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Barom 1 said:
I wont bet my life I got the translation of the tanoshimi ni shiteite kudasai bit right.

Heh - Well when I saw "arimasen" I thought surely I had read the kana wrong. It's just looks like a weird word, even in Japanese.

Barom 1

Mikazuki said:
Heh - Well when I saw "arimasen" I thought surely I had read the kana wrong. It's just looks like a weird word, even in Japanese.

Aru is your friend, even when he is negative(arimasen), so don't be afriad of him. ;)




Here's a quick translation I made in another thread:

THank you for your support this far.

On 31/03/2006 Garo reached it's final episode. All of Japan appreciated the efforts of the actors and the staff. [don't know what the OA stands for]
Thank you for your support so far.

But as it is, Garo isn't over.
Please, all of you, look forward to the (still) continuing/ongoing legend of Garo.
If I've made any mistakes, please feel free to correct me.
So yeah, it smells sequel ...No mention about exact dates or certainties, though.


1..2..3..rider KICK!!!!
this series too fast ending lah...but it is a good series..last 2 episode all fighting scene very cool!!hope it will out a new series..

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*watched the final 2 episodes*


Keith Justice

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That was without a doubt my favorite Tokusatsu of all time. I am in shock and awe of the glory and majesty I beheld in those final two episodes.

Where I thought they'd disappoint by gyping us of a final fight with Barago to instead just have a final fight with Meshia.... they didn't disappoint. The sword slinging, martial arts, choreography and special effects were fucking su-goddam-perb.

Thank you TV Nihon for hooking us up. That was beyond fantastic.

Zero rules, Kouga's a pimp and I hope someday I have to fight Barago myself in a giant spinning wheel of doom that crashs into buildings. Maybe even fight a giant evil naked demon goddess of my own someday.

Wow..... simply.. fucking............. wow.

I had about five explosive nerd-gasms while watching that. God bless GARO.... God bless all of them. :thumbs:

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Me and Cookie finally got to sit down and watch it! Die Naked Chick Die!!! i love the fact that they didn't show the last page of the story book as well, but If there is no second series then I will be PISSED that Kouga and Kaoru split, Also...Pay the man responsible for Episode 25's wire work triple!


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"meh" was the general feeling I had up to the end of Garo. Meshia was amazing and I love final battles. Im glad the Dark Knight Barago got the last hurrah. It was one hell of a fight but I didnt really feel any climax to it. It was annoying to see Zero get pushed to the side and not get any real part of the final battle at all. That was lame.

The way Garo just defeats Meshia is kinda.. anti-climatic and just "happens". Well it was a great final two episodes but in the end it didn't move me.

I just don't know why. Probably because I've seen better from far too many shows to let Garo have any mercy. If Garo is continued I hope it gets a new writing staff.

What was the point of having Zaruba die and come back without a Memory? That entire part felt shoved in at the last minute. Because it just sort of "happens" and it didn't really impact me the way it should have. But it still feels unnecessary to a degree.

There wasn't enough Garo-Suit action for my tastes. Not enough fast paced, in your face, dramatic battle music, Garo action for a final battle. It was mostly just Kouga fighting a very long battle and yeah that was kewl. But then Garo comes in at the last moment and finishes things so easily.

Couldnt they have played some kick ass music to get the blood pumping or, I dont know.

Oh well. Another series down. It was interesting. Poorly written but the music and fights were good.

This isnt a series I would watch a second time though. I just found myself bored with most of it.


It's Judgement Time!
Im not surprised. I've already read why some people love it and I disagree with them. To me, the only good thing about Garo was the flashy CG, Music, and Action. The writing was down right horrible. The final battle really didn't do anything for me other than just looking kewl. I didn't feel anything during it. I think my favorite moment in Garo is Ep 13's monster battle, where Garo first gets his horse. That was an exciting fight.

And what was with all the love-scene things between Kaoru and Garo if they weren't going to stay together at the end of it all? What is with that? "well it was fun, bye". lol.

Again, I also hated the fact that Zero was thrown out of 80% of the final battle. We know it's Kouga's time to shine but dammit, what about Ginga? He felt like a third wheel during that entire battle, like he shouldnt even have been there like his presence there made no difference. He got no justice in the finale. No special finisher, no climatic battle of self realization or some such. He's just the helper who makes no impact on the situation.

What ticks me off is they reveal the lovely Garo Berserk form towards the end and it was climatic seeing Zero having to calm the beast down. Seeing Kouga willingly try to become a Dark Knight just so he would have the power to defeat Barago and save Kaoru. Yet, why didn't they build this up? Barago himself is a character that just sort of shows up towards the end of it all. He got no build up early on. Barago and this Dark Knight business should have been built upon way earlier. Have Kouga lead into the decision of going Dark Knight, not just have it happen on a split second urge.

Oh and I was laughing the way they killed Kouga's ninja girlfriend. It was so out of nowhere and not really depressing. More like funny how cheap the graphics looked and how quickly it happened. How easily it's forgotten. There was no depth to it.

I'm just nit picking now. The show was ok by my standards and I'm usually not such a critic but dammit. When you have a show that states it's for the "older audience" I expect adult writing here. Not porn I'm talking about decent writing. Children's Toku shows have better writing than Garo.

Second Season, should there be one, needs a new writing staff. Or the current writing staff need to take notes on how to plan things out ahead of schedule. Lay in the ground work for future episodes in earlier ones.

Most of Garo was cliche' and basic to the core. Nothing about it screamed "inspiration" to me in the end. A few moments were memorable but most of it wasn't. I could easily forget a lot of it.

I wish it did move me the way it moved others. But when I've seen so much better from many other shows, it's hard for me to just ignore the basic flaws of Garo and enjoy it for what it is. I try to enjoy it, I enjoyed some things. I just can't stop myself from saying "It could have been better", though.

Sazer-X has better writing than Garo in my opinion.

I'm just different. I'm the kind of guy that just wants a good dramatic battle and to laugh. If I'm not going to laugh I want to be able to get into the show in some sort of deep plot. Heck the plot can be paper thin and as long as it's done right I'm enthralled into it. I'm easy to please sometimes and other times I'm not, like with Garo.

Enough babble.

QUESTION: So the finale really made me realize something. Garo dawns the golden armor several times and is taken out of his golden form several times. Which had me screaming the question "why doesnt he just put the suit right back on?" Towards the end he couldnt because of that seal thingy-majig. But earlier it was painfully noticeable how they lose their ARmor Form and later dawn it again. Is there a time limit on there? I know theres a timer on their Armor Form, but is there a Timer for when they are out of Armor? Do they have to wait so long before they can dawn it again or...?

That's just a nit pick I s'pose.

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J-Caizer said:
I have come to accept, that we are all entitled to our opinion. Even when that opinion is dreadfully wrong. ;)

Right! Everyone who likes Garo is completely in the wrong. :p Overrated piece of golden piss...
I admit, I liked GARO . . .A lot. . But I also have to admit, it is overrated when it comes to everything about the series (I am guilty of this too.) It meet my expections though, I wasn't expecting a grand and Adult written story line, not after only seeing the "New age" Toku that I have seen (I really need to see some old stuff).

I had a gut feeling the matureness would come from "Boobies", which it seemed like it did. I'm no fool, I'm not going to call it better written, better action or more mature than the current round of "Kid Grade" toku. I just liked the more invovled Demon Aspect of it.