Power Rangers Rising Sun


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Power Rangers Rising Sun is a fan-series of Power Rangers based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger that draws inspiration from Power Rangers, Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Japanese mythology (Along with the writings of the talented Joe Rovang). Using a combination of written story-lines, visual reference, and video I have attempted to create a viewer experience that emulates the feel of an actual season of Power Rangers.

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Episode List-
Episode 1- Way of the Rising Sun Commentary
Episode 2- The Power of Five
Episode 3- Resistance Is Feudal
Episode 4- Meet the Beetle- Coming Soon
Episode 5- ???
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Episode 7- ???
Episode 8- ???
Episode 9- ???
Episode 10- ???
Episode 11- ???
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In the great expansive archives of the things we humans do not know there are the great contemplated mysteries and there are the questions most of us would rather keep to ourselves. Among these questions, one continues to probe at the mind of man and has done so for centuries. What is this question? “Are we alone in the Universe?†Although one could simply say “Yes†and be done with it, outside this Universe is a very different story.

Beyond the great Rift that connects the cracks and crevices of our world to the cracks and crevices of a world that is like a shadow: connected, mysterious, and ever-present in a place we cannot be entirely certain even exists. This shadowy reflection is known as Makai Earth and here, two races, like night and day, wage a century-long war over whose way will survive and which species will thrive. The Makai are a race, nearly identical to humans genetically although they cherish light above all else and worship the sun which supplies them with their beloved luminescence. And then there are the Yokai…

Revering the darkness and despising the light, the instinctual beasts that once lived in harmony with the Makai evolved into terrifying creatures of untold power. Lead by the elite of their species who gather in the pantheon known as the Shadow-Kai, they seek a way to destroy all light in Makai Earth and cast its sun in darkness forever. Unfortunately for the Makai who have based their entire way of life around this life-giving celestial orb… They succeeded.

Cue Theme Song [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwUzVEvRlC8&feature=channel][REFERENCE][/ame]

Episode 1- Way of the Rising Sun


The PALACE is under siege by PYRO-KAI [REFERENCE].

Don’t let them break through to the last barricade, men! Don’t give them an inch!

A MESSENGER runs up to the CAPTAIN panting slightly as he reads his message.

Reinforcements are on their way from the Western Gate Outpost!

Good! You hear that men? Firmly stand your ground until they arrive!


PRINCE KOJI [REFERENCE] charges out of his own room and down the hall. RYUUJIN [REFERENCE], the chamberlain, appears at the door to shout after him in surprise.

Prince! Your highness, wait! Where are you going?

I have to find my father!

KOJI enters KING REKKA’s chambers with RYUUJIN not far behind.

Father! Where are you?

Candlelight illuminates from behind a shoji screen to reveal the silhouette of the KING.

I am here, my son.

Father, the Shadow-Kai are attacking!

I know.

My lord, the eastern wall is already ablaze, we need to evacuate.

I will not leave the palace of my forefathers to be burned, especially not by Yokai.

Then I will stay as well!

No my son, this is a losing battle. This palace… This world was already in the hands of the Shadow-Kai when the sun went dark. Without the sun to power our Kido… Our “Way of the Rising Sunâ€â€¦ Our very way of life cannot continue. My disciples are already dead; I have no choice but to try to avenge them…


But the ways of the Makai are not lost yet. Long ago, the Yokai breached the Rift and attacked the World of Light. We followed them there and made disciples of the beings known as humans. We taught them all our knowledge, entrusting them with the great secrets of solar magic.

My lord, there is little time for fairy tales!

My loyal servant, Ryuujin… Take my son to the World of Light. Find the descendants of those terrestrial Shining Samurai and make disciples of them. When the Shadow-Kai hunt you down, you will have trained them in the Way of the Rising Sun and you will be ready for them.

Several PYRO-KAI burst in.


RYUUJIN and KOJI escape through a removable tatami mat to an underground tunnel. The PYRO-KAI draw their arrows and fire upon the shoji screen. In an explosion, KING REKKA is thrown from where he once sat. The KING stands as his topknot comes unraveled and black hair falls around his sweat-covered face (All during this his face is never clearly seen on camera). As the PYRO-KAI prepare to fire again, KING REKKA opens his hand to reveal the character 火 (fire) written upon it. The PYRO-KAI are blown back into the hall by an explosion. As REKKA painfully stands, laughing can be heard from down the hall. GENERAL ONAGA [REFERENCE] enters the room, still cackling evilly.

So you still had some solar-power left over after all? Too bad it will take more than reserves to defeat me, old man.

KING REKKA (Drawing his sword, panting heavily)-
Then I hope you’re still weak against the bite of cold steel, old friend.

ONAGA (Drawing his sword as well)-
That sentiment goes both ways, Rekka. I will enjoy killing you far more than any of those peons at the front door.


Looking up RYUUJIN and KOJI witness an explosion from the vicinity of KING REKKA’s chambers



A crash of glass and silverware against the floor of the kitchen can be heard. A girl named CLARISSA puts her hands over her mouth in surprise over the mess she’s made of a number of plates and glasses. FELIX BANE [REFERENCE] working nearby picks up a trashcan and walks over.

Here, let me help you with that.

Thanks, I’m so clumsy.

No problem, I was pretty bad at first too.


CLARISSA panics and exits swiftly. Before, FELIX can address this turn of events REESE is standing over him angrily.

Felix! I thought we were past this!

No, Mr. Reese! This is a misunderstanding, it wasn’t me this time!

Yeah, the floor broke the glass, not you. We’ve had this conversation before. It’s going to go the same way, as always!

Mr. Reese! You can’t! I’m doing so well!

You’re lucky I don’t dock your pay right now. You have been doing okay until now, so I’ll let you off with a warning, but you’re on thin ice!

REESE storms off. CLARISSA pokes her head out from behind the wall.

I’m so sorry, Felix. I panicked, but I’ll go right over to his office and tell him it was me. I promise.

FELIX (Undoing his top buttons and picking up his backpack)-
It’s fine. This is my favorite way to end a shift anyway…

FELIX begins to walk away, but realizes he’s forgotten something and turns around. He picks up a book entitled "The Joy of Servitude" and turns to leave.


Felix walks down the street and lets out a sigh.


On a bank, DR. CALAMARI [REFERENCE] looks through his staff to see PRINCE KOJI and RYUUJIN escaping from MONONOKE PALACE.

Onaga, you incompetent slob, can’t I trust you with anything?

Behind him, SEN PALACE [REFERENCE] begins to rise from the tide.

Finally! My ride is here!


CALAMARI enters the throne room and looks around, but the only one there is GENERAL LAMIA [REFERENCE] playing an eerie melody on her shamisen. He notices her and steps forward.

Lamia, you old see hag! How have you been keeping?

That’s General Lamia to you, Calamari…

Right, right, so where is our illustrious Don?

He’s around.

Oh, of course.

CALAMARI steps towards the head of the throne room and lifts his arms up.

Don Kemono! My lord, I ask that you appear before your humble servant.

The vapor-like fog that surrounds the room begins to accumulate on the straw mat throne. DON KEMONO [REFERENCE] appears as a red and black suit of armor with a steam-like fog spilling from the holes in his facemask, kneeling at his “throneâ€

Calamari… What was so important that you ask of me to take corporeal form?

I only wished to tell you the progress of the siege on Mononoke Palace, my lord.

Proceed then…

Yes of course, my Pyro-Kai deftly dealt with the guards. I left it to Onaga to deal with the royal family, but like usual he was too caught up in his own vendettas to deal with such a simple task.

GENERAL ONAGA appears at the door with a grunted outcry of indignation.

That’s General Onaga to you! I suggest that in the future you address your superiors as they wish to be addressed or you will find your own title may become “Fried†Calamari if I have anything to say about it.

See, my lord! He returns while a member of the royal family still breathes. Is that not a sign of incompetence?

At least I’m less incompetent than your Pyro-Kai, couldn’t they have killed the brat? I have better things to do than slaughter children without any Kido power. What’s the rush anyway?

What—what’s the rush?! He could be heading to the World of Light right now! If he goes there his Kido will be restored and he could gather allies! Are you TRYING to slow our master’s plans?

Like I said… What’s the rush?


On a large beach-like bank, RYUUJIN and KOJI creep from rock to rock.

How will entering a Shadow-Kai patrolled area lead us to the World of Light?

Makai cannot travel through small cracks like Yokai do, we will need to find a large opening for you… I, mean us, to travel through to the other side.

There must be a better way.

If there is, I’m not aware of it. Ah, that looks good.

RYUUJIN points out a large rock that appears to have been almost split in two by the tide somewhere off in the distance.

That’s quite the distance and I’m willing to wager that we’re spotted the second we set foot on the sand.

A small fireball can be seen floating behind KOJI which causes him to turn and look, but he misses it. Another appears by RYUUJIN along with two more.

It doesn’t even look like we’ll make it that far.

The fireballs accumulate and surround them. It soon becomes clear that they are PYRO-KAI in SPIRIT GUISE.

So what are we up against?

Pyro-Kai, Yokai fire familiars… Kemono uses them as his soldiers because of their ability to turn into intangible fire spirits and attack from anywhere.

The PYRO-KAI transform into DEMON GUISE in a burst of fire.

KOJI (Drawing his sword)-
Luckily for us they aren’t too bright!

The PYRO-KAI rush him and he deflects their various attacks with the grace of a trained warrior.

Prince Koj—My lord!

With some hesitance, RYUUJIN draws his sword and joins the battle. KOJI and his servant are able to steadily hold off their attackers for a while, delivering felling blows when given an opening (Causing PYRO-KAI to explode into cinders) and slowly working their way over to the crevice.

KOJI (As he is struck from a blind spot, prompting him to drop his sword)-

Taking their chance, three PYRO-KAI charge with weapons raised, but KOJI thinks on his feet and raises his scabbard to parry their attacks. Although it is thoroughly chewed up by the end of it, his makeshift weapon is able to repel them long enough for him to draw his SOL-PHONE MORPHER [REFERENCE].

Now you’ve pissed me off!

He transforms his SOL-PHONE MORPHER into STYLUS MODE.

No my lord! You don’t have enough Kido!

I’m willing to take that risk! CALL TO ARMS!

