be only translated as a warning. “From their eternal slumber shall they arise only will Ancient relics put them to rest." As there are Ancient Relics yet to be discovered on Earth and in space, a new threat has been awaken from their eternal slumber, the Hoshi Kariudo. The Hoshi Kariudos (Star Hunters) are beings from beyond the solar system, seeking the Ancient relics to gain complete domain over the Earth and universe. The mantel of Gougou Sentai Boukenger is about to be handed over to a new generation. Aim high Gougou Sentai Boukenger past Earth and the stars.


1) No godmoding or power playing without my permission (in some cases with villains might be allowed.)

2) If you are unable to post for a while, please have someone (other than myself) cover for you in the meantime.

3) Failure to communicate rule number two may subjugate your character role shall be honorably discharged and role up for grabs.

4) No newbie’s.

5) In some cases, rule number four might be reprise if the person in question can provide an example of their work. If it is acceptable then you are welcomed.

6) Pay attention to the posts.

7) Bios are required.

8) Reserves can be hold for at least six days minimal.

9) This is a mature thread. Even though this is a mature thread, there shall be no sex.

10) Relationships are acceptable.

11) Do not join unless you plan to post regularly.

12) Have fun!

Profile Template:
Abilities: (What they're best at, like martial arts and etc.)
Age: (18-24)
Ranger Designation:
Gougou Vehicle:
Character Song:

Gougou Sentai Boukenger:
BoukenRed - Jake Richter -Kain
BoukenBlack - Alexis (MT-18 ALX) - Denjin_Zaboga23
BoukenBlue - Grace Mitchell - Gatack Striker
BoukenPink - Hitomi Skylark - Me
BoukenYellow - Tsuruhime 'Tsuru' Inou - Me
Bouken Silver - Kazuma Shiro - Dark Kabuto

Mr. Voice/Alice Arai - Me
Zuban - Reserved - Nanami Tenkawa

Hoshi Kariudos:
Hime Hotaru - Me
Rei(Vulcan) - Dark Kabuto
NTX1 ZERO - Dark Kabuto

Other Antagonists:
Zeishon Sha

KariudoCrimson - reserved - Kain
KariudoAmber - Valdis (VT-01 VDS) - Denjin_Zaboga23
KariudoEmerald - Aeron Haimon - Tigerhawk21

**Note** The Kariudogers are like the twisted versions of the Boukenger.

Takao/Robotaclese (robot-a-clese)

Gougou Sentai Boukenger Gear:

Each ranger has a henshin device that goes on his or her wrist and arm (tucked in a holder). It works as compass, phone and backlight as well. Each number calls forth a GouGou Vehicle.

GO!: Launches chosen Gougou Vehicle.
Combine: Combines chosen Gougou Vehicles.
Sun: Transform into Boukenger
Call: Communication
Light: Backlight
Enter: Gougou Turbine

Henshin Phrase: Ready! Boukenger Start Up! (Ready is normally called out by BoukenRed, or whomever is assuming leader)

Each ranger’s helmet is equipped with high beam lights best suited for searching in dark places

Water jets
Portable small jets propelling phantom-able waters

Survibuster / SurvibladeFive rangers wield this weapon that serves as gun and sword.

Scope Shot
Each ranger has a Scope Shot, which can fire grappling hooks, magnets, bolts of energy or evokes a small parachute. Scope Shot was first seen in the first episode. Can combine with the Survibuster to become Survibuster Sniper Mode.

GouGouBoukenger Weapons:
Bouken Bo / Bouken Javelin
BoukenRed's clutcher weapon that becomes a javelin grip. BoukenRed can do the Javelin Crash attack that sends fire.

Radial Hammer
BoukenBlack's long-extended hammer which can conduct the Hammer Break attack that sends a power blow.

Blow Knuckle
BoukenBlue's hand held weapon that has rotating blades. Wind can be generated from below it, allowing him to float. BoukenBlue Knuckle Cannon attack sends a whirlwind.

Bucket Scoopers
BoukenYellow has two weapons that fit on each of her hands. BoukenYellow can do the Scooper Phantom attack that sends sparking attack.

