Gougou Sentai Boukenger: Remastered

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Here are some villians



Name: Rei(Vulcan)
Gender: Male
Race: Humans
Abilities: Suit allows for enhanced, strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, trained to handle various types of fire arms.
Age: 24
Gear: GPS system built into the suit.
Twin pistols named "Crime" and "Punishment"
Assault Rifle named "Vail"
Sniper Rifle named "Whisper"
Positron Bazooka named "Requiem"
Character Song:
GACKT Redemption
Personality: cold. ruthless, and cunning, and a loner.
There is very little known about Rei except that he can be best described as a man who doesn't stop till he gets what he wants. He's a master thief that only went after the most prestigious of items. He's what one might call a "Jack of all trade", having trained as both a mercenary, and an assassin.

He is known to many as "Vulcan" for his mastery of various fire arms. He wasn't always like this, in the past he knew Kazuma Shiro's father, as his rival. Their rivalry ended when he encountered them in the caves where he died.


Gender: N/A
Race: Android
Abilities: Increased strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, specializing in hand to hand combat
Age: N/A
Ranger Designation:
Gear: Stealth unit
Weapons: Twin katana,
Personality: Rarely showing emotion, he's programed to followed Rei's orders without question
ZERO is an acronym for ZEnith armOR created to compliment Rei's fighting style, however he's usually deployed to take care of any grunt work for Rei


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*stamps approval on all three entries* Approved.

I shall update the mainpage shortly or tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for taking so long on mine. Not been a good week.


Sorry to hear that MagiPink-san. If you'd like I'll start to work on the remaining three Kariudo suits (If you liked the Emerald one of course.)

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Yeah, hope everything works out for you

Also, I'm wondering if I can add the Surviblaster to Bouken Silver's arsenal?

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Name: Grace Mitchell

Gender: Female

Race: Human, American

Abilities: Translation of many known language, including Arabic; operate any known moving vehicle; knowledge of several martial arts; hack into any computer system

Age: 19

Ranger Designation: BoukenBlue

Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot

Weapons: Blow Knuckle, Surviblaster

Gougou Vehicle: GouGou Gyro

Character Song:
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E04BEmJSaic]Never Too Late by Three Days Grace[/ame]

Personality: A kind individual with a smile on her face, Grace has always shown interest in machines, especially computers and vehicles, ranging from cars to planes. In her off-time, when not tapping in her computer to research Precious and/or enemies, she likes to watch anime and read manga. However, behind the radiant smile hides a lot of pain...

History: Born shortly before her mother's death, Grace's childhood can be described as anything but happy. With her mother passing on after giving birth to her, Grace's father had been ill-equipped to deal with his one true love. Because of this, the father slowly but surely descended into an uncontrollable spiral of compulsive gambling. Because of that, Grace could only look on, hoping that her father would put down the lottery ticket to look at her, even for just a moment. Needless to say, this was merely wishful thinking on her part, as her father continued to delve deeper into gambling, blowing away money that could have been used to feed the two of them. Sick and tired of waiting for her father to shape up, Grace thought it best to leave home, leaving her fate to chance.

Living for quite some time in the streets, Grace slowly but surely learned of her interest in machines, hopping from garage to garage in hopes that skilled technicians would show her how cars worked. And learn she did, for a few garage owners were kind enough to show her the inner workings of a car. Not long after that, her interest was piqued by another gizmo -- the personal computer. Taking the time to explore the workings of the computer, Grace eventually worked her way up into becoming a class-A computer hacker, using the computer as a weapon to steal valuable data here and there. Naturally, since she needed money just to survive in an otherwise harsh world, she began to charge for her services. Her clientele ranged from lazy college students looking for her to crack into university databases to change their dismal grades, to punks wanting to get back at potential opponents through the computer. It wouldn't be long, however, for Grace to be caught by the police for what they charge as a nondescript act of cyberterrorism.

Expecting to be kept in prison for practically a lifetime, Grace would be surprised by a visit by Souta Mogami, the original BoukenBlue. Even more shocking besides his visit, however, is the fact that she was chosen to become the new BoukenBlue upon being told of the upcoming new threat known as the Hoshi Kariudo. In exchange of the prison time, Grace would be told to become a Boukenger, where her abilities as a hacker would serve them well. Though reluctant at first, Grace would eventually accept Souta's offer. A skilled combatant, Grace would give it her all to protect her teammates from danger.
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Approved. I'll have the update page done later this evening, promise. Would have done so yesterday, but did not get much sleep.

Dark Kabuto-san to answer your question. Hmmmm....In the series Silver was the one Boukenger on the team without one. However, I do not see why not for this RPG. I suppose that Voice could have made one of the new Silver.