KOJI places his SOL-PHONE STYLUS on the back of his left hand where in a flash a red symbol appears (火). Slashing his SOL-PHONE out in front of him, KOJI drags the symbol with the swift movement of his hand until it appears before him larger and suspended in mid-air above his face.


Before he can finish his morphing call, the symbol begins to fade and cackle with red electricity.

KOJI (Staring in disbelief)-

The floating 火 before him explodes, destroying the PYRO-KAI in the general vicinity and launching the prince back into a nearby rock painfully.

RYUUJIN (Concerned for his Lord’s safety)-

RYUUJIN rushes forward to repel the attacks of the PYRO-KAI attempting to take advantage of the turn of events. Upon doing so he grabs KOJI by the collar of his kimono and lifting up his limp, helpless body and with a surprising show of strength throwing him towards the crevice where they had planned to make their escape. Despite his nearly unconscious state, the force of the throw allows KOJI to stumble right towards the crack where in a glow of red it seems to envelop him.

Mission accomplished.

Heh, don’t be too confident, you trained dog. We’ll just kill you and follow him through the portal to finish him off.

RYUUJIN (Sheathing his sword slowly)-
That might have been true if I was the same man as a moment before, but now that I am free my Lord’s watchful gaze, I’m far more capable of finishing you off.

What is that supposed to mean?

RYUUJIN swings his arm, bringing with it a trail of purple flame that strikes the PYRO-KAI caught in its path. As RYUUJIN lowers his arm, the PYRO-KAI explode in a shower of embers However, as he turns to leave, one PYRO-KAI rises up from the flames of his fallen foes. Although heavily injured by the attack PYRO-KAI #1 charges RYUUJIN in a blind rage. Although he is inches away from the crevice, RYUUJIN turns with his hand on the handle of his blade.

I wonder... Did Calamari make you more resilient than the others...? Or did you just get lucky?

The PYRO-KAI is nearly upon him when he draws his sword from his belt, scabbard and all. Holding the scabbard out in front of him, he falls back into the crevice. Although seeming to expand to accommodate his entry, the crack catches the length of his sheathed blade is on its edges. Unable to stop PYRO-KAI #1 runs headlong into the scabbard and falls backward. In a puff of red-hued smoke, he expires on the sand.


RYUUJIN (Turning his blade sideways to pull it through the crevice with him)-
I wish I could have seen that.

KOJI coughs and sputters behind him and RYUUJIN turns from the crack that he just fell through to see the prince picking himself off the ground of the shaded alley the portal spilled them upon.

Ryuujin... What happened?

RYUUJIN (Rushing to his master’s side)-
Don’t worry, we made it through. I assure you that they won’t bother us again.

Thank goodness. Help me into the sunlight would you? I need to rejuvenate my Kido.

RYUUJIN puts an arm under the PRINCE’s own and aids him out of the alleyway and on to a sun-filled sidewalk. There are few people out to witness these two characters in odd clothing, including FELIX. FELIX stops in his tracks and stares at them quizzically for a moment before RYUUJIN begins to speak.

So it’s true, Kemono’s magic really didn’t breach the Rift between the worlds. There’s really sunlight here. How does it feel, my Lord? Is it working?

FELIX gasps at the word “Lord†and in a moment of panic, dives behind a telephone pole. Although it does not hide his whole body, RYUUJIN and KOJI have yet to notice him. He peers around the pole to continue listening in on the conversation.

Yes… Just give me a minute; we will need to begin searching for those descendants as soon as possible. There’s no telling where they could be.

RYUUJIN (Attempting to bring his hopes up)-
Your father once said to me, that the best servants are the ones who find you. I believe the same can be said about disciples.

FELIX (Staring at his hand)-
Could these people be the ones Uncle told me about?

FELIX walks out from behind the pole and continues to walk up to RYUUJIN and KOJI with a sudden air of confidence about him.

Excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear that you need a servant. I might be able to help you there. You see, I come from a long line of servants. My father was a servant and his father was a servant and his father before him was a servant. I think before that we were tuna fisherman, but that’s neither here nor there.

Thanks, but no thanks. We’re looking for someone in particular, someone with specific heritage and proof of that heritage. They need a special crest…

A crest?

FELIX digs through his pockets and produces a blue GUARDIAN CREST [REFERENCE].

Like this?

KOJI and RYUUJIN look at the symbol in shock.

Where did you—? Ryuujin! Check him!

RYUUJIN does not waste time in producing a SOL-PHONE although this one is of a gold-like color, a mass production variation. He transforms it into STYLUS MODE and draws the symbol 空 (Void) inches away from FELIX’s forehead. After mere seconds, the symbol transforms into a different symbol 水 (Water), the same symbol on his GUARDIAN CREST.

It’s true; he is the inheritor of that Crest.

What are you talking about? This is just a family heirloom my uncle gave to me.

That crest you hold is a mystical device known as a Guardian Crest. It proves that you are the descendant of a Shining Samurai…

FELIX stares at the man with a mix of confusion and surprise until KOJI notes the sudden appearance of several people on their commutes, cluttering the once empty sidewalk.

Is there somewhere we could speak in private?


In the throne room, LAMIA continues to play her shamisen melody and ONAGA sits in the corner, drinking a clear liquid from a red bowl. A PYRO-KAI stands near with a pitcher to refill his beverage every time he finishes. CALAMARI walks in and looks at him with disgust.

You act like the battle is already won!

ONAGA (Slurring slightly in a drunken way)-
Isn’t it?

A disembodied KEMONO suddenly calls out to his servant.


The fog gathers at the head of the throne room, prompting the two Shadow-Kai generals and doctor to look up as KEMONO’s corporeal form appears before them.

The latent Kido of the World of Light is already on the rise. There is no more time to lick our wounds, we must strike NOW!

I couldn’t agree more. Will you need my Sekien Records to choose which Yokai Warrior to send?

Yes, find for me two Yokai, one to lead the Pyro-Kai into battle and another to finish off the prince and his followers.

CALAMARI waddles over to a crate filled with scrolls. On each scroll is an Ukiyo-e representation of a Yokai.

Ah these two will do nicely.

He draws to scrolls. One has a Ukiyo-e representation of an “Ōkamuro†while the other is a “Kamaitachiâ€. He unfurls the two scrolls before KEMONO. The faceless armor seems to approve silently.

KEMONO (As if he is reciting an incantation)-
Spirits of Yokai long-since deceased, I urge you to appear before your dark master.

A stream of fog spills from KEMONO’s mouth, enveloping the two scrolls creating two Yokai Warriors, MAXI-MUG [REFERENCE] and SHELLHOUND [REFERENCE].

Maxi-Mug of the Mirage Faces…

Ha! My twin swords, “Sorrow†and “Joy†will wipe the smiles off of any face!

Shellhound of the Wind Blade…

I exist to serve and my “Mane of Terror†technique exists to destroy…

Do you understand your mission?


Then go!

MAXI-MUG and SHELLHOUND disappear into the cracks in the wood of SEN PALACE.

ONAGA (Lowering the bowl from his lips)-
Can those two really cut it?

What happened to your boundless optimism?

It died when I saw those two ugly mugs.


FELIX leads RYUUJIN and KOJI up to the gates of a large ornately Japanese mansion. The name on the gate reads KABUKI.

This is my uncle’s place. He’s letting me stay here until I work up enough money to go away to college. Right now he’s away on business, so I’ve got the place all to myself.

He opens the gate and leads to two outsiders to this world inside. KOJI’s eyes shoot off and lock on to a particular place off of the path. In a split second he draws his sword. A man in black ninja garb, a NINJA RETAINER [REFERENCE] appears out of nowhere with the blade right at his neck. He appears to be begging for his life without speaking.

You have an infestation… Shall I dispatch of this vermin for you?

No! That’s just one of my uncle’s servants! He’s a bit eccentric so he trained them all in ninjitsu so they can be spies and bodyguards too.


Yeah, you know ninjas… Shinobi…? Japanese guys, wear a lot of black...? Flip out and kill people all the time?

None of these names strike a chord with either of his guests, leaving FELIX somewhat confused.

You mean you know nothing about Japan? I would have thought with those clothes and all…

RYUUJIN and KOJI look at each other and make a silent decision.

I think it’s about time we told you where we come from.


In a traditional Japanese sitting room, FELIX, RYUUJIN, and KOJI sit on straw mats as the servant NINJA RETAINERS serve them tea. The RETAINER serving KOJI shakes as he tries to pour the tea into his cup as if he expects him to draw his sword at any minute. Eventually KOJI just takes the cup and pitcher away from the shaking RETAINER and pours it himself.

Wow… Makai Earth… Yokai… Shining Samurai… It’s all just a little hard to believe, much less take in.

But you see now why we need to find descendants like you as quickly as possible.

These Shadow-Kai… Aren't they only after you though?

At the moment yes, but it’s only a matter of time before they expand their horizons beyond their acquisition of Makai Earth and set their sights on ruling over yours.

So if you know any other descendants—anyone with one of those Guardian Crests—you must tell us right away.


Please Master Felix, this just as important to saving your Earth as it is to saving our own. We have a common goal, so please help us.

Well… Okay.


RYUUJIN (Staring up at the colorful sign above the entrance)-
Is this where the other descendant is?

Yeah—well she has a crest like mine, I mean—but… Well, she’s a little… How to put this lightly? Well, you’ll see.


FELIX, RYUUJIN and KOJI enter the comic book store where a young bespectacled brunette [REFERENCE] sits behind the counter reading. She turns the page as FELIX walks up and does not seem to notice him.

Yo! Sara!

Holy moley guacamole, Felix! What have I told you about shouting when I’m reading? I nearly jumped out of my chair!

Sorry, I kinda forgot.

What are you doing shouting in a bookstore anyway?

We’ve been over this, Sara. "Comic book" store, the etiquette is not the same.

Who’re your friends? They lost on their way to a cosplay convention?

No, this is, Prince Koji and his chamberlain and servant, Ryuujin. They’re warriors from a parallel Earth if you can believe it.

SARA (As if she doesn’t even consider the possibility of this being true)-
Well, I’ve heard worse back-stories. Seriously though, they Larper buddies of yours?

No, it’s true! And I don’t larp!

Yeah right and I guess they’re after this?

SARA TURLEY draws out a pink GUARDIAN CREST from her pocket to show them.

A Guardian Crest! So it is true.

Whoa, freaky! How did you know that?