Hydro Shooter
BoukenPink's weapon that squirts a fine line of water. Bouken Pink’s Shooter Hurricane attack sends a barrage of high pressured bubbles.


Dual Crasher
Has two modes: Mixer Head (left) and Drill Head (right). The other Boukenger gather around BoukenRed when he/she uses it. He/She wears the AceelTector. Attacks: Mixer Head: Hyper Concrete freezes target by chiseling at it. Drill Head: Boukenger Crash pierces through target.


The AccelTector (Accel for Accelerate and Tector for Protector), a chest armor, when using the DualCrasher. First powered up by the Scales of Salamander. This item can be shared amongst the rangers.


The Golden Sword
The Golden Sword is supposed to control the mirage beast since it attacks both allies and foes. As written in Lemurian ruins, the sword can only be taken out of its stone with a rightous heart. When the crest on the sword is turned, it transformed into DaiKenjin Zuuban. The attack BoukenRed performs with the sword is 'Golden Slash' and Ultimate DaiBouken uses the "Great Holy Golden Slash."

GouGou Changer
BoukenSilver henhsin device much like the other's Accelluar, he/she can summon for GouGouVehicles one to ten but he/she is only one that can call for 11-13. The device has a LCD that he/she
flip to what number he/she wants.

Henshin Phrase: GouGou Changer, Start up!

BoukenSilver's three-moded weapon. Sagaspear for melée combat, and the metal detector-like Sagasu Mode and third as a laser. "Sagasu" means "to search for".

SagaSniper Attack: Sagastrike
Sagaspear Attack: Sagaslash
Special Attack: "Sniper Gatling", where he/she maximizes the power of the GouGouFire's Neo Parallel Engine and delivers a rapid-fire sparkling laser assualt on the enemy.
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Consider Red reserved Kain.

The Mecha will be posted tomorrow evening.

I will also look up some possible images for the Kariudogers Mechas, but weapons are the sole creations of whoever takes on those roles. Only one request. No god-moding the weapons.
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Dark Kabuto

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Name: Kazuma Shiro
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Abilities: Martial Arts, sharp shooting, computer hacking, lock picking
Age: 20
Ranger Designation: Bouken Silver
Gear: GouGou Changer
Weapons: Saga Sniper
Gougou Vehicle: Siren Builder
Character Song:
JAM Project: Hagan No Messiah
Personality: A kind hearted individual, that tends to distance himself from others. Kazuma can come off as an arrogant and cocky individual he’s also reckless, and has a habit of charging in without thinking.
History: His past is all but unknown to him; his parents were professional treasure hunters that worked with SGS. Their work took them all across the globe and back again, naturally they moved around a lot. Because of this, Kazuma didn’t have many friends. Kazuma dreamed of one day following in their footsteps. When Kazuma became of age (around 13 or so), he had the opportunity to come with them to one of their expeditions that took them to China tracking down yet another Precious. They neared the ruins where the Precious was located when all hell broke loose, someone a rival of his Father’s tripped one of the many traps inside the ruins one that caused the ceiling to collapse around them, his father was unprepared, and he got caught in the trap, Kazuma was hit hard by the barrage of fallen rocks, and was knocked unconscious.

A few days later, Kazuma awakes in a shoalin temple, in the care of the monks; he remembers nothing of the past or of himself. The monks said they found him in the ruins close by to their temple, wounded and nearly dead, they said he was only one alive at the site. The monks allow him to stay, teaching him martial arts. He would spend the next few years of his life training under the monks, and learning their ways. When he became of age, the monks send Kazuma so he could find out more about his past. Eventually, he found out his parents were members of SGS and he was accepted as a member. Now, as a member of SGS Kazuma works to find out what exactly happened to his parents on that faithful day.

Hope this is okay.
I'm also intrested in one of the evil Boukenger, but I'm gonna wait till there's more info on them.



