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  • Hi There. It's been a while since I talk to you. Just to let you know that I am back on here. I hope you and I can be friends again. You are more welcome to join the RPG Site that I am on.
    Crap.....gah I hate posting as characters that I didnt make some im gonna wait and hope someone else does it
    Dont forget to post in Shinkenger and Gokaiger id rather not have to make your characters NPCs
    Many demons are used as Personas in the game, so it was a possibility.

    I've seen Cu Chulain, and why he's cool, I still prefer Izanagi.
    ya know. I've always wanted to rp a cat. One of the double rp's put the though in my head. :p so the animal and your new character should make 5.
    funny you mention that. I was thinking along the same lines but have been having a bit of trouble comming up with an ideal stand to complement the current group. I'd be more than ok with you playing a secondary character if ur up to it. As much fun as i'm having with the rp I wasn't really looking forward to playing another character.
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