What? It’s just something my grandpa said, if I ever saw little green men or guys in weird costumes, this is what they’d be after. Hey, Roger! I was right! Some guys did come looking for these emblem-majigs!

ROGER WILDER [REFERENCE] comes from behind a bookcase carrying a box. He puts the box down and draws a green GUARDIAN CREST from a chain on his belt.

Huh… Do I owe you money or something then? If not, I’m going to get back to work.

Roger Wilder? I never knew he had one!

ROGER sees SARA and FELIX both holding their GUARDIAN CRESTS and becomes somewhat confused.

Whoa, when did this become a family reunion for tacky family heirlooms?

These crests are apparently symbols to show that we’re descended from samurai or something.

Huh, then my family must be into some serious samurai blood because my sister has one too. She’s outside right now at the bagel place I think. Hey Blair!!

BLAIR (Sounding like she’s just seen a ghost)-
Rog’! You’d better come see this!


ROGER rushes outside with FELIX, RYUUJIN, KOJI and SARA close behind. ROGER sees BLAIR WILDER [REFERENCE] in a chair outside staring off with a look to match her worried tone. They look out to where her gaze ends, to discover why. A platoon of PYRO-KAI march down the street causing havoc, one slashes at a fire hydrant creating a jet of water in the air while a group of archers blow up a car. Behind this posse, MAXI-MUG holds up the rear looking smugly in their direction.

Princey! So you decided to show! I knew if I caused enough havoc you’d come a-runnin’.

KOJI (Stepping ahead of the group without hesitation)-
Stay back everyone! You too Ryuujin! I just got my powers back and I’m ready to cut loose! (He draws out his red GUARDIAN CREST) Say hello to my little friend!

KOJI throws the GUARDIAN CREST at the PYRO-KAI platoon and it transforms in midair. In a flurry of scratches and bites the miniature LION GUARDIAN stops the Yokai procession in its tracks. KOJI takes this distraction to draw out his SOL-PHONE which he quickly changes into STYLUS MODE.


KOJI presses the brush of his SOL-PHONE STYLUS to the back of his palm were a fiery red 火 appears. Slashing the brush outward like a sword, the symbol is pulled from his hand and pushed out in front of him, growing larger than his head in the process.


Pressing the blue button on his SOL-PHONE completes the preparations for his morph. The red symbol explodes and engulfs KOJI. Finally appearing from the colorful burst of light is the RED RANGER [REFERENCE] fully armored. As the crowd of human onlookers stares in his direction in disbelief, the RED RANGER draws a “GENERIC†SOL-SPINNER [REFERENCE] from his belt and attaches it to his SAMURAI STRIKER [REFERENCE] which he then draws and holds it out for a moment before rushing in to the crowd of PYRO-KAI to fight.

Woah! He turned into a— A—!!

A Power Ranger! Awesome!

A What-Ranger?

Yeah, you know, superheroes in skin-tight battle armor, what do you call them where you come from?

That is merely his Recoil Offensive Battle Extradermis, or R.O.B.E. suit for short. The Makai people’s most advanced form of body armor that can be called at a moment’s notice to deflect any attack, it’s the only armor a Shining Samurai should ever need.

As RYUUJIN converses with the others, the RED RANGER enters the fray. In a fight closely resembling this footage [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjNlWcnmwm4&feature=channel][REFERENCE][/ame] he uses his SAMURAI STRIKER to dispatch all of the PYRO-KAI which continue to appear from all sides. Finally he pulls his LION SPINNER from his belt and flicks it into the air. Catching it on the hilt of his blade, he spins the red disk to create a small vortex of fire around his SAMURAI STRIKER. With several key slashes he destroys the rest of the grunts in a fiery explosion.

And if we agree to be Shiny Samurai or whatever, we can get cool get-ups like that?

That is usually how it goes.

Wow, where do I sign up?

Nuh-uh not me, those things look like they give unholy wedgies.

The RED RANGER draws his GENERIC SPINNER again. Spinning it on his SAMURAI STRIKER transforms it into a huge red sword [REFERENCE].

Nova Blade!

He draws his LION SPINNER as well and docks it on the side of the huge cleaving blade. He leans the tall sword on his shoulder as MAXI-MUG saunters over confidently.

Nice Ginsu, but can it julienne fries?

No, but it can slice and dice, but you’ll find that out first hand! (He charges) Hyaaaaah!

As the RED RANGER charges in to fight MAXI-MUG the screen fades to black.

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This card of mine is burning red!
Cue Theme Song [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwUzVEvRlC8][REFERENCE][/ame]

Episode 2- The Power of Five

The nerve of you kids today!

As the RED RANGER charges in with his NOVA BLADE, MAXI-MUG retaliates by firing laser spheres from his eyes. In a battle like this one from the FOOTAGE [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boCAuxvZNt4][REFERENCE][/ame], MAXI-MUG throws a car at the RED RANGER which he slices cleanly in half with his NOVA BLADE without breaking a sweat. Using the blade, KOJI runs the Yokai Warrior of the “Mirage Faces†into a cement column with such force that it cracks. With one slash of his NOVA BLADE, he cleaves both MAXI-MUG and the cement fixture in two, leaving a molten line where his blade struck. MAXI-MUG explodes in defeat.


CALAMARI sees the destruction of their Yokai Warrior through the head of his staff.

CALAMARI (Genuinely displeased at the turn of events)-
Oh no, Maxi-Mug…

Good, now that my servant’s soul has become one with the Sea of Tears, his body and mind can become a vessel for restless dark spirits! Hyakki Yakō!


In a burst of fire, MAXI-MUG’s once lifeless body explodes forth hundreds of feet taller. As he speaks, his voice is augmented by a chorus of other rasping demonic voices.

We are many!

RYUUJIN, FELIX, SARA, ROGER, and BLAIR round a corner to where this transformation is taking place. BLAIR throws her hands over her mouth in surprise at sight of the titanic Yokai.

Oh my gosh! It’s huge!

Of course, they never get smaller you know?

So it’s Zord time now right? Gonna whip out the old Megazord?

RYUUJIN (Flabbergasted by every word spoken up to this moment)-

The RED RANGER draws his SOL-PHONE in one hand, transforming it into STYLUS MODE with a swift movement. In his other hand he draws his GUARDIAN CREST. Suddenly transported to a black place where the only light appears from below his feet, he places the GUARDIAN CREST down in front of him.


With his SOL-PHONE STYLUS he draws the symbol 大 (Big) on his GUARDIAN CREST prompting it to grow larger beneath his feet until a flash of light sucks him inside. The transformation completes with LION GUARDIAN [REFERENCE] transforming into FAMILIAR FORM [REFERENCE] and running in place. The RED RANGER appears in the cockpit in several streaks of light. He loads his GUARDIAN SPINNER [REFERENCE] on his SAMURAI STRIKER which he places in the podium before him. The LION GUARDIAN lunges at MAXI-MUG and quickly lands behind him after striking hard. Quickly the GUARDIAN charges back around to face his opponent.

MAXI-MUG (Shrugging off the attack and using his Twin Swords to shoot a laser at his enemy)-

LION GUARDIAN dodges the beam and charges right at the giant MAXI-MUG only to be slashed head-on. The red GUARDIAN roars out, unable to complete its charge.

KOJI (Drawing his SAMURAI STRIKER from its podium)-
This is it!

The RED RANGER spins his GUARDIAN SPINNER. Reflected on the praxinoscope mirror of his SAMURAI STRIKER, the individual symbols glow their respective colors (Pentagon-Red, Hexagon-Blue, Circle-Pink, Square-Green, and Triangle-Yellow).


The LION GUARDIAN draws all of his limbs inside, reverting back to its GUARDIAN CREST form in all but its front arms which spread like wings. This odd shape catches fire and shoots forward at the giant Yokai.

KOJI (As he thrusts forward with his SAMURAI STRIKER)-

MAXI-MUG cries out as he is pierced by the attack. The LION GUARDIAN lands on the other side of him as the giant sparks and convulses in pain.

No, not again!!

LION GUARDIAN roars victoriously as a shadowy figure watches from atop a nearby building’s roof. SHELLHOUND looks concernedly at where MAXI-MUG once stood.

It looks like I’ll need a better approach…


The sign on the door has been flipped from OPEN to CLOSED despite their still being plenty of light outside.


Several things have been moved aside to allow six chairs to be placed in the center of the store where KOJI, RYUUJIN, FELIX, SARA, ROGER, and BLAIR now sit.

After a display like that, how can I say no to whatever you’re selling?

I’m not selling anything; I just want to offer you a chance to save your Earth from the same fate as mine.

So we really can be Power Rangers too? Cool beans!

Power Rangers? Cold beans?

RYUUJIN (Whispering to the PRINCE)-
An Earth thing apparently.

Excuse me if I’m a little confused. You kicked tail out there without help from anyone, why do you need some untrained nobodies to help you?

That’s right! Wouldn’t we just get in your way?

The Power of Five… Is one of the most powerful techniques passed down through the Way of the Rising Sun school of fighting. It is in its most potent form when applied by a Feudal Lord and his four disciples.

So you just need us as lackeys to make your “Power of Five†thingamajig stronger? Sorry, but I don’t think I can call anyone my “Lord†when all he needs from me is to be a magic mushroom for him.

KOJI stands up, nearly knocking his chair over. ROGER flinches slightly at this although it is nearly unnoticeable, but the PRINCE just stands there looking at him as if to gauge his ability to stand behind his words.

How dare you accuse the Prince of such callousness! I’ll have you know he is a chivalrous and charitable person, nearly a sain—!


Yes, my lord?

Forget it… I see I was mistaken to believe that humans are capable of the tireless compassion and selflessness this job requires. The ego and crudeness of this one is all the proof I need of that fact.

KOJI turns to leave the comic store and in seconds he has turned the corner out of sight.

You shouldn’t have said that, Rog’.

If he can’t even bother to say “pretty please with a cherry on topâ€, the Lord-Jerk of Messiah Complexes better get used to fighting alone.

FELIX stands up and shoots a look of scorn at ROGER. In a second he has followed KOJI’s exact escape route from the store.

What’s gotten into him?


FELIX catches up to KOJI who wanders aimlessly through the shopping center where BLITZKRIEG COMICS can be found.

FELIX (Trying to call out to him, but isn’t sure what to call out)-
Koj— Princ—My Lor— YOUR HIGHNESS!