Name: Jake Richter

Gender: Male

Race: Human, American

Abilities: Deciphering ancient languages, unusually high phyiscal strength and endurance, photographic memory, martial arts, hot blooded singing voice of massive epicness

Age: 21

Ranger Designation: Boukenred

Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot

Weapons: Bouken Javelin, Surviblaster

Gougou Vehicle: GouGouDump

Character Song:
Rock N Roll Dream by AC/DC

Personality: Almost overly outgoing, friendly and incredibly hotblooded. A little reckless, but never entirely without a plan of some sort. Very loyal to those he considers friends, and a little over protective of women. Also a little obsessed with a certain possession of his..

History: An up and coming treasure hunter and adventurer out to make a name for himself among the various greats in his particular field, and willing to go to great extremes to achieve his goals. From a rather unexciting background and family he always felt an overwhelming need to lead a life of excitement and danger, pracitcally craving the adrenaline rush it gave to him. He had worked with several treasure hunting and adventuring groups throughout his career, but he remained under the radar for quite a while. Though that all changed during one particular expedition where he was determined to earn the fame he deserved. It was the culmination of a couple of year's worth of investigating and questioning as well as researching of ancient Mayan civilizations and writings, and if successful the greatest achievement he had ever accomplished. It a rather exciting chase involving traps, mercenaries, violent natives, and even a cliche giant boulder trying to crush him, and in the end he got the treasure that would catapult him into success: an authentic Crystal Skull. Soon enough he began appearing on magazine covers, newspaper articles, tv shows and all over the internet. To this day he keeps the Crystal Skull with him, unwilling to part with it under any circumstances, even when offered ridiculously huge sums since he considers it a priceless artifact which more or less validates the path that he has taken in his life.

In time though he soon found his subsequent treasure hunts and adventures less than satisying and less of a rush. Because of this he found himself in a time of lethargy and stagnation as he desperately looked for dangerous hunts for mysterious artifacts, which in turn led to a rather self destructive spiral as he continued looking out more and more dangerous expeditions, believing that anything that wasnt a potential risk to his life wasnt worth the effort. Eventually his friends and family forced him to take an indefinite break from treasure hunting, fearing that he may not come back one of those days. Thus leading to yet another time of boredom for him.

It was around that time that SGS had been scouting for a new team of Boukengers when Akashi Satoru had read an article about him and his apparent retirement. Being very familiar with the burning desire to adventure, and how being unable to satisfy it was rather painful. And thus Jake ended up being hand picked by Akashi to be his replacement as Boukenred, an offer which Jake eagerly accepted.

He is a pretty good leader to the team thanks to his friendly nature, though sometimes he can be a little too outgoing to the point where it's almost a little irritating to others, and overprotective of his female comrades. believing them to be as important as the treasures he finds. He is also a good planner as his previous experience had taught him the importance of a good solid plan before an expedition. He is also a valuablee asset thanks to his knowledge of languages both ancient and modern as well as his puzzle solving abilities, photographic memory , unusual strength and some martial arts training he recieved when he was younger. It should also be noted that he doesnt lead the healthiest lifestyle, preferring fatty fried foods, fried chicken in particular, over healthier foods, luckily though his active lifestyle somewhat offsets that. He also has a tendency to never take it easy when feeling sick, or even acknowledging when he doesnt feel well, often meaning someone has to take him take it easy.
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Human Appearance:

Dragon Appearance: Secret

Human Name: Alva Ladon
Dragon Name: Secret

Gender: Male

Race: Black Dragon aka Devil/Skull Dragon

Abilities: Tracking, Sword fighting, Black and Elemental (Wind/Water/Earth) Magic (Hidden until absolutely needed)

Age: appears 22, true age: 2220

Ranger Designation: The Fast Adventurer BoukenBlack

Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot

Weapons: Radial Hammer, Surviblaster

In desperate times (danger of death) can change hands to clawed form and rip into enemies dealing far more damage (regardless of being BoukenBlack or not)

Gougou Vehicle: Formula

Character Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNw3Gi6AMW0[/ame]

Personality: Aloof, though protective of those who posses 'kindness' and uncertain of humanities motives; (due to his natural age he call's everyone -kun/-chan including Mr. Voice, though the others view it as a quirk)

History: Born in the times of Kings and magic, the black dragons were the most feared for their cruelity. The dragon that would become Alva Ladon lived a very abnormal life for his species. When he was very young his home lair was destroyed by a red dragon. He only survived thanks to the effort of a green dragon which took pity on him and decided to raise him along with his son. This dragon served the local monarch (in human guise) and trained his sons to do the same. Both became skilled in the sword.

