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Just got episode one from Anarion.

Wow, I'm really impressed with this series so far. The talking ring actually reminds me of Byakkoshinken, strangely enough. The monster desings where very wll done as was its CGI. Garo looks amazing as does his transformation sequence, and so far this looks to have a promising story. I can hardly wait for more.

I might also add that this series would be perfect as part of Media Blaster's Tokyo Shock collection.

Soft Subs available here:
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I'm not really impressed with this so far, the concepts are all right but...meh I really would like some story please. So the female lead is former Orchid Undead... :redface2: I'm hoping her acting abilities have improved...

And the music is a lot of classical, sorry FK no guitar riffing.


The English narrative was a nice change. lol The opening song was pretty good... reminds me of another show but I can't place what one. The music suited the opening credits (I can see Japanese Brush font being used in the subs or another similar font). The closing credits wasn't too bad, I actually liked both songs (can't wait to order the music). As for the actual ep... My opinions.

It most certainly not a show I'd watch around my kids. lol I liked the wire work done and the fighting sequences.

Is that a shrink the main female character is seeing... because of the dreams from childhood?

The main hero comes off a bit like Batman with that butler of his. lol He's a hottie that's for sure. The ring of his is... creepy. LOL His transformation from hottie to the gold armored wolf was pretty good.

I liked the ep overall - better then Sazer X. Is this another 12 ep series like Sh15uya?


Fear the glasses!!
Hmm...I'm totally split on this show. I liked the music, the fight sequences were breathtaking, and it has a compelling story (it seems like). What I'm ambivalent on, the motifs they choose...especially if it's just GIMMICKS, but not a central part to the overall story...End verdict: I think I'll keep watching...

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Am I the only one that thinks the guy in th white trench coat looks like Kaiba from Yugiou?

That aside, like what I've seen so far.

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After seeing the JM clips of episode 1 I must say I got the same feeling in the pit of my stomach like when I was a PR only fan and then watched Kamen Rider Kuuga. It completely blew me away.

This series is what I WANT in Tokusatsu. Darkness, Epicness, and everything else in the middle.

I swear this series it going to be something special. Hopefully Toei and even Toho will catch this and open their eyes and drop the comedy **** and turn Tokusatsu back to what I think it should be.

The Garo suit is incredible. The dude is like 7 feet tall and the gold is just amazing.


I really really hope someone subs all 26 of these Garo episodes.


PDD said:
There was a lot of nudity in it. lol First scene was woman breast. lol

Heh, it was only CG boobies. And only 1 scene. Sh15uya had a lot of pr0n posters in the some of the scenery.


Definately different than the stuff I've been seeing lately, but I liked episode 1. The effects were top notch and the out f siut fighting was good. I can't wait to see more
It watched very much like they were trying to be as anime-like as they could with this series. The ending cinched that feeling for me especially. The visuals are interesting and might be neat just to see what they do.

Not sure this is going to be entirely my cup of tea though.
I've seen the clips that JM posted.
This is one hell of a toku series. This is the type of show I expected Hibiki turned out to be but I was dead wrong on that one.
This so-called "Hyper Midnight Action Drama" definately has a lot of potential to continue on in the future and if thing does find success, I can only hope that as the years go by, Instead of asking and wondering things such as "What's next years Sentai?", "What's next year's Kamen Rider?" "What's next year's Super Star God series?", it will most definately be "What's the next Hyper Midnight Action Drama"


I loved the episode. Simple and extremely stylish with a penchant for the darkly bizarre is the best way I could describe it. Can't wait to see it subbed.

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