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  • Sorry I haven't replied to your PM yet; at the time, I had wanted to come up with a response that wasn't just "Oh, that's cool".
    Now I'm just picturing Raita as a team mentor (though, I'd prolly rather have him than Jeff "Conductor" Denham).
    I'll gladly check it later :D
    Say, aren't there any fanart of Kamen Rider from "Hell Rider"? From reading the 1st 3 chapters, I can imagine him as a mix of Kuuga and Gills. :)
    I'm currently reading your fanfic titled 'Hell Rider' and i got to say, it is really nice. Currently on Chapter 3 BTW. Are the stories completed now?
    Well I don't claim complete originality. In fact that is kind of the point of the story as a whole for Kenta, as you will see by the end. Jack's actions solidify for Ben his belief that Kenta is his only real friend, and if that ever gets dashed... read and find out XD
    Well, I've now moved on to Chapter 5 and paused there for a while. Need to get some work done for school. And it's pretty thrilling, it's got me on the edge of my seat sometimes, worrying if some people will turn up ok. I like Jack though, but his backstabbing was a little too predictable, but I guess sometimes, its pretty frustrating, having to wait and build up to that moment when the surprise is out.

    I used to use MSN, but I use Skype and Facebook mainly now, easier to keep up with social life you know.
    So, I'm reading Hell Rider, and I'm at the part where Ben and Kenta are about to talk about the information Kenta stole at the University about the hieroglyphs and symbols.

    So far, it's been a real thriller. Can I just say that you should really consider going back to this and expanding on it, maybe re-write a few parts and perfect it, because so far, it's been really great, but since it's one of your first works, I assume you can make it flow more neatly now.

    Also, have you ever considered writing something of your own that isn't fan-related? I like your style, it's honest, sly, and pretty understandable. I'll continue read more for now :)
    I've read through some of The Judges of Canaan, pretty detailed writing. You put in a lot of work, and it paid off with pretty good story telling. I'm not a Sentai fan, but I'll be sure to keep tabs on those two as well :)

    Sweet! I look forward to seeing your addition to Hell Rider. This will be on hell of a ride.

    Btw, from one fanfic writer to another, writing script format is ok, it's just easier for us to get by without putting in effort, I still do it all the time, even my recently released Chapters.
    Hey, I'd just like to say your story of Hell Rider is sounding interesting to me, I think I'll pick up reading it. Cheers :)
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