Tigerhawk-san, I would rather like to see if anyone else would like to claim those spots first. There's someone that I need to talk to first and see if they're interested or not.


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Name: Tsuruhime 'Tsuru' Inou
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Human/Half-Lemurian
Abilities: Always cheerful, Tsuruhime cannot remain angry or upset longer than a second. She cannot stand others being unhappy and is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on.
Age: 20
Ranger Designation: BoukenYellow
Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot
Weapons: SurviBlade/SurviBlaster, Bucket Scoopers, And Golden Sword
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Dozer, Gougou Drill, Go Go Attacker
Character Song: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9WNcwIRsx8&feature=related[/ame]
Personality: An energetic, good-natured and playful soul cares more of the well-being of others rather than herself. Her own pain and nightmares concealed behind a masking smile.
History: The daughter of Masumi and Natsuki Inou, Tsuruhime was born into a loving and nurturing family with a passion for adventure. Growing up Tsuruhime could be said one of few children privilege to travel around the world searching ruins and excavations. The only times that she was not concluded were trips that Tsuruhime’s parents deem too dangerous. What Tsuruhime did not realize that these excluded travels required her parents to work secretively with the former Boukengers.

A guarded secret that did not last when Tsuruhime managed to sneak on board a vessel heading towards the main-lands of a remote island. Masumi and Natsuki were sent on a mission from Mr. Voice to locate a possible Precious found within the volcanic core. Not only did they find the treasured relic, the couple also encountered a small army of the Hoshi Kariudos Voids (a brief encounter)….and their stowaway daughter.

After handling the situation with the unknown creatures, the mission was scrub due to the fact the readings were not a possible Precious, but the unusual reading coming from the creatures themselves. Having no option except to henshin in front of Tsuruhime, it was made unanimous that she learns about SGS secret true purpose. Now years later, Tsuruhime continues to follow her parents footsteps as the new BoukenYellow.


Name: Hitomi Skylark
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown, but appears to be human
Abilities: water manipulation
Age: Unknown, but appears to be at least 18
Ranger Designation: BoukenPink
Gear: Accellular, Scope Shot
Weapons: SurviBlade/SurviBlaster, Hydro Shooter
Gougou Vehicle: Gougou Marine Diver, Gougou Shovel, Go Go Roader
Character Song: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HOdukZz4g&feature=related"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HOdukZz4g&feature=related[/ame]
Personality: Very soften spoken, intellectual and a loner who prefers to stay far away from social events as possible. Hitomi’s outwardly detachment is not spark from her misplace trust in others, but mainly distrust within herself. The young gothic girl main fear is who or what she shall become. Hitomi does display some ability in water manipulation.

History: Raised in an orphanage Hitomi has been from one foster care to the next, never staying in one place long enough too actually call home. Found wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan in weathered worn clothes and possibly not eaten for weeks, Hitomi was place into police custody. When asked by the authorities if her parents knew where she was and how they could locate them, Hitomi merely replied that she does not have any family or remember her last name. Without any relatives, the authorities had no choice, but to place her in the care of the St. Sierra Orphanage.

As Hitomi grew, the gothic girl displayed rather a unique ability of manipulating water to her will. This credited to the reason no foster care would keep her for more than five months. Hitomi’s current residency is with a well-to-do family unable to have a child of their own. Much to her amazement Hitomi’s foster mother is the twice removed cousin of Sakura Nishibori. It is from Sakura did Hitomi found someone that she could relate with to a certain extent. The former BoukenPink ranger saw much of herself within Hitomi, the mantle was passed onto her.

Sakura hope by accepting such a great responsibility Hitomi will open more and not be afraid of letting others get to know her for who she is.
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NPC Character


Name: Takao
Alias: Robotaclese (robot-a-clese)
Gender: Male
Race: Sobites
Abilities: Vast knowledge of alien science and technology - specializes in robotics.
Age: Unknown, but appears to be at least 19
Character Song: (To be Announced)
Personality: A calculative forward figure who takes pride merging technology into the Hoshi Kariudo forces. His greatest achievement is the construction of the battle-ready android, Equaliser and the protective synthi-skin coating resembling that of the human Koji.
History: Born on the planet Sobek Prime, a small world almost completely covered by oceans with only a few small lands breaking the surface, Takao was a scientist who graduated from the Hall of Prestige Academy and hailed as the youngest graduate in the history of the school. He lived a life of luxury and happiness with his younger twin sister. Known for its cultural relations with the neighboring worlds, the Sobites were respected as traders, philosophers and above all else, men of peace. Unfortunately, this meant they were an excellent target for the Hoshi Kariudo, who swiftly conquered the planet.