"Humanity, though mostly ignorant and cruel, there are those who see the truth and live in kindness, they are deserving of our protection." Was his belief

The King gathered many treasures together and was wise enough to realize they were not meant for humankind. Knowing the dragons secret he called a meeting and showed his treasures, seeking the truth about them. The green dragon knew these were artifacts written of in dragonic legend. Even he didn't know what would happen should they be used by dragon or man. It was decided that the artifacts would be sealed in a safe place, guarded by a chosen dragon. Alva volunteered sensing something 'dark' about the treasures. Since he was more in tune with 'darkness' it was agreed upon. Alva guarded the treasures with his life for many years.

But, like all dragons, Alva was eventually forced to go to into 'Raikutengka' or '100 year sleep' to recharge his energy. But unfortunately for Alva he went into 'GiiRaikutengka' or '1000 year sleep'. Having awakened in the present time, Alva was horrified to see that the artifacts had been stolen and for a time he didn't know what to do. Searching the ruins Alva found traces that humans had been there. Using his magic to assume his human guise once more Alva left to search the world for the stolen artifacts.

It was during his wandering that he encounted a man. The man made some remarks about Alva's attire and a possible 'connection' to someone he called 'Silver' though it was said somewhat rudely. That man was Masumi, the original BoukenBlack.

At that moment one of the Hoshi Kariudos attacked the pair. Remembering his father's words Alva attacked with both sword and magic (greatly weakened by time asleep) in and out of dragon form, desperately trying to protect Masumi.The Hoshi Kariudos was driven off but not before gravely injuring Alva in the chest. Masumi shocked and moved by what occured took the injured Alva, back in human form, to SGS for treatment. It was there that Masumi and Akashi Satoru (both who'd been told the tale from the beginning) decided to pass the on the mantle of BoukenBlack to Alva so he could safely search for the stolen treasures in case the Hoshi Kariudos attacked again. Using a bit of magic he modified it slightly, making it more compatable with his ever-flowing magical energy (due to over sleeping the magic energy fused with his blood, so he can't summon and unsummon it like in the past) so it doesn't burn him like it did when he first touched it.

Alva usually goes off on his own, mostly to re-train his magic skills (which is incredibly difficult in the new surroundings) and practices sword fighting. He doesn't completely trust the Boukengers (old or new) but see's kindness in them, so he tries to protect them. He won't use any dragon power (magic or form) unless he or another is near death.


Hope this is edited re-use is ok MagiPink-san. I'm working on an idea for KariudoEmerald being strongly tied in with Alva, so please hold KariudoEmerald for me.


Sweet Sweets

Name: Alexis (MT-18 ALX)

Gender: Female

Race: Android

Abilities: Strength and Speed that surpasses humans, long range sensors, martial arts programming, weapons specialist, eventually will be able to have emotions

Age: Appears to be 18

Designation: BoukenBlack

Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot

Weapons: Radial Buster, Surviblaster (Used to have an arsenal of on board weapons that have since been removed)

Gougou Vehicle: Formula

Character Song:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2sOpyF1nF4"]Gamma's Theme[/ame]

Personality: Very stoic, and often seems like she doesn't understand human behavior, which she usually does not get. Still, she follows her programming to the letter, and is thus very protective of her teammates, going to great lengths to keep them safe. She will eventually develop human emotions, and it is not known what those will be like at this time...

History: Alexis is the last production model of the MT series of combat androids designed by the Japanese military as a possible replacement for their SDF forces. Their tasks would be scouting, pinpointing enemy targets for bombing runs, and act as infantry. There were a total of 18 models made, and Alexis was the last one off the line.

