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  • Hey do you think you can send me that green shinkenger pic you made? It looks like it would be an epic wallpaper for my computer :D
    XD Thanks! I made it cuz I thought the picture was funny when I saw it in the magazine.
    hahaha Thanks! Nice move too. Cuz you probably would of been scolded for topic changing.

    Thanks for the applaud. :) Pics of Chiaki or Hant huh? i think I can find some good ones.

    My favorite color is green, soooo, yeah. lol That's why I'm big on the Green senshi's. Orange? haha awesome points for uniqueness.

    Believe me, when I 1st saw Hant, I wanted to be his close friend (no homo lol) I thought he was the coolest looking one. When I 1st saw this I thought he was going to be great. [ame][/ame]

    But...throughout the series, they made'em seem like a *****. cross dressing and what not. lol I thought he shamed the green senshi's.
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