KOJI (Turning around, upset without showing it)-
What is it?

Oh, nu-nothing, I just wanted to ask you— What will you do if you can’t find disciples?

Keep on fighting I guess. If I die, I die, that was just the fate of this world as well… To be cast into eternal darkness by the Shadow-Kai…

But why go so far? This isn’t your planet! Aren’t we all just egotistical, back-talking Rogers to you?

Just because I don’t want to fight along side you doesn’t mean I won’t protect you. The Shadow-Kai are my enemies, no matter where I go. Besides, I lead them here to this planet, so I feel a little responsible. Even if my fate is to be hunted down and killed, then at least I’ll have given this planet a few more minutes of sunlight.

Whoa, that’s commitment. I wish I had your dedication. I mean, ever since I’ve been old enough to work, I’ve been trying to hold up the family tradition of servitude. My dad said the best reward for working hard was to know that you’re helping make life easier for good people, but I never saw any good in them. The people I served where poor specimens of “good peopleâ€. Even as a waiter I couldn’t get behind the idea of serving people. I figured I just wasn’t cut out for it, but then I saw what you do… That’s like, serving everyone on Earth, from the most rotten to the ones who don’t even want to be helped. If there was anyone I would like to make life easier for, it would be you… Your highness.

Thank you Felix, even if you’re the only exception, maybe I was wrong about humanity.

Nah, we’re all really jerks deep down, but don’t count out humanity just yet. We can be selfish and crude, but we can change, we can show you were more if you give us the chance.

KOJI ponders this for a moment as if to question whether or not he should apologize to the inhabitants of BLITZKRIEG COMICS and ask for their camaraderie once more. The two young men pass a sign reading SUMMER SPRINGS UNIVERSITY- CURRENTLY REMODELING with a large gate to block out the sidewalk from the construction. Suddenly, KOJI looks up in surprise.

KOJI (Pushing FELIX aside as he dives out of the way as well)-
Look out!

A transparent whip slashes the air where they once stood. The gate behind it falls into pieces as if cut by a giant sword. SHELLHOUND walks up looking disappointed.

So you dodged my “Maneâ€, eh? So much for my sneak attack…

Typical Yokai tactics.

Oh I’m far from typical, in fact killing you will just prove how atypical I really am (He draws his Sickle Saber and continues to walk slowly towards them as if he is in no rush).

Felix, get out of here. I’ll fight this clown.

No, I’m staying by your side. I’ll be you disciple until the bitter end!

That’s a nice sentiment, Felix but your bitter end will be a bit premature if you stick around here.

I've actually found someone I want to serve! I won’t let you die!

SHELLHOUND (Still waltzing over in no particular hurry)-
Let him get himself killed if he wants to so bad. You can’t save them all, your highness, you’re just one man against impossible odds.

KOJI (He considers this, but grabs FELIX by the shoulders instead as if to shake sense into him)-
You have better things to do today than die!

KOJI finally pushes FELIX away as SHELLHOUND swings his Sickle Saber. KOJI is able to deflect it with his own swiftly drawn sword and they clash for a while as FELIX watches from the sidelines.

There’s nothing I can do for him… I finally find my purpose in life and I’m useless! Why?!

KOJI (Straining himself against the Yokai’s sword)-

FELIX hesitates but finally runs. As he runs, looking pained and helpless, but KOJI’s words ring in his ears.

KOJI (V.O.)-
You have better things to do today than die!

FELIX looks up without slowing his stride and becomes self-assured.

You’re right, I do.


FELIX bursts through the door, startling SARA, BLAIR and ROGER, now the only occupants left in the store.

Holy hamster-dance, Felix! Where’s the fire?

It’s I mean— that guy, the Prince is out there fighting right now for a planet that isn’t his for people that never asked for his help! Even if you can’t find it in your hearts to stand side-by-side with that selfless man, at least do it to discover your heritage, a heritage of greatness just waiting for us if we want it! The fire? The fire is in that man’s heart! He’s an inferno! I’d stand by that man just to feel the heat of his spirit, that overwhelming, burning drive in his chest! If I could be his arms and legs alone, I would be, but I’m not enough, he needs all of us! Please, just say yes!

Geez Felix, no need to twist my ear off.

FELIX (Face turning red)-
S-Sorry, I may have gotten a little carried away there.

You always do, but if you think for a second I’ll let you have all the fun playing Power Ranger with your new B.F.F., then you’re wrong, dead wrong. I want in!

And, while I don’t know how much help I can be to a superhero, I have some free time between Volleyball Practice and my gardening to discover my samurai roots or whatever.

What about you Rog’?

Well I certainly hate to be the bearer of bad vibes in this train-wreck of a feel-good moment, but that guy is just too much ego for me to handle. There’s no way I’ll play second fiddle to that guy and his humongous sword!

BLAIR giggles, prompting everyone to look at her in surprise.

Oh, I know that tone of your voice, you’re jealous of him, Rog’. Him and his sword are cramping your style in your town, isn’t that right Mr. Captain-of-the-Basketball-team? You don’t want to sit out on this, you know you want to wear the silly tights and fight monsters. You don’t hate the Prince, you want to be him.

That’s nonsense and you know it, Sis!

Oh please, you’re the worst liar, Rog’, don’t let a little jealousy get in the way of doing something you clearly want to do.

ROGER goes quiet as RYUUJIN suddenly appears behind the quartet without warning.

Then I guess it is settled then?

What in the who-now? Where did you come from?

That’s unimportant, you have your samurai heritage or something to discover, isn’t that right? (He draws a case filled with for SOL-PHONE MORPHERS) Right now, you must take these Sol-Phones and save your Feudal Lord from a large angry gastropod, or a dog, maybe a lion or a centipede— whatever that creature is!

Don’t we need special training or something?

Just do what you have already seen the Prince do and your R.O.B.E. suits will handle the rest.

Al right guys I’ve got a plan, but we’ll need to stop by my house first.


KOJI and SHELLHOUND continue to clash, having relocated to the courtyard in the middle of the university since we last saw them. KOJI is struggling and makes continuous attempts to grab his SOL-PHONE from his pocket, but cannot keeping his foe distracted long enough.

Getting tired Prince? You should have let that kid take the fall for you, it would have given you the time you need to call on your suit.

I’d never let an innocent person take the fall for me! That’s the difference between our races, Yokai; there are no wasted lives, no peons, only potential!

The one’s who are about to die always spout the most nonsense, its sickening.

SHELLHOUND kicks the PRINCE in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. With another swift kick, he topples his opponent on the ground before him.

I’ll give you this, Prince, you weren’t my strongest opponent, but you deserve the honor of dying by most powerful technique!

SHELLHOUND begins to rotate his body, creating a whirlwind around his body that takes form in a whip above his head.


He finally throws his body forward, launching the whip forward. KOJI shields his body with his arms, knowing it will be no use. In a split second, the area where KOJI once lay is surrounded by smoke.

What, it shouldn’t have kicked up this much dust? No! It’s a smokescreen!

Suddenly three NINJA RETAINERS appear in a triangular formation around SHELLHOUND holding their kusarigama. They launch the chains in a flash which quickly tether the Yokai before he can react.

What—What is this?

White banners are raised, bearing the RISING SUN EMBLEM. Holding them are more NINJA RETAINERS. From behind the white veil, KOJI is helped to his feet by two more NINJA to see FELIX, SARA, BLAIR and ROGER in white kimonos (the default form of their R.O.B.E. suits).

What’s going on?

I saved you. Now will you let me fight at your side?

What are these assassins doing here? You know how I detest them.

I just figured a prince would prefer going into battle with his servants heralding his arrival with style.

A little flashy for my liking, but I don’t hate it.

SHELLHOUND breaks free from one of the kusarigama’s chains, but another RETAINER appear to close this opening.

ROGER (Holding his SOL-PHONE out ready)-
Well, are we going to get this show on the road? Or are we going to keep talking while coyote ugly breaks out of his chains?

KOJI (Walking to the front of the formation)-
Alright, but make sure to follow my lead. (He transforms his MORPHER into a STYLUS) CALL TO ARMS!

The others follow suit as KOJI presses the tip of his SOL-PHONE to the back of his palm where his 火 symbol appears. As the others do the same, different symbols appear on their hands. FELIX’s is 水 (Water), SARA’s is 天 (Sky), ROGER’s is 木 (Wood), and BLAIR’s is 土 (Earth). Together they slash their STYLI forward, launching these symbols out before them in front of their faces. Pulling their MORPHERS back they prepare to finish their transformation call.


Together they begin their respective morphing sequences. Their individual bodies are engulfed by their Kido symbols as the fly through them growing larger than their bodies in the process. The area beneath their necks wrapped in a white paper-like coating in this process. Suddenly brushstrokes from a giant calligraphy brush slash over their arms in legs, turning the white paper into an inky darkness.

Fire appears at KOJI’s feet and snakes up his body creating a red trim around his suit. This snaking flame gathers at his waist transforming his sword and sheath into his SAMURAI STRIKER. The giant 火 which has been behind him this whole time shoots forward over his face to create a mask in a similar black shape that further manifests into a red helmet.

FELIX’s blue suit is formed by a river of flowing blue liquid, finally gathering at his waist to accumulate into his own SAMURAI STRIKER. The 水 symbol shoots forward from behind him to manifest in a spiked multiple-pointed visor at the front of his helmet.

Pinkish wind swirls to create the colored areas on SARA’s own armor which finally spirals into a vortex to that manifests at her midsection as a weapon. Her Kido 天 lunges forward to cover her face in a black visor engulfed by a pink bubble that is her helmet.

ROGER is engulfed in a cloud of leaves that leave behind them the greenish details of his uniform and in a flash appear at his belt as a golden katana. His character appears before him to coat his head in a green dome and black 木-shaped visor.

Sand creeps up BLAIR’s own body, creating a trail of golden yellow detail on her suit until it finally manifests below her midriff as a SAMURAI STRIKER. A 土 mark appears before her to mask her cranium in a yellow helmet and shaded visor.

A golden sun rises from behind the quintet which in a flash manifest as the golden part of their armor. A golden RISING SUN EMBLEM traces over the left part of their torsos to complete the individual components of their R.O.B.E. suits. The place their GENERICS on their SAMURAI STRIKERS and finally finish off by drawing their weapons and posing as a team.