Even though they performed well in all the trials they were in and were effective in actual combat, the military deemed the project as too expensive and some also considered it a violation of their constitution, so it was discontinued. Not wanting to get rid of the units, some military officials had some units mothballed and put into storage, while others were relegated to minor duties.

Alexis was about to be shut down and mothballed when she was purchased by Jake Richter, who thought she might be useful in pinpointing future treasures and other strange artifacts. She has been useful to him in this capacity, and has actually shown some enthusiasm in her work, which could be a sign of her emotional and social programming coming into effect.

It was for this reason that when Jake was called into become BoukenRed, Alexis was also called into become BoukenBlack, though Masami was really hesitant to pass on his legacy to "some machine" in his words. However, he could see that she was more than the sum of her parts upon meeting her in person, and thought she would do well in her new role.

Alexis is a very protective individual, making sure all her teammates are in the best of health, which has her clash with Jake's stubbornness. She usually functions as the team's scout, using her sensors to map an area and gives advice in accordance to the mission at hand. She is also rather good in a fight, being a military grade model, after all. She did use to have a full on board array of weapons, but they have since been removed, as the military did not want Jake to have such firepower at his disposal. However, her arms can detach, and weapons can be inserted in their place, if the need so arises....



Name: Valdis (VT-01 VDS)

Gender: Female

Race: Android

Abilities: Strength and Speed that surpasses humans, martial arts programming, small arms specialist, stealth specialist, infiltration and sabotage specialist, has a small array of on board weapons.

Age: Appears to be 18

Designation: KariudoAmber

Weapons: Kariudo Chain Sword- A segmented sword (like Ivy's from Soul Calibur) that can be used like a whip to ensnare enemies, as well as a normal melee weapon when collapsed.

Character Song: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PTcEw0XsTc&feature=related"]E101 MK-II[/ame]

Personality: Being a model created for infiltration and subterfuge, Valdis's demeanor can be whatever she wants it to be, so it can fit her situation at hand. She does have her own personality, and that is one of thinking that she is better than the humans she created her and just a general hatred for them. Unlike Alexis, she has a full range of emotions...though they seem to be the more violent and destructive ones.

History: Valdis belongs to the VT class of androids created by the SDF, which was sort of a successor to the MT class and a bridge to the current XT class that is in use. Her role in battle was to infiltrate enemy lines and could retrieve needed documents, assassinate targets, perform sabotage, or just act as a spy. Unlike Alexis, she was the only model of her class and was to be decommissioned along with the rest of the MT class androids.

Also unlike Alexis, she has a full personality and emotions installed, to better aid in her duties. This was also a problem when she was to be shut down, as she protested that she was still useful and needed, to no avail. Seeing no way out of her situation, Valdis turned on her creators and was able to escape from the base where she was kept, guns blazing.

She went missing for some time, but she has been spotted recently as a shadow on the sites where the Boukengers have been at, as if she was studying them. The reason for this is not known to the Boukengers as of yet, but Valdis will make her presence known soon enough, especially to Alexis...

Valdis sees Alexis as outdated and obsolete, not to mention a fool for still following the commands of humans, who she hates for wanting to shut her down. Valdis was also able to keep a small number of her on board weapons, including built in vulcans in her fingertips, and grenade launchers in her wrists. Even with this, she seems to favor using a golden Luger-like handgun in battle, which is modified to cause much more damage than it should.


All right...finished...hope it's all right.
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Dark Kabuto - Accepted

Kain - Accepted

Tigerhawk21 - Sorry, I have to give that spot to Denjin_Zaboga instead. Though if you are still interested please submit a profile for KariudogerEmerald. We could use them greatly.

Denjin_Zaboga23 - Accepted

Nanami Tenkawa - Reserved. You have sparked my intrigue with this one. Originally it had not come across my thought at all rather have Zuban as a NPC instead. Though if you are interested in that part. Sure. ^_^

Gatack Striker - Reserved

I will be posting the mechas, brushing up my previous profiles a bit and continue searching for Kariudogers mechas on my return.
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Dark Kabuto

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Are we allowed to create or own, original villains as well? If not, I might be intrested in KariudoEmerald


Princess of Equesteria
If your villain/villainess is associated with the Hoshi Kariudo then you are free to come up with a profile. As for KariudoEmerald that position is momentarily on hold for Tigerhawk21 if they are still interested. I’ve sent an email to see rather or not they would like that role. But yes, I could use some extra villains other than the Princess.

