1. I

    Shinkengers scans help?

    I was wondering where these scans were from? Im been looking everywhere and I can't see where it is. I see they're from modxtoy but I cant see to find them. Can anyone please give the full scans?
  2. Kaiser Somme

    [BUYING] Shodophone Pouch and Hiden Disc Buckle

    Looking for these! They don't need to be mint or anything.
  3. firestarter1331

    S.H. Figuarts Super Shinken Red

    Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Super Shinken Red - YouTube
  4. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: Figuarts ShinkenRed

    TJ Reviews: SH Figuarts ShinkenRed - YouTube
  5. A

    Shinkenmaru & ShinkenOh WTB

    As title. Reply or send a mail to
  6. zeronxepher

    [1080p] Shodo Phone - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

    It's Super Sentai Month! I'll be review Sentai toys for a whole month! (every monday wednesday and friday). First review is up and it's the SHODO PHONE from the awesome Samurai Sentai SHINKENGER! [1080p] Shodo Phone - Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Note: Best viewed in HD as much as possible.
  7. Horatio

    Horatio's Sales and Trades! (W, OOO, 555, Shinkenger/Doujinshi, Kids, Candy Toys)

    Hey guys! I've got some little stuff up for sale or trade. For trades I'm in general looking for things from: Kamen Rider W, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, or anything involving Ankh; Boukenger, Godzilla et al, and Gamera. (I'm also a big time Pokemon collector, with primary specialization in Mewtwo and...
  8. syer1001

    Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Zero Style.

    Full Synopsis The Story After the defeat of Chimatsuri Doukoku, the Shinkengers parting ways and drama start to happen. Mako met a man named Shotaro Hidari and fall in love with him, but her parents want her to marry a man named Sokichi Narumi. Ryunosuke returns to become a kabuki actor, but he...
  9. Tenraisenpuujin

    Mini-Pla/Model Kit Shinken-Oh & Gosei Great, Black Versions

    I apologize for some of the pics, my camera has just not been cooperating at all. But here are my latest paintjobs: KuroOrigami in emblem mode KuroOrigami in animal mode KuroShinkenOh! Black GoseiMachines Gosei Great Black Version The high kick test: passed Shinkenger vs. Goseiger...
  10. LaZerwolfX


    hey guys i have been looking for a shodo phone for a REALLY LONG TIME is there anyone out there who would happen to have a second one or is willing to sell theres please let me know you can dictate the price and ill see what i can do this is the last sentai changer i need to complete my personal...
  11. V

    Banner and Logo Design for Virtual Power Rangers Season 18

    Dear all, Things are going great so far for the Virtual Power Rangers Project. My Head Writers and I have planned out a good chunk of the Bible and I am currently writing episode one. Of course, with the launch of a new project, a snazzy banner and logo would be nice. That is why I am...
  12. V

    [CALL OUT TO FANFIC WRITERS] Virtual Power Rangers: Writing Season 18

    To aspiring fiction writers, There are some television shows that inspire devotion beyond simply sitting and watching weekly. Whether through Fanfiction or forum discussion, viewers want them to live on outside of their television screens. For us, that show was Power Rangers. When RPM concluded...
  13. SuperFireDagwon

    New to the Riderverse. Looking for suggestions on where to shop!

    Hello everyone! While I'm brand new here, I've been an anime fan for many, many years going all the way back to watching Star Blazers on my local UHF station back in the 1970's. Recently a friend of mine suggested watching Samurari Sentai Shinkenger as it's a really interesting entry into...
  14. Nega"P13"Ranger

    Power Rangers Rising Sun

    Power Rangers Rising Sun is a fan-series of Power Rangers based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger that draws inspiration from Power Rangers, Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Japanese mythology (Along with the writings of the talented Joe Rovang). Using a combination of written story-lines, visual reference...
  15. xxxKrissKrossxxx

    Shinkenger Game...wth?!

    (if this thread is posted in the wrong category, I apologize and feel free to move it.) Okay so I was looking around the net for some epic Shinkenger photos to help inspire my next art piece (lol!). That is when I stumbled upon this! What is it?! Where can I play and/ or view this?!?!?! Is...
  16. pipermae

    Shinkenger henshin GIFS

    Because the henshin sequence in KRD was so pretty! Also some random gifs: And two for Rescue Fire: Please don't forget to credit! Can be used everywhere, even in LJ.
  17. Bigdog

    Shinkenger Fandub clip

    I did this awhile back before the announcement that there is no Shinkenger adaptation into Power rangers. I just decided to post it today because I found it in a dark corner of my External hard drive. The voices were from a random SPD clip off Youtube. Hope you guys enjoy...
  18. T

    I want my hair to look like Chiaki

    So does anyone here who has knowledge about hair tell me how i can make my hair just Tani Chiaki? because i love it!