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  • Hope you find people who can give it the time it deserves. Your's isn't the only RP I've been neglecting so don't think it was you or your story, cause the story works well.
    Still havnt posted and I am really sorry about that but I've been...well suffice to say I've had distractions and a slight case of writer's block. Sorry, I really am gonna post.
    Still havn't done the thing, but A certain project took up all my free time. Most of the other Rps I have been doing on other sites have suffered as well, but I feel the benefits of my work out weigh the slow rp posts. I'm just happy my GMs have been understanding and I should have posts ready very soon...assumeing I don't get distracted with my new project for another day or so and Dynasty Warriors 7's sweet, siren song, stops tormenting me with its blissful release.
    Blast, He's seen me doing other things. Quickly, to the egg plant mobile! though it shouldn't be hard to figure out somthing to post, just have to get intot he right mind set. That combined with the free time I will have at work over the next few days should allow for a solid enough post.
    Just letting you now that my comp is out. I'm going to try and get it fixed tomorrow. Sending this to you via 3DS, btw.
    I don't mean to be a bother, but it's been sometime, and I don't think I'll ever get accepted in the Kiva rp, so I'm just gonna withdraw it. have fun in the rp.
    Dude i'm sorry but you're gonna have to I woke up and have the flu so =/ I don't know what else to say man......please since you know how my characters are like I would like if you'd just post for them this once, but I'll feel better around the next round of posts.
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