Back in the courtyard of SUMMER SPRINGS UNIVERSITY, the five POWER RANGERS twirl their swords before the banners carrying their RISING SUN EMBLEM. The BLUE [REFERENCE], PINK [REFERENCE], GREEN [REFERENCE], and YELLOW [REFERENCE] RANGERS kneel down on one knee with their SAMURAI STRIKERS behind their backs as the RED RANGER remains standing.

KOJI (Tracing the length of his SAMURAI STRIKER with his fingers)-

Together the other four jump to their feet to slash their weapons forward with their Feudal Lord.

TOGETHER (As they raise their swords and strike individual poses)-

SHELLHOUND (Still struggling against the annoyances of the NINJA RETAINERS)-
Well I sat through that gaudy display of a light show, do I get a prize? No let me guess! (He begins to rotate his body, building up a whirlwind around himself) Is it getting to kill you all now?

The vortex around SHELLHOUND builds until the wind around his body is too much for the NINJA RETAINERS holding him down to handle. The RETAINERS are hurled away, leaving SHELLHOUND to dust himself off.

SHELLHOUND (Throwing his sword forward)-

PYRO-KAI appear from behind him apparently hiding out for this very moment to attack. The Yokai creatures charge toward the RANGERS with their weapons aloft.

Cut loose!

The five POWER RANGER charge into the fray where a battle erupts that is nearly identical to this one from the FOOTAGE [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx3C5-6-L_U][REFERENCE][/ame], wherein the four new warriors show off the moves they didn’t now they possessed.

BLAIR (As she skillfully grapples with a PYRO-KAI)-
Whoa! My body!

SARA (Striking out without hesitation)-
What’s going on?

KOJI (Deftly taking out his foes)-
Don’t worry, it’s just your R.O.B.E. suit! Relax and let it take over!

FELIX (Rushing down a corridor taking out PYRO-KAI with ease)-
Well— okay!

He spins his GENERIC SPINNER, transforming his STRIKER into a crescent-shaped bow marked with his 水 symbol.

FELIX (As he attaches his DRAGON SPINNER to his new weapon [REFERENCE])-

The BLUE RANGER jumps from the second story releasing a bolt of blue energy-arrows at a PYRO-KAI on the ground. Upon landing he rolls on to one knee to take out two PYRO-KAI on the second floor with his arrows.

Not bad!

SARA (Placing her TURTLE SPINNER on the fan weapon [REFERENCE] she has just summoned)-
Here goes nothing! SOL FAN!

The PINK RANGER swings her fan with the full weight of her body to launch pink-hued gales at her opponents to strike them down. The GREEN RANGER draws his BEAR SPINNER from his own SOL-SPINNER HOLDER on his belt and attaches it to his pole-arm weapon.

ROGER (As the blade ejects from his new spear weapon [REFERENCE])-

The GREEN RANGER twirls his weapon in a complete circle around his body to strike any PYRO-KAI to get too close until he releases a green tornado that finishes them off.

A guy could get used to this!

Some distance away, the RED RANGER clashes with SHELLHOUND among the rubble of the construction. His NOVA BLADE is caught on his foe’s Sickle Saber releasing a cloud of sparks. SHELLHOUND drags his foes weapon down forcing the two of them into a charge in an attempt to throw off his opponent’s balance. KOJI finally uses his weighty weapon to push his foe away, who doesn’t take long to recover and throw a counterattack. The RED RANGER deflects these attacks with his NOVA BLADE before launching a full body slash, which his SHELLHOUND narrowly dodges with a sidestep. The huge sword hits the ground raising a cloud of dust. Some distance away the YELOW RANGER charges, surrounded by PYRO-KAI with a new ninja star-styled weapon in hand.

BLAIR (As she slashes this bladed weapon at a PYRO-KAI’s midsection)-

A group of Yokai foot-soldiers charge her quickly and the YELLOW RANGER raises her SOL STAR [REFERENCE] and throws it at the crowd, causing explosions to ring out throughout the company mid-charge.

After what was surely a glancing blow (although not shown) the RED RANGER holds his SAMURAI STRIKER before SHELLHOUND who pulls himself up from the rubble.

SHELLHOUND (Straining to stand)-

Atypical, huh?

SHELLHOUND (Spinning his body in anger to release a vortex)-

SHELLHOUND throws his braided whip forward towards the RED RANGER, but the other four RANGERS appear and leap at the attack, slashing individually with their SAMURAI STRIKERS. The attacks meet, reducing the Yokai’s Mane of Terror to black particles. SHELLHOUND collapses as the RANGERS gather with the Feudal Lord.

KOJI (Placing his LION SPINNER on his sword)-
Its time.

The RED RANGER spins his LION SPINNER and the BLUE and YELLOW RANGERS at him with disbelief, but then nod. The BLUE RANGER spins his DRAGON SPINNER which coats his SAMURAI STRIKER in fluid blue energy. The YELLOW RANGER spins her APE SPINNER releasing a cloud of granular yellow energy. The GREEN and YELLOW RANGERS load their BEAR and TURTLE SPINNERS respectively. As The PINK RANGER’s SOL-SPINNER rotates on her SAMURAI STRIKER it becomes consumed with a sparkling pink cloud. ROGER’s own is consumed by energy that appears like spiraling green leaves. Each of the RANGERS holds their swords aloft as they each spiral with their respective element.

TOGETHER (Striking different poses with their weapons)-

SHELLHOUND (Back on his feet once more)-
This isn’t happening!

The RANGERS hold their position with their energized SAMURAI STRIKERS for a minute before charging. SHELLHOUND stands petrified in fear in a dark tunnel of spiraling symbols as the five Shining Samurai leap at him. The RED RANGER flies by in a flash, only a burst of flames to show that he made contact with his foe. Before long the BLUE RANGER strikes as well as a geyser shoots up from the Yokai’s feet. The PINK RANGER follows close behind as SHELLHOUND is hit hard by a cloud of pink wind and sparkling light. The GREEN RANGER pounces his foe, sword outstretched, releasing an explosion of spiraling leaves behind him. The YELLOW RANGER finishes off the assault with an attack that detonates in a cloud of dirt and hurtling stones. SHELLHOUND sparks as the five warriors appear behind him, slashing their weapons in front of themselves before the Yokai behind them finally explodes in a delayed reaction.


Hyakki Yakō!


The fire from SHELLHOUND’s explosion is sucked back in towards his body as he rises up in a titanic growth spurt.

We are many!

KOJI (Holding up his GUARDIAN CREST)-
Follow my lead.

The RANGERS appear in a shadowed out area as the place their GUARDIAN CRESTS down at their feet.

TOGETHER (As they draw a 大 above their CRESTS)-

Each GUARDIAN CREST grows gigantic as they transform into their individual FAMILIAR FORMS [REFERENCE].






In a flash these GUARDIANS appear on the streets of SUMMER SPRINGS charging forward. SHELLHOUND slashes with his Sickle Saber to create a cloud a smoke that engulfs the GUARDIANS.

ROGER (Looking around trying to see)-
Hey! No cheating!

We can’t match his strength like this, we’ll need—

A Megazord Formation, right? Leave it to me!

The GUARDIANS fly forward in the black haze, returning to FOLDED FORMATION. The hexagonal shape of DRAGON GUARDIAN docks atop the square BEAR GUARDIAN. The circular TURTLE GUARDIAN perches atop this combination and the triangular APE GUARDIAN lands at the top. This combination of four GUARDIAN CRESTS stands tall like a tower.


What kind of Megazord is this?

That’s… Not what I had in mind.

What’s wrong with it?

KOJI (Flying in his pentagonal GUARDIAN around the totem pole)-
You forgot me!!

SHELLHOUND (Laughing out in a hundred demonic voices)-
Hahaha! You stack ‘em up! And I knock ‘em down!

He strikes BEAR GUARDIAN out from the bottom of the FORMATION knocking the other s down with it. The RED RANGER looks stern as he draws his SOL-PHONE, transforming it into a STYLUS.

If you want it done right…

The RED RANGER draws the Kido symbol 合 (Combine) in front of himself as if the air were a canvas. He rotates the character with one last stroke of his STYLUS and it glows white.


The five GUARDIANS, back in FAMILIAR FORM, fly forward into a blue sky and are engulfed by a vortex of giant cherry blossom petals streaming like confetti. LION GUARDIAN charges ahead of the pack, transforming into a humanoid torso. Side-by-side TURTLE and APE GUARDIAN transform into arms as the sky begins to grow dark around them. BEAR and DRAGON GUARDIANS transform into legs simultaneously as a piece of the DRAGON flies up and away. LION GUARDIAN’s assembled torso docks with these other assembled body parts as the last piece of DRAGON GUARDIAN transforms into a helmet as a sunset-colored sky appears behind it. This helmet shines its own RISING SUN EMBLEM at the same time as the one on the head created by LION GUARDIAN’s body in a flash of gold. The humanoid shape pulls this samurai helmet over its head as a metal cord appears to hold it in place. A giant katana, the SOLAR SABER appears at this giant humanoid’s waist as the RANGERS appear in the light of vertical strokes in a new conjoined cockpit. This finished MEGAZORD [REFERENCE] stands atop a cliff as waves break below and a sun sets behind them.


Don’t you mean “Megazord�

SARA (Looking around)-
Well it looks like one!

FELIX (Throwing his hands down, sounding as if he’s going to cry)-
It’s beautiful!

BLAIR (Folding her hands together over her heart)-
I think I liked the other formation better…

Focus! We’ve got a fight to win.

SHELLHOUND charges the MEGAZORD with his Sickle Saber. The SOLAR CREST puts one hand on the blade handle at its waist and draws the long sword in a flash.

KOJI (As the two swords clash in a burst of sparks)-

The huge GUARDIAN formation steps forward to throw its opponent off balance. SHELLHOUND recovers quickly to swing his sword overhead, but the SOLAR CREST GUARDIAN dodges, but the Sickle Saber hits a building instead resulting in an explosion. The MEGAZORD barely ducks the next swing to dodge, but it hits yet another building, completely leveling it. The GUARDIAN formation quickly regains its composure and swings hard at SHELLHOUND with such force that it cleaves the building behind him in two.

Now that’s cutting power! Yeah!

You haven’t seen anything yet!

The RANGERS pull their SAMURAI STRIKERS from their podiums and hold them aloft before them, prompting their MEGAZORD formation to do the same.

