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  • Hi, Bolt. Have you ever heard of Blacksad? It's a noir-style comic series featuring animals instead of humans. I only discovered it today so I'm considering ordering the Dark Horse collection of the first three comic albums that were originally released in Europe. The rendering of the characters is very striking. I really love the gritty style. Considering the noir elements present, I thought you might be interested in it too.
    Oh man pushups... I've never been able to do even one in all of my life! Even when I was a stick-shaped kid >< nowadays when I try my left elbow is pierced by a sharp pain ><
    Hey fitness-master extrordinaire... I was wondering, what would you recommend as some cheap way to lose weight? I just can't afford fancy stuff like weight set or anything.
    Would you like to trade manuscripts? I'd like someone else who writes to critique my own work and I could do the same for you. PM me later with your email addy if you're interested and we'll talk about it more.
    Most writers I know (no major ones, mind you) torment themselves constantly because they doubt their work. I do it myself. I think it's useful in a way because it makes you strive to be that much better, but at its worst it can sap your motivation totally. It is very difficult to find that middle ground. Hopefully you'll find your motivation again despite the setbacks.
    I'm no stranger to abandoning works. Sometimes, revising after a few weeks helps me with making something a little better. Unfortunately, most are doomed from the beginning, revising or no revising.

    I know what you mean by a lack of enthusiasm and creative energy though. My job and my commute suck the life from me and I often find it bleeds into my writing.
    What kind of writing do you do? I've been writing fantasy for some time but that novel-length idea still eludes me.
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