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  • I know that feeling. Then after while you get super hungry but your still sick so you really shouldn't eat anything.
    Bah. bout them Kyoryugers?
    I feel your pain...I've had some kind of demon offspring of the flu and allergies.
    Combined with my job running me into the ground (my jobs' equivalent of the pope is visiting us, or something like that)
    Sup...I've been good.
    How are things?
    Wow that sounds boring when I read it back.
    Hey Girlfriend, hows things cracka-lackin'!
    Don't worry, if anything tomorrow we will just push along the Stray's plot along and give DK a few days to post.
    If you could change the post on the RPG to the attack is flying towards the Worm nest. Thanks.
    Hi there. How are you doing? I am doing fine. I hope you will join my stuff on here. I am working on Brand New RPG Project. It's underneath the RPG Justice on here.
    hey, when you get on tonight, could you make a new post in the WoN thread? I'm kinda hanging, waiting for a reply from Kiba as to Ren's recent questions
    Hey Tora are you returning for Season2? I haven't seen you around lately. Your Character is slated for Sequence 2 of Chapter 3 that give you about another 2 weeks of preparations. Will you be joining us?
    oh I'm doing great, it's very relaxing out here. I was given the option to stay longer and I'm deeply thinking about it.(don't worry I'll be back in business around Aug here, not going to leave anyone) It's like a long meaningful vacation =) glad you had a great day with your mom
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