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Also, just to clear up any confusion with Kinkyu GoGo Gattai SairenBiruda operated with Silver and Amber. The vehicles have been upgraded to allow either of the two to operate one of the vehicles, while the third is by via remote. When combine the cockpit is more spacious for the two. This was brought to my attention by Tigerhawk.

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Alternate Appearance: When his battle suit is activated, Equaliser greatly resembles the Boukenger, the main colour being dark purple and the white central stripe changed to black. He lacks the S.G.S. emblem, which is instead replaced by a gold ring with a silver skull-and-crossbones inside, held in place by four diagonal leather straps. The visor is replaced by two crimson eye-pieces ringed with white. He also lacks the holster since he does not use a gun.

Name: Koji Kirayama
Alias: Equaliser
Gender: Appears male
Race: Android

Abilities: Equaliser has a variety of abilities designed to make him effective for both combat and Precious-hunting purposes. His eyes can generate beams of torch-light or use a telescopic system to extend their range. His hearing is also enhanced. He is programmed with knowledge of kickboxing and judo. Due to his A.I. being very basic, however, he is unable to learn on his own and must be constantly reprogrammed, which is slowly eating away at his sanity.
Age: As a human, Koji died at the age of 20. The android has only existed for several weeks at the time of his debut.

  • Transformation ring - Used only to activate his battle suit, the ring is a silver band with a dark purple gem inside. When activated, the ring works on the same concept as the Accelulars, releasing the compressed data that solidifies around the wearer's body.
  • Turbo jets - A propulsion system installed in Equaliser's feet, allowing him to fly.
  • Pulse blasters - Installed in Equaliser's palms. These are his usual weapons of choice. The right hand fires a straight beam of positive ions that act as a standard offensive weapon. The left hand fires rings of negative ions that can drain the energy from machinery.
  • Laser battery - Installed in Equaliser's back. These two cannons flip out and attach to his shoulders for a stronger attack, however the energy cost is much heavier on Equaliser's fuel reserves so they should only be used if the situation calls for them.
  • Sleeve sabres - Installed in Equaliser's wrists. Designed for use in close-quarter combat, the sleeve sabres do not have any special properties but are sharp enough to pierce through metal if enough force is put behind them.

Character Song: "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath

Personality: Equaliser can be summed up as deceptive. He appears amiable and extroverted, baring no real grudge against his enemies and fighting them simply because that is his purpose. With his brain now running totally on mechanical logic, he no longer understands the art that his face-sake adored. He lacks imagination and appreciation for nature, seeing everything as a mere equation, he does not possess the memories of Koji Kiriyama, either, therefore fails to grasp why the Boukengers react to him the way they do. His inability to value life makes him seem callous, as he will use any strategy he can generate with no regard for who gets hurt in the process.
History: Koji Kiriyama was an artist. A friend of Tsuruhime Inou and through association with her, to the rest of the Boukenger team as well. Born and raised in Kobe, Koji's parents raised cattle and were among Japan's nouveau riche. Their intention was for their son to follow in their footsteps, but from a young age he discovered an affinity for creation. A multi-faceted individual capable of painting, sculpting and even writing, the family had high hopes for their son, who carried out his first installation at the tender age of sixteen, ranking him among the youngest publicised artists in history. He moved to Tokyo when he was eighteen to establish himself and bought a cheap loft flat, half of which he converted into a studio. It was not long after that he came to befriend Tsuruhime Inou at an art museum tour. Wanting to impress this pretty young devotchka, he happily out-lectured the tour guide, and while it did not quite have the desired effect, he and Tsuru became firm friends.

Koji spent the next two years teasingly asking Tsuru out on date after date while maintaining his steady flow of artwork, whether it was portraits, installations or even cover art for various publications. When she finally gave in, tragedy struck. On his way to pick her up one evening, Koji's moped was struck by a car that jumped the lights and he crashed into the side of a building. He died in hospital from severe physical trauma, his body having been punctured by a lump of metal shrapnel from the destroyed moped.

Whilst constructing a battle-ready robot to defeat the Boukengers, Hime Hotaru decided to have the protective synthi-skin resemble a human, believing that her enemies would not attack one of their own kind. She discovered a report about Koji's death during an intercepted news broadcast, and because of his handsome appearance, she was set on modelling her new warrior on him, unaware of his friendship to the Boukengers, which gave him more of an edge than she anticipated.


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NPC Character


Name: Takao
Alias: Robotaclese (robot-a-clese)
Gender: Male
Race: Sobites
Abilities: Vast knowledge of alien science and technology - specializes in robotics.
Age: Unknown, but appears to be at least 19
Character Song: (To be Announced)
Personality: A calculative forward figure who takes pride merging technology into the Hoshi Kariudo forces. His greatest achievement is the construction of the battle-ready android, Equaliser and the protective synthi-skin coating resembling that of the human Koji.
History: Born on the planet Sobek Prime, a small world almost completely covered by oceans with only a few small lands breaking the surface, Takao was a scientist who graduated from the Hall of Prestige Academy and hailed as the youngest graduate in the history of the school. He lived a life of luxury and happiness with his younger twin sister. Known for its cultural relations with the neighboring worlds, the Sobites were respected as traders, philosophers and above all else, men of peace. Unfortunately, this meant they were an excellent target for the Hoshi Kariudo, who swiftly conquered the planet.

Takao and his sister became members of a resistance force to repel the invaders, creating weapons which would soon be copied by their enemies. The war between the invaders and the resistance waged for several long months until, outnumbered and without allies, the twins had no choice but to forsake Sobek Prime and flee into space, but even this was in vain as they were quickly captured by the Kariudo.

Takao sealed his sister in an escape pod and launched her into deep space, saving her from capture only to leave himself as a prisoner. Brainwashed and with his memories of his old life completely wiped, Takao served the Kariudo as their Chief of Robotics. The location of his twin remains unknown to this day but it has been assumed by his masters that her pod’s life support shut down and she suffocated in the depths of outer space.

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