SHELLHOUND (Staring down the length of the SOLAR SABER)-
You wouldn’t!

Watch us!

The RED RANGER spins his GUARDIAN SPINNER, causing the individual symbols on it to spin and glow their respective colors.

TOGETHER (As the symbols along the SOLAR SABER begin to glow)-

Sparks rain down from the heavens as the two titanic combatants appear in a dark void.

Whoa, hey!

The SOLAR CREST GUARDIAN begins to wave its shining SOLAR SABER in an arc, leaving a ghostly trail illuminated by falling sparks. Finally, it brings its saber fully upright, holding it ready as well. The RANGERS do the same as the Kido symbols 斬り (Cut) appear before them. They each slash down with their SAMURAI STRIKERS in a diagonal motion. The MEGAZORD does the same as the Kido symbol flashes in front of it for a brief moment before the shining attack cleaves the very air in its wake. The glowing slash hits SHELLHOUND as he cries out, as the raining embers begin to slow. Appearing back on the streets of SUMMER SPRINGS, the Yokai falls sidelong to the ground exploding in a burst of red, yellow, blue, green and pink smoke. The MEGAZORD strikes a kabuki theater pose with one hand outstretched and sword perched on one shoulder. In a theatrical display the SOLAR CREST goes on to clean it’s SOLAR SABER with one hand and sheath it at its waist. The RANGERS inside do the same with dignity and poise.

KOJI (In a somber tone)-
The curtain falls on this first chapter…


In the sitting area, BLAIR, ROGER, SARA, KOJI and RYUUJIN sit as they are served by NINJA RETAINERS. Although the PRINCE and RYUUJIN sit with poise at the head of the room, the others sit more casually.

ROGER (Lounging as a NINJA RETAINER hands him a bottle of water with a bow)-
This is one part of the job I can definitely get used to.

BLAIR (Shivering with a look of disgust)-
Not like the part where my body moves against my will, that’s something I don’t think I can ever get used to.

Your R.O.B.E. Suit only senses your body’s lack of skill and makes up for it. If you want to maintain control during battle you will have to be trained. Under my guidance you will become disciplined and skilled enough and you will be permitted to fight under your own volition.

Okay so our gift for a job well done is to not be a puppet to our spandex pajamas? This job sounds like it will be barrels of fun.

Come on Roger, you know that this isn’t about fun. We’re defending our planet and our sun from evil demons, it’s a job that needs to be done; besides that awesome Megazord makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t make decisions on your own! It is the Feudal Lord’s decision as to what our Formations will be called.

But you must admit that “Megazord†has a certain charm about it, my Lord.

Whose side are you on, Ryuujin?

I just don’t think that the name is such a big deal that you should get in a fight over it.

It’s part of my heritage! Part of the Way of the Rising Sun, I wouldn’t think of changing it!

What would your father have thought, knowing you argued with your disciples over something so petty?

KOJI (Prepares a counterargument, but decides against it)-
If you want it so bad, “Solar Crest Megazord†it is.

I don’t care one way or the other actually.

Too late, he already said it!

Hey, has anyone seen Felix? I mean we are in his house, it feels weird for him not to be here.

Near the front entrance FELIX hands off a lett sealed with the RISING SUN EMBLEM to a NINJA RETAINER messenger.

Make sure this gets to my uncle, top priority.

The NINJA messenger nods and disappears like smoke as RYUUJIN and KOJI walk up from behind.

KOJI (Clearing his throat to sound more regal)-
What is it, my loyal disciple? Anything the matter?

FELIX (Sounding a little evasive)-
No, nothing! Ac—Actually there was something I wanted to talk to you about. (The PRINCE raises an eyebrow as if to ask what) Well most superheroes have a battle-cry to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. “Banzai†is pretty good, but outdated, how do you feel about… “Power Rangers Rising Sun�

KOJI (Looking at RYUUJIN with concern)-
What have I gotten myself into?

The Chamberlain merely shrugs as the screen fades to black.



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Sorry about the wait for Episode 3, I failed to realize how much work would need to go into it. To make up for that (as little comfort as it may actually be) I've spruced up the experience for the first two episodes by adding a glossary of terms along with improved images for the Weapon References which can be seen here.

It's becoming quite clear that this task is becoming too difficult for just one person to complete on a timely matter. At this rate it will either consume all of my time and prevent me from taking on future projects which I believe others might enjoy or cause cut-backs would cause a drop in the level of quality of future episodes which I would like to avoid. That is why I am making my own "call to arms" for anyone who would like to be involved in this project. It doesn't matter what skills you might actually have as long as you can contribute.

Possible positions available include: story editor, writing assistant, reference creator, footage editor, etc.

If you think you might be able to help (even if it may not be abundantly clear what you can do) your skills are requested to help future episodes of Rising Sun and possible future projects a reality.

If you are interested, PM me or contact me on skype (Username: "p13volution"). Even if you don't want to, thanks for reading Power Rangers Rising Sun anyway, since people like you make all of this possible.


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Hello, I know it has been a while and it goes without saying that I am so very sorry for my prolonged absence. I was hoping for an update before Shinkenger's finale, but it seemed it was not meant to be. I want to deliver the best Shinkenger-adapted fan-series of Power Rangers out there, but I'm still just one person (Although I thank everyone who offered to help for their various offerings). If luck was on my side today's update would be Episode 3, but a change of plans would delay that update further. That plan was that if I created a buffer period between releases (i.e. writing another episode after the next chronological entry before releasing the new one) it would hopefully decrease the time between releases until I had releases down to a practiced science and possibly improve the quality control of each. Sadly this means, this buffer period will drag on a little bit longer until I have finished Episode 4.

Today's update is a written apology and love-letter to anyone who was loyal enough to stick with me this long in the form of an Author's Commentary for the first episode. Hopefully it will shine a little light on things for people who have managed to wait this long.

Also, I'm glad to announce, as of Episode 4, all footage will be coming from a new source. This means higher quality and a little less work on my part in the visual department. All applause goes to Pikapix58 for making this possible.


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The arrival of Episode 3 was something I have been hyping up for a long time. Mostly I had been hyping it for myself because I believed the continuation of my story represented something pretty big. I always knew however that it was fan-fiction and could never compete with the real thing. That is why, when a new season of Power Rangers was confirmed, I was torn on whether or not this project was really worth continuing. On one hand, this was never meant to be more than a fan-project for the fans, but if Shinkenger really is becoming a Power Rangers season, coexisting would surely turn to comparison and comparison would surely be seen as competition. I didn't start this project to compete with the real deal.

The thing is, I had been going back and forth for a while on whether I should overhaul my story even before the announcement was made. I knew that at this rate my story would take a lifetime to finish and my own desire to deliver "quality" probably alienated more readers than it endeared. I knew in my heart that it needed to be more accessible and easier to produce, but my decision was made for me by the announcement that Saban was bringing it back.

That said, I have decided that Episode 4 will be the last Episode to appear in this format. Its practically completed anyway so it would be a waste not to give it the proper treatment. What then, you ask? I will try my best to finish off the rest of the episodes in a nice and accessible episode summary format. This is possibly the only way my story can reach a conclusion before I have to come up to bat with the professionals.

Hopefully this means those long waits between releases will become a thing of the past since I've known for a long time how I'd like to end this story. Writing these summaries is just a matter of filling in the blanks.

With that news out of the way I have some more bonuses for anyone who stuck with me this long. First of all I have updated the Character References for three of the main villains (Now with weapon designations). The last bonus I'd like to share with you is something I was saving for Episode 4 because well, it was the [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxawHl34Mxc]opening[/ame] I was planning to use for the next batch of episodes (Shinkenger footage provided by pikapix58). Seeing as the next is the last, I figure there is no point in only using it once.

Without any further ado, I give you Episode 3!

Cue Theme Song

Episode 3- Resistance Is Feudal


A troop of PYRO-KAI move violently, attacking humans in the open. Those hit by the Yokai's fiery swords are instantly transformed into pale, gaseous versions of their previous selves, trapped in the moment of death. These ghostly bodies are then sucked up into the area that could be called the creatures’ mouths and the PYRO-KAI surge with energy.

KOJI (Shouting from off-screen)-
You've consumed your last human soul, you bottom-feeders!

The PYRO-KAI abruptly stop their attacks in surprise, some in mid-swing against a human target to peer over to where this voice arose from. Atop a tall staircase, KOJI stands in the middle of his disciples. They are all wearing their R.O.B.E. suits in default mode, which in KOJI's case appears like a red kimono ornamented with black flames on the sleeves and waistline complimented by a black hakama. The others simply have white kimonos and hakama in their respective colors. Behind them the NINJA RETAINERS stay mostly out of sight as they bare banners with the RISING SUN EMBLEM on them.

ROGER (Looking angrily at their enemies gorging themselves on human Life-Force)-
I liked these guys better when they were just coming after us.

It was only a matter of time before they brought innocents into this. (He draws his SOL-PHONE STYLUS) CALL TO ARMS!

KOJI presses the tip of his SOL-PHONE to the back of his palm where his Kido symbol appears. The others quickly do the same as together they swing their STYLI forward, pulling and stretching these symbols out before their eyes. The Kido characters appear like katana blades of glowing colored ink slashing outward as they reform in front of them far larger than before. Pulling their MORPHERS back they prepare to finish their transformation call.


As they begin their respective morphing sequences the RANGERS’ individual bodies are engulfed by their Kido symbols as the flow through them and grow larger than their bodies. The area beneath their necks become consumed in a paper-like scroll epidermis in an instant. Suddenly brushstrokes from a giant invisible paintbrush swipe over their arms in legs, turning the white paper coating into an ink-colored under suit.

Simultaneously each of their individual elements snake up from their feet, coating areas of their armor in their respective colors. The elemental trails gather at their waistlines where the accumulate into SAMURAI STRIKER weapons.

A golden sun rises from behind the five which in a flash manifest as the golden trim of their armor. A golden RISING SUN EMBLEM traces over the left part of their torsos to complete the individual components of their R.O.B.E. suit armor.

Resembling the footage from this clip [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tfb_W_7MNg][REFERENCE][/ame] the Rangers begin their pre-battle slogan. In front of a NINJA RETAINER banner alighted by a red hue from below, KOJI places a GENERIC SPINNER from his belt on his STRIKER and as he draws it from his sheath and slashes it forward.