Takao and his sister became members of a resistance force to repel the invaders, creating weapons which would soon be copied by their enemies. The war between the invaders and the resistance waged for several long months until, outnumbered and without allies, the twins had no choice but to forsake Sobek Prime and flee into space, but even this was in vain as they were quickly captured by the Kariudo.

Takao sealed his sister in an escape pod and launched her into deep space, saving her from capture only to leave himself as a prisoner. Brainwashed and with his memories of his old life completely wiped, Takao served the Kariudo as their Chief of Robotics. The location of his twin remains unknown to this day but it has been assumed by his masters that her pod’s life support shut down and she suffocated in the depths of outer space. He is the creator of the Karudoengers henshin devices and mechas.


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The Void Dragoon


The Void Dragoon are aerial assault soldiers capable of both land and air base attacks. Their intellectual prowless is about 1/3 of the Void Dusk. The Void Dragoon work together efficiently under the command of the Imperial Leader (a selected Void), Monster or Hime Hotaru.

The Void Dusk


Mindless Voids only capable of ground base attacks unlike those of the Dragoons. These horrific creatures are capable of thought, but more align of a predatorily.

Hey don't worry about it Gatack-san, I'm still working on mine. ^_^


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Height: 10.8 m
Width: 22 m
Length: 25 m
Weight: 450 tons
Output Power: 320 thousand horsepower.
Kariudo Amber and Emerald each pilot a VoidBomber in his/her respectful colors. They are equipped with negative charged torpedoes.


Height: 10.8 m
Width: 22 m
Length: 25 m
Weight: 450 tons
Output Power: 320 thousand horsepower.
Kariudo Crimson and Sapphire each pilot a VoidBomber in his/her respectful colors. They are equipped with negative electron missiles.


Height: 65.5 m
Width: 62.0 m
Length: 25.5 m
Weight: 8500 tons
Speed: 750 km/h
Output Power: 4000 thousand horsepower
The VoidLiners and VoidBombers combine together to form VoidKnightDestroyer. VoidKnightDestroyer’s ultimate finisher is the Omega Oblivion Slash (used with lazer sword). It also equipped the a firing riffle, when its not in use it is equipped onto its back

Sorry for the lateness on the mechas, been busy the past few days.


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Any questions? The start date will be this upcoming Sunday. Need to contact another person. If anyone else has a villian they like to contribute or NPC character. That would be great.



These are still up for grabs.

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Thanks, I like to do some dual wielding he won't use it often: It'll just be a side arm for emergencies like if he loses his Saga Sniper mid fight.


Save KariudoCrimson, and in the meantime here a couple of unrelated antagonists.


Name: Zeishon Sha

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Lemurian

Abilities: Lemurian Alchemy, draining life, possession, precognition, several unknown abilities

Song: Coming soon

Personality: Difficult to tell as of now

History: In ancient times the before the Lemurian civilization achieved it's superiority, in an age where there were numerous other up and coming civilizations were constantly assualting one another to become the superior civilization there was a a scientist among them who was in no small way responsible for the Lemurians success. Through creations such as Zuban, the Lemurian Egg which created an endless army of Mirage Beasts, the Lemurian Sun, and massive list of other creations which allowed the civilization to flourish. Unfortuneately though as time went on and peace was maintained his usefulness declined as well. Put simply without enemies, without the fear of destruction he was slowly sinking intro obscurity. The thought of losing his fame and influence in Lemurian society led him to create a new weapon, a precious known as Dark Devourer, a black crystal sphere which would infuse those around it with a corrupting darkness that would turn them into monstrous warped charicature of what they once were. He continued creating these abominations in order to create fear and anxiety within Lemurian society, in order to keep them buying more weapons from him. In time it was discovered that he was the one responsible for them which led to his eventual Exile from Lemuria.

In his exile he discovered ways to prolong his life indefinitely, allowing him to remain alive even to this day. This however did not stop the deterioration of his sanity brought on by his solitude, nor did it safegaurd him from the continued exposure to his horrific creation, and in the end he became an inhuman being, incapable of human speech. To this day he continues wander the earth, using his creation on whoever he comes across. Due to his inability to communicate in any human language, modern or ancient, his motives are currently unknown.
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Name: Dai Kenjin no Zuban
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Ability to transform into Sacred Sword Mode and Humanoid Mode. Can grow gigantic size as DaiBouken.
Profile: Zuban is originally called "The Precious" named Kin Tsurugi (Golden Sword) that was enshrined in the ruins of Lemuria. He can only speech of like "Ban-ban!", "Zun! Zubabababababa!" or etc. A support great asset for Boukengers when they are in pinch.

here is the small profile for Zuban. :sweat:


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As much that I had enjoyed all the great participants and the progress we've made, it brings me to a decision that this this RPG is abandoned. I hope that you all can understand, but I look forward to the near future to be doing RPG with you all again sometime.