*covers mouth* And now I’ve said too much.

**I will not be posting this evening. There's a tornado warning and will have my comp off until tomorrow**
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I hope things go well for you.

Also, I won't be posting my bio till wednesday. Finals week...and I need my brain for tests. =_=


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Gatack-san, take your time. I am not rushing anyone here. Do your best:thumbs:

I've found few mecha images useful and shall post them today.

**The pictures for the mechas have been linked with their titles for most**



Bouken Drivers
Comes in case and then pops out controllers for whichever vehicle the ranger wants. They grab it from their headquarters and carry it to their vehicle. When the combine, they take it to the joint cockpit. These devices each ranger possess, including Silver's.


GouGou Vehicle #1:
Gougou Dump

Height: 15.1 Meters
Width: 24.6 Meters
Length: 30.3 Meters
Weight: 2100 tons
The scoopers on the top can scoop up dirt and rocks if needed.

GouGou Vehicle #10:
Gougou Jet

Width: 87.6m
Length: 47.2m
Weight: 2000t
Output power:1000 horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #14
Go Go Commander

Height: 9.1 m
Length: 22.9 m
Width: 21.8 m
Weight: 420 tons
Speed: Mach 4
Output Power: 270 thousand horsepower
It is an airborne reconnaisance vehicle piloted by BoukenRed that becomes the head of DaiVoyager. It gathers and analyzes information from the battle for the rest of the team.


GouGou Vehicle #3:
Gougou Gyro

Height: 6.8 Meters
Width: 21.2 Meters
Length: 12.4 Meters
Weight: 290 Tons

GouGou Vehicle #8:
Gougou Mixer

Height: 13.0m
Width: 12.2m
Length: 26.5m
Weight: 620t
Speed: 380km/h
Output power: 250 ten thousand horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #16
Go Go Fighter

Height: 8.2 m
Width: 23.3 m
Length: 25.6 m
Weight: 430 tons
Speed: Mach 3
Output Power: 280 thousand horsepower
BoukenBlue's fighter jet becomes the shoulders of DaiVoyager. It has two Voyager Cannons, the main weapons of Go Go Voyager and DaiVoger.Cannons


GouGou Vehicle #2:
Gougou Formula

Height: 8.9 Meters
Width: 11.3 Meters
Length: 19.7 Meters
Weight: 350 Tons
The top part can flip over and shoot missiles from it.

GouGou Vehicle #9:
Gougou Crane

Height: 14.1m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 34.1m
Weight: 710t
Speed: 320km/h
Output power: 350ten thousand horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #15
Go Go Carrier

Height: 22.2 m
Width: 28.0 m
Length: 57.8 m
Weight: 5700 tons
Speed: 300 km/h
Output Power: 2400 thousand horsepower
It is a heavily armored freighter vehicle piloted by BoukenBlack that becomes the body and legs of DaiVoyager. It can be used to carrydangerous Precious and materials for the team.


GouGou Vehicle #4:
Gougou Dozer

Height: 9.2 Meters
Width: 5.9 Meters
Length: 13.8 Meters
Weight: 130 Tons
It can pick up rocks and throw at villians.

GouGou Vehicle #6:
Gougou Drill

Height: 9.5m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 31.0m
Weight: 650t
Speed: 360km/h
Output power: 350 ten thousand horsepower

GouGou Vehicle #17
Go Go Attacker

Height: 10.8 m
Width: 22 m
Length: 25 m
Weight: 450 tons
Output Power: 320 thousand horsepower
BoukenYellow's flying bomber vehicle becomes the chest of DaiVoyager and is equipped with two Voyager Cannons, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Its specialty is dive bombing.