KOJI (Dropping his posture and slinging his weapon over his shoulder)-
Rising Sun! Red Fire Ranger!

FELIX swings his SAMURAI STRIKER out horizontally before slashing it downward in front of him.

FELIX (As he lowers his weapon and strikes a Kabuki-style pose)-
Rising Sun! Blue Water Ranger!

SARA swings her weapon over her shoulder with forcefulness before gracefully bringing it around to her shoulder.

SARA (Perching her STRIKER on her shoulder while supporting the handle with her other hand)-
Rising Sun! Pink Sky Ranger!

ROGER twirls his sword in front of him with force before bring it behind his back with his other hand forward as if to beckon his enemies.

ROGER (As he brings his sword forward again to trace its length with his fingers)-
Rising Sun! Green (Completely serious) Something-Something!

BLAIR swings out her sword and stops short in front of herself to bring it up and around to a samurai dueling stance.

BLAIR (As she quickly brings her SAMURAI STRIKER up to shoulder level)-
Rising Sun! Yellow Earth Ranger!

Back in their original surroundings the five POWER RANGERS twirl their swords before the banners carrying their emblem. The BLUE, PINK, GREEN, and YELLOW RANGERS kneel down on one knee with their SAMURAI STRIKERS behind their backs as the RED RANGER remains standing.

KOJI (Tracing the length of his SAMURAI STRIKER with his fingers)-
Samurai of two worlds beneath one Sun!

Together the other four jump to their feet to slash their weapons forward with their Feudal Lord.

TOGETHER (As they raise their swords and strike individual poses)-

One of the PYRO-KAI with hunched-over posture scrambles in front of the others with sword in hand.

PYRO-KAI #1 (Growling as he phonetically rallies the other troops)-
Sa-mu-rais! Gets 'dems!

The PYRO-KAI make their charge as KOJI ends their roll-call and orders his disciples to attack.

KOJI (As the other RANGERS begin to meet their opponents’ charge)-
Cut loose!

The five RANGERS enter the fray, matching swords with the encroaching group. The RED RANGER bats away a few weapons before sticking his sword behind him and slashing a PYRO-KAI attempting a sneak attack right in its abdomen. The BLUE RANGER strikes wildly through a crowd of Yokai, but each stroke although seemingly random is right on its mark. With a wide sweeping blow he knocks one from its feet and striking another pose, kicks the fallen PYRO-KAI away to match blades with two more. BLAIR too charges through the Yokai company although her blows are slightly less accurately delivered they are no less effective. Blocking one creature's weapon with her own, she quickly pushes him aside to land a slash straight to its backside. With one more blow she knocks it down the stairs before them.

ROGER (As he swings wildly only to end up with his back to the ground)-
No not that way! This--! Augh! Get up! Get up!

The GREEN RANGER strikes wildly at the opponents attempting to take advantage of his state of weakness and soon he is able to rotate himself back on to his feet.

ROGER (As he dizzily counterattacks)-
Stupid suit's gonna get me killed!

SARA delivers a jumping slash to a PYRO-KAI unlucky enough to be in her way and quickly follows it up with a flurry of diagonal blows resulting in numerous sparks. Not missing a beat she turns to catch off guard the creature that thought it could attack from her blind spot. She continuously attacks ferociously and striking even more ferociously at those who happen to be behind her.

Standing on a rooftop nearby DOCTOR CALAMARI watches the battle unfold from not far off. Angrily he growls and swings his staff in front of himself as the battle turns in the RANGER’s favor.

Must I do everything myself? Jumbo-Kai, rise from your slumber!

Having defeated most of the PYRO-KAI and with the rest retreating the RANGERS peer up to see humongous Yokai squeezing through the cracks between skyscrapers. Nearly identical to PYRO-KAI, these JUMBO-KAI [REFERENCE] wield massive multi-pronged spears.

FELIX (Exclaiming in a mix of surprise and fear)-
Whoa! I didn't know they made them in that size!

KOJI (Far calmer by comparison)-
Ryuujin told me we'd be see these guys eventually. They're bigger, but not much smarter. (Suddenly appearing in a completely blackened location, KOJI draws his GUARDIAN CREST and SOL-PHONE STYLUS up near eye level) Follow my lead!

The RED RANGER puts his GUARDIAN CREST on the light-emitting SUMMONING SQUARE at his feet. With three quick slashes of his STYLUS he writes the 大 character just over it.

KOJI (As the CREST begins to grow beneath his feet until he is absorbed inside by a red light)-

The CREST finishes its growth spurt as legs fold out along with a feline head. The LION GUARDIAN runs in place to show that its finished its transformation. KOJI quickly docks his SAMURAI STRIKER, already loaded with its GUARDIAN SPINNER into its CONTROL PODIUM. FELIX looks up in surprise for a moment at this sudden change in pace, but quickly charges in front of his three teammates as if to take command in KOJI's sudden absence.

FELIX (Drawing his GUARDIAN CREST with the others)-
R-right! Let's level the playing field!

All four appear in their respective SUMMONING SQUARES placing their GUARDIAN CREST below them as they kneel.

TOGETHER (Drawing the Kido symbol with their SOL-PHONES)-

All four CREST begin to grow, overtaking each RANGER in lights of their respective colors.

FELIX (As DRAGON GUARDIAN begins its transformation)-

SARA (As the TURTLE GUARDIAN begins unfolding)-

ROGER (As the BEAR GUARDIAN sprouts limbs)-

BLAIR (As APE GUARDIAN takes form)-

The LION, BEAR and APE GUARDIANS charge down the streets of SUMMER SPRINGS as the DRAGON and TURTLE GUARDIANS fly just overhead. As they kick up and encompassing cloud of dust they take formation to combine.

KOJI (Drawing a 合 symbol in midair in front of himself)-
FINAL FORMATION! LINK UP! (He slashes the symbol with one last stroke to make it face forward)

The GUARDIANS charge into a sky filled with spiraling clouds where they are overtaken by petals flowing like confetti. Each GUARDIAN begins transformation into its respective MEGAZORD component, which then combine as the SOLAR SABER materializes at its robotic waist. This finished MEGAZORD stands atop a cliff as waves break below and a sun sets behind them.


THE OTHERS (In unison)-

CALAMARI growls from the rooftop as this unfolds.

CALAMARI (Striking his staff against the ground forcefully)-
Insignificant insects! (Motioning to the JUMBO-KAI) Get them!

The JUMBO-KAI charge with weapons raised, but the SOLAR CREST MEGAZORD fends them off easily with its SOLAR SABER. The huge Yokai circle around, but the MEGAZORD charges into the fray, taking two JUMBO-KAI with it. Knocking away its two sparring partners, it begins to slash out into the crowd of enemies, but suddenly four attack with chains, trapping the MEGAZORD's arms and preventing it from protecting itself

CALAMARI (Shouting triumphantly)-
Yes! Yes!

FELIX (As the other JUMBO-KAI begin to take cheap shots against them)-
Yeah! Real original!

Well if they can't play nice-- (Flames begin to spew from what was once LION GUARDIAN's mouth) They'd better take the heat!

The nearby Yokai that were once taking free shots with their spears convulse in pain as they explode into sparks. The MEGAZORD takes advantage of this and grabs the chains wrapped around its forearms and pulls hard, sending the JUMBO-KAI attempting to hold it down flying through the air.

CALAMARI (Crying out in anger)-
No! No!

Let's finish this!

The MEGAZORD swings its SOLAR SABER around in a wide arc to hit all the JUMBO-KAI left to attempt to surround them. Holding up its sword for one final charge, the SOLAR CREST enters the fray as the titanic Yokai charge in from the front. With some well delivered swings the first three are dispatched. With one final slash that could have easily severed a lesser Yokai in two, the final JUMBO-KAI is destroyed.

This isn't over! You may have a few good tricks up your sleeves Samurai, but I've got more!

With that, CALAMARI disappears through a nearby crack in a flash of red.


FELIX, SARA, ROGER and BLAIR walk down the street with KOJI far ahead of the group walking with purpose. FELIX and ROGER appear to be having an argument of some kind.

"Something-Something"? We practiced it like twenty times! There's no way you forgot!

Not bad, Sherlock, but I already told you I'm not shouting "Green Wood Whatever" like an idiot in public!

Green Wood Ranger! And I said if you preferred "Leaf Ranger" or "Tree Ranger" you could say that instead! Besides its not like anyone's going to remember your face anyway, there were monsters everywhere and you had your helmet on for most of it!

That's the thing! I got the short end of the stick as far as that goes! Princey gets to be Fire! Sara's got the whole darn Sky! Blair represents the entire Earth and she's never even been out of the country! What do I get? Some measly little plants!

What's wrong with nature?

Oh yeah! Nature is just great until the bad guys finds out that all they need to beat me is an army of lumberjacks, woodpeckers, and cows!

FELIX (Looking to KOJI for help)-
Go ahead and tell him, my Lord! Tell him that his Kido is just as good as the others!

KOJI (Solemnly, as if he didn't even hear what FELIX just said)-
It was a slaughter out there today.

FELIX (Slightly confused)-
Well I thought we did pretty well, but I wouldn't go that far.

So many human souls lost and it all could have been prevented!

Well what could we have done? We never could have guessed they'd attack innocent civilians to lure us out.

I knew--I should have known-- (Furiously) It's all my fault!

KOJI runs on ahead, gritting his teeth in anger and self-pity.

Your highness!

Without another word, he follows on behind the PRINCE at an equally rapid pace.

ROGER (Putting his arms behind his head)-
This again? (He looks at both SARA and BLAIR who give him a piercing stare) What?

We have to go after them!

ROGER (Dropping his arms to make a passive gesture with his hands)-
Okay, okay! I'm going.

As ROGER runs after KOJI and FELIX, SARA and BLAIR look at each other and smile devilishly. Not long after they silently congratulate each other over the control they have over him, the two pick up their pace to follow the others as well.


ONAGA enters the room to see DON KEMONO sitting at the head of the throne room with CALAMARI sprawling a scroll out before him. Without a word KEMONO fills the scroll with a stream of fog-like Life-Force. The scroll glows and becomes the Yokai warrior TENTANGLER [REFERENCE].

Must you bother our master with reviving every Yokai that was too weak to prevent itself from being killed the first time around? He's barely got enough Life-Force as it is. Couldn't you find a living Yokai to finish the job?

