GouGou Sentai Boukenger - Talk Up! [Fansub Spoilers!!!]

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Oh, well, I do that for w-inds., then again we're like around the same age so it isn't so bad. >_>

Now, Takeru... He's still jailbait until March. :(

Oh great now I'm envisioning a mass flux of "Days till Takeru is legal" in signatures around here. . .

Or I just gave everyone the idea, Man I really have to learn to stop thinking out loud.


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OH **** THANKS FOR THE IDEA. I'm so gonna make " days till takeru's legal " COUNTDOWN WEBSITE. OH YEAH. xD

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Better caps from the HQ version I have here: http://aoi-tori.org/thumbs20070211042714.jpg
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That ending's sort of reminding me of Blue Swat's finale, where the two sort-of fakey lovers (Shou & Sara/Akashi & Sakura) get in the mecha and go to space together...for no real good reason other than they can, because the show's over.


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Finally, Boukenger is over for good. Thanks goodness. What a horrible Sentai series ever along with Gaoranger.

I just watched the finale and I thought it was pretty good but little bit rushed.

The precious is still there with the girl. So I doubt that will happen in the next team up. (Gekiranger VS Boukenger).

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So Gaja is the first Big Bad to be sealed, rather than destroyed since KakuRanger's Daimaou, right?

With Dark Shadow and the remains of the Jaryuu still out there, it doesn't really feel like anything was actually resolved.

Did love Gekkou finally doing something other than staying in the base, though.

Overall, a disappointing end to an equally disappointing series. Here's hoping GekiRanger can restore my faith in Sentai.


Actually, Gajah sealed himself. But if a Gekiranger/Boukenger cross occurs, he'll be back with reenforcements, if they are other Goudom who are resting like himself.

The Jaryuu are no more as Ryuwon lost his helmet, though he's no longer a threat. Dark Shadow's the less of the four evils without Yaiba, so they would come back in the special as comedic relief and tie to whatever Precious appears.


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I liked it, though I was hoping for Gajah to be destroyed, not just sealed I miss an ending like Fiveman's with the evil boss going all out and then being destoyed.
Just finished watching it. I thought it was a little rushed, but I can forgive that since there really wasn't anything building up to the finale aside from the "must stop big bad evil". Even with this, it wasn't bad. I liked the final attack with all the mecha rushing Gajah, but I was hoping for a short battle with all the combinations again. For not doing that, I drop it down a little. Especially since none of them got destroyed. A missed opportunity there.

I was also expecing Gajah to get destroyed instead of sealing himself away. That felt way too much like a Power Rangers ending. Actually, no, since I think all the big bads in PR usually end up destroyed or turned good, so this was actually lower than PR in that regard. However, I can understand why they did it if they're going to do a team up with Gekiranger.

I liked the attack posing without the costumes on. Also the ending with Sakura going into space with Chiefu. That was cute, and I usually don't like cute.

The show ended the way I thought it would more or less. Black is the new head of the team, and the remnants of Dark Shadow are causing mischief. Boukenger was a good series. It had it's ups and downs (namely Zuban), but it had many good elements to watch in most of it's episodes. Good fight choreography, good mecha, likeable characters, great costume designs for the rangers, and an interesting mix of villians. I'll miss it, but now it's time to see what Gekiranger can do. That series looks promising.

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Everyone was expecting Gaja to go out with a bang...

... but this is the guy that was basically pistol whipped by his own creations.

For an adventure based sentai... the villian returning to his resting place made sense... as well as an opening for return in Geki vs Bouken.

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Here's hoping GekiRanger can restore my faith in Sentai.

Same here.

fractyl2 said:
Actually, Gajah sealed himself. But if a Gekiranger/Boukenger cross occurs, he'll be back with reenforcements, if they are other Goudom who are resting like himself.

I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully TOEI will remember the finale and what will they do for the next team up.


Did anyone else notice that [hide]the girl in the purple jacket was controlling Mr. Voice?[/hide] Or am I the only one who saw that?