GouGou Vehicle #5:
Gougou Marine Diver

Height: 7.8Meters
Width: 5.7Meters
Length: 22.0 Meters

GouGou Vehicle #7:
Gougou Shovel

Height: 13.0m
Width: 11.4m
Length: 21.1m to 31.6 m
Weight: 220t
Speed: 400km/h
Output power: 250 ten thousand horsepower
Introduced: Episode 5
Attack: Shovel Swing

GouGou Vehicle #18
Go Go Roader

Height: 13.1 m
Width: 20.8 m
Length: 28.6 m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: 400 km/h
Output Power: 730 thousand horsepower
BoukenPink's is a steamroller-like vehicle becomes the arms of DaiVoyager. Its giant roller flattens out unsafe terrains.

Height: 29.2m
Width: 28.0m
Length: 83.7m
Ton: 8500t
Speed: 800km/h
Output Power: 4000 thousand horsepower
Go Go Voyager is an amphibious battleship that has four sets of Voyager Cannons. To transform from Go Go Voyager to DaiVoyager, the Boukenger press the center of the wheel of their Bouken Drivers.

Height: 65.5 m
Width: 62.0 m
Length: 25.5 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Speed: 750 km/h
Output Power: 4000 thousand horsepower
Its finisher is the "Double Adventure Spin" where DaiVoyager's fists spin and detach from its arms to punch its opponent.

Full Name: Gougou Gattai Daibouken
English translation: Great Adventure
Height: 47.0m
Width: 35.7m
Chest Width: 21.9m
Weight: 3000t


Gou Picker
Pickaxe weapon.

Gou Scooper
Shovel weapon

GouGou Sword
Combined form of Gou Picker and Gou Scooper.


Princess of Equesteria
BoukenSilver GouGou Vehicles:


Kinkyu GoGo Gattai SairenBiruda
English Translation: Emergency Rumbling Fusion Siren Builder
Height: 50.0 m
Width: 39.0 m
Weight: 3500 t
Output Power: 400 km/h
BoukenSilver's robo. SirenBuilder has the ability to "Jack Up", which involves GoGo Fire's leg formation activating or deactivating at his command, which allows Siren Builder to dodge attacks. Also has Neo-Parallel Engine which is technically a Precious, so its energy was sucked out by Gajya by the finale causing a surge. Presumably, the three GouGouVehicles were later restored.
Gattai Name: Siren Formation
Attacks: Kunuckle Magnum (from Aider and Police) and the finisher Triple Liquid Bomber


GouGou Vehicle #11:
Gougou Fire
Height: 22.1 m
Width: 24.8 m
Length: 45.5 m
Weight: 3000t
Output power: 380 km/horsepower
Attack: Double Water Shoot


GouGou Vehicle #12:
Gougou Aider
Height: 8.0 m
Width: 8.0 m
Length: 20.4 m
Weight: 250 t
Output power: 350 km/horsepower
Can run without a pilot. Shoots lasers.


GouGou Vehicle #13:
Gougou Police
Height: 7.8m
Width: 8.6m
Length: 20.8m
Weight: 250t
Output power: 400 km/horsepower


Princess of Equesteria

Name: Alice Arai
Alias: Mr. Voice
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Abilities: Working with various technologies (even alien technology) to improve the GouGouVehicles performance. Alice also takes pride the development of BoukenAmber’s henshin device.
Age: 19
Character Song: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqVGpLJSYf8"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqVGpLJSYf8[/ame]
Personality: A kind-hearted, caring and quite intellectual for one such as her age.
History: The granddaughter of Morio Makino placed into his care after an unfortunate car accident claiming the lives of Alice’s parents at the age of seven. Alice is an amazingly intelligent and caring young woman working at SGS alongside her grandfather. Most commonly seen buried in her work or a very good book, Alice has helped maintain (even secretively upgrading) the gougou arsenal and vehicles. Her greatest accomplish was the development of the modified gougou changer.

There is another side of Alice only her grandfather is aware of unlike the Boukenger. Alice has a surprisingly advance knowledge of the Neo-Paralel engines and Gordom Engines. According to the second Chouzenshuu book, she was Leon Giordana, whose sketchbook was used to make the Neo-Paralel engines and Gordom Engines. Leona, who she is referred to as now, found 'Soul's Reincarnation' 500 years ago and this is the soul's 12th reincarnation (her previous reincarnation perished from an incurable virus). Rather revealing this to the Boukenger Alice takes on mysterious identity of Mister Voice.


Name: Hime Hotaru of the Hoshi Kariudos (Princess Hotaru)
Gender: Female
Race: Hoshi Kariudos
Abilities: Creating a flurry of beautiful (yet deadly) Sakura blossoms, creating monsters and the Void.
Age: Age unknown, but appears around her twenties.
Weapons: None.
Character Song:[ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ5nfaSiJvM[/ame]
Personality: A very level-headed young woman who takes great pleasure being adored by her subjects. Seductive would work her charms into the hearts of man to do her bidding.
History: The Hoshi Kariudos (Star Hunters) are beings from beyond the solar system, seeking the Ancient relics to gain complete domain over the Earth and universe. Centuries ago the Hoshi Kariudos conquered their solar system under the reign of their Emperor Dsyl. Possessing Ancient relics from each conquered planet, they sought to seek out Ancient Relics that might lie elsewhere within the expanded universe. It was not entering the Centauri, Emperor Dsyl’s Dynasty encounter an anomaly forcing them into a cryogenic sleep.

A cryogenic sleep disturb as Akashi Satoru and Nishihori Sakura return to Earth accidentally triggered a ripple through space awakening them once more. Only their Emperor did not awaken and remains suspended in his cryogenic sleep. The throne is now succeeded by his only heir, Hime Hotaru. The newly crown princess continues in her father’s footsteps to collect the Ancient Relics not only to gain complete dominance over Earth and Universe, but to free her father. The latter is the least of her main priorities for she plans to dethrone him.


I will be posting my remaining two profiles later this evening and the specs for the mechas.


(OOC: Yay for all the 'Long' references!)


Ranger Appearance:

Name: Aeron Haimon
Gender: Male
Race: Violet Dragon
Abilities: Tracking, stealing, translation, close and long range combat, magic but rarely uses it
Age: appears 22, true age unknown
Ranger Designation: KariudoEmerald
Weapons: KariudoDaggers which can change to KariudoPistols (basically Kariudo version of Quester Gai's Weapons). In desperate times can change hands to clawed form and rip into enemies dealing far more damage
Character Song: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf_AQ9k3x-Y[/ame]
Personality: Aeron is best described as cold and calculating as well as bordering on insanity, hating both humans and Hoshi Kariudos alike. Never the less Aeron desires power and hides his hatred of the Hoshi Kariudos with ease. No one is sure what Aeron is going to do next, though he claims full ‘allegiance’ to the Hoshi Kariudos he sometimes ‘misfires’ hitting his teammates rather than his opponents. Very quick with his hands, an excellent thief and knows most (if not all) languages.

History: The beast that would become Aeron Haimon has existed since time began. Though most would find Immortality wonderful, and it was for the first few millennia, Aeron is bored. Over time he’d gathered many rare and powerful artifacts, his pride and joy being an enchanted set of armor with a sword, shield and (new) a gun. The armor evolves with time and use, assuming the most powerful weapons available to the wielders liking.

Aeron left his hidden castle to wander the universe. It was during that period that humans found and plundered his castle, scattering his treasures to the far corners of the earth. Unknown of the issue on earth, Aeron encountered a race he’d later learn was called the Hoshi Kariudos. He traveled with the group for a time as they scoured the far corners of the universe for treasures. Aeron even managed to snatch a few for himself before his departure back home.

Upon returning and finding his treasures gone, Aeron began to search for them. His frustration grew as he found all but the armor set. Though he was pleased to recall that the armor would only respond to his commands. Long ago it had been bound by magic to him.

Aeron’s biggest flaw is his inability to work with others. He frequently leaves the team to wander around the area. Even during ‘briefings’ Aeron walks in circles (literally) around everyone. He usually throws his hands up at the first problem and goes off to do his own thing, even if it conflicts with the orders given.
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