KEMONO (Exploding with anger, expelling fog from every pore)-
No!! We cannot risk the finalization of our plans by taking soldiers from the front lines of this world's ongoing battle. You are right however, this is far too tasking on my Life-Force and our plans for the World of Light cannot proceed. Thus I entrust you with my power, Calamari. Just call it forth and you will have everything you need.

What about you my Lord?

I must rest, hibernate until my power is restored. Then we will claim the World of Light for our own.

You honor me with this gift, I am not worthy.

Too true, watch him my loyal General, make sure he does not bring shame to us again.

In the corner of the room, LAMIA strikes one of the chords of her “Spinal Sitar” shamisen with a finger instead of her pick and KEMONO disappears into a cloud of fog that quickly dissipates. CALAMARI growls at the disgrace he has been forced to endure as ONAGA looks on at TENTANGLER behind him.

ONAGA (Stroking his chin with a condescending tone in his voice)-
Since I'm responsible now for your screw-ups Calamari, I expect you to tell me why you think this handsome puddle of sludge can do what those others couldn't.

I have been researching those five Shining Samurai and I believe the Prince's new disciples may be more green than even we had previously believed.

ONAGA (Haughtily)-
Especially the Green one.

CALAMARI (Satisfied until he realizes ONAGA‘s sarcasm)-
So you have been paying atten-- Oh! You're mocking me again, big surprise! Well anyway, they are clearly unskilled and I assume those humans the Prince assembled are still relying on their R.O.B.E. Suits to keep them alive.

How embarrassing for you.

CALAMARI (No longer listening to ONAGA's insults)-
That is why I have chosen "Tentangler of the Tripwire Tentacles." His arms can travel anywhere so that their R.O.B.E. Suits cannot detect where his attacks will come from next.

With your luck Calamari, I truly doubt that.


FELIX rounds the corner of the house and peers around the courtyard.

I could've sworn I saw him coming this way.

ROGER (Walking up with his arms crossed)-
Well he's definitely not here now.

FELIX (Scratching his chin and turning towards the gates)-
And most of the Ninja Retainers are gone too. That's really weird.

As ROGER looks as if he's about to says something, both of them hear something strange. As they turn around to find out what, they see a mysterious figure in odd armor and carrying a wooden sword running towards them. Both of them panic and flee, whipping around corners and charging down hallways, but their armored foe keeps straight on their tails. They come to a pathway between mansion and a smaller building on the property, prompting them to split, but the mysterious attacker does not hesitate to follow ROGER. FELIX turns and sees what happened and stops in his tracks. The mystery figure continues to pursue and finally manages to sweep ROGER's legs with his weapon, knocking him to the ground painfully. Raising his sword above his head, the figure prepares to finish it just as FELIX appears above him on the roof, quickly leaping down to knock the enigma to his knees. ROGER quickly finds his footing and the two try hold down the writhing armored figure.

SARA (Appearing a ways away with BLAIR)-
What's going on?! (The others stop and look over at the two who have appeared) Ryuujin! What are you wearing?

FELIX (Standing up, with a confused look on his face)-

Without FELIX's weight on him, the armored foe is able to remove his faceless helmet to reveal a head full of long silvery-white hair. Realizing that it really is RYUUJIN, ROGER is so shocked that he falls backwards allowing the figure he was once pinning down the ability to stand.

RYUUJIN (Looking innocently as he rights himself)-
What? You mean this old thing? It's just some training armor I threw together. His highness came around here earlier and said that he was taking the Ninja Retainers to set up an Early-Warning System around the city. He also said that in the meantime I could train you four in swordplay.

That explains where Koji and the ninjas got to, but not why you attacked us.

"Toe-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe" I believe you humans say. You call it attacking, I call it surprise reflex training.

ROGER (Picking himself off the grass and wiping himself off)-
Well unless its training in running for our lives I’d say you're off to a bad start.

RYUUJIN (Rubbing the back of his neck embarrassedly)-
Sorry, I'm new at this. The Prince said he'd be the one training you so didn't have much time to come up with a training regiment, much less a good warm-up.

If you call that a warm-up, I'm scared to see what the actual training will be like.


In a rectangular training area in the center of the courtyard, RYUUJIN and FELIX square off with Kendo-style wooden swords. Not far away BLAIR and SARA do the same as ROGER sits on the sidelines.

Are you sure you do not want to join us for training Master Roger?

ROGER (Waving his arm passively)-
No, no, you idiots go right ahead, I've got to save my energy for basketball practice later anyway.

I thought you would be interested in improving your skills of all people, but if you don't want to I will not force you to.

ROGER (Under his voice, angrily)-
Now he tells me.

RYUUJIN (Scoping out his opponent as they circle each other)-
You have great form Master Felix, have you done this before?

My uncle said that if I'm going to live in his house, I have to at least know basic Kendo. He says its our heritage.

BLAIR and SARA begin to clash. Before long SARA gains the upper hand and BLAIR loses her footing.

SARA (Explaining herself while not watching her opponent)-
Gramps is a sword collector and knows all kinds of stuff so he taught me everything I know about sword fighting.

BLAIR regains her composure and lands a few strikes on her SARA's sword, weakening her defenses before knocking her weapon clean out of her hands.

Don't count me out just yet! I made it to the weapon training in the Taekwondo class I took as an extracurricular. My dad thought it would help me get into a good college (She shrugs to show she's not quite sure about it however).

Wow you're all quite experienced. What about you Master Roger, do you have any experience with a sword?

ROGER (Responding more angrily than was called for)-
I'm plenty good with a sword!

KOJI (From off-screen)-
Prove it.

ROGER jumps to his feet to see KOJI standing behind him casually watching the sparring take place.

How long have you been standing there?

You're back! The Early-Warning System is coming along then?

It may take a few days to complete and although I don't really like them, those servants of yours know their task. If anyone can set up a city-wide alert system without alerting the populous, it's those type of people. I thought I would leave them to it so I could return and check on your training. It seems some are learning more than others.

If you wanna go, we can go! Just name the time and the place.

Here, now. Ryuujin. Felix.

The two in question look at each other for a second and then hand KOJI their swords, who passes one on to ROGER. The two face off and within moments ROGER finds himself pulling himself up off the ground. A few more rounds go by with the same result and ROGER finally throws his sword down in disgust.

This doesn't prove anything! (He looks around at the worried looks of the others and back to KOJI's expressionless face) I've got REAL training to get to.

ROGER turns to leave, but quickly changes his mind and sucker punches his former sparring partner. As KOJI stumbles back in alarm the others rush to his side as ROGER storms out of the courtyard.

I'm so sorry for my brother your highness! He has-- Issues.

KOJI (Checking his nose to see if its bleeding while dryly remarking on Roger's outburst)-
Really? I hadn't noticed.


People walk around casually in a plaza not unlike the one from earlier, although, this one has planters that doubling as benches. From a crack in one of the benches TENTANGLER slithers out in a red glow, alarming only a few people.

TENTANGLER (Chuckling to himself)-
Ah! What a wonderful place to acquire some souls before I find the Makai Prince and his fledgling disciples!

As more witness this terrifying creature, civilians begin to panic and run. TENTANGLER quickly launches his arms out to snake around and trip two teenagers. With his stretched-out arms he grabs them by the ankles and begins reeling them in.

TENTANGLER (Laughing deeper now)-
You humans may be slippery, but no one's more slippery than me!

Some distance away ROGER sees the fleeing civilians and rushes over to the action. Noticing the captured humans he draws his Sol-Phone and is about to call the others before changing his mind.

ROGER (Transforming his MORPHER into STYLUS MODE)-
No time for that now! (He charges in, pressing the tip of his SOL-PHONE's brush to the back of his palm) RISE AND SHINE!

In a flash of green with his 木 symbol appearing midair before him, ROGER charges right through. His inconspicuous R.O.B.E. Suit changes into his RANGER armor instantly. Reflecting this FOOTAGE [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlKn7_UaWBU][REFERENCE][/ame] the GREEN RANGER continues to charge, finally catching TENTANGLER's attention.

TENTANGLER (Letting go of his human victims in surprise)-
Woah! What the--?!

The two begin to clash with ROGER's R.O.B.E. Suit's quick movements preventing several close calls. The GREEN RANGER finally grabs hold of one of TENTANGLER's arms and the two struggle to gain the upper hand in their side-to-side wrestling match.

ROGER (Holding on despite his foe's struggling)-
Who are you supposed to be, the Bogeyman? Or would "booger" be more appropriate?

TENTANGLER (Sounding oddly calm throughout this encounter)-
Ah, you must be the witty one of your team! Ha (Despite his laughter he does not seem particularly amused).

ROGER (Finally turning the tables and facing his foe)-
Yeah (Slashing his foe), and you'll find out soon enough that my wit's not the only thing about me that's sharp--(He's launched into the air by an uppercut from TENTANGLER's club-like fist) Peaugh!

The GREEN RANGER lands hard on the plaza's hard tile. He grabs his helmet and cries out in pain.

ROGER (Squirming to return to his feet)-
Augh! My face! Thanks for protecting me, freaking R.O.B.--!

TENTANGLER (Growling in suddenly growing impatience)-
Enough chatter! Time for my "Sucker Punch Special"! (He launches one of his stretching arms into the ground where it explodes through the tile and begins burrowing through the dirt below) Ha-ha, where will my attack come from, Green Ranger, can you guess?

The GREEN RANGER looks around trying to pinpoint where the snaking sucker punch will arrive from only for the elusive attack to explode out from below his feet, knocking him into the air once more. ROGER collides with a tree and falls to the ground painfully.

TENTANGLER (Laughing devilishly without pulling his subterranean tentacle from the ground)-
Hehe-he, R.O.B.E. Suit can't detect it huh? You're fighting blind, greenhorn!

The Yokai plunges his fist into the dirt once more, burrowing further for a second subterranean strike.

ROGER (Pulling himself from the hard ground once more, panting hard)-
Who're you calling green, you snot--!

The fist explodes out from under him once more, launching the GREEN RANGER into the air as the fist recoils and explodes out from the ground again just as he hit's the ground once more. ROGER barely manages to dodge the next two sucker punches as the final strike lays him out painfully. He tries once again to stand up and continue the fight, but quivers from his painful attempts.

TENTANGLER (Slamming one of his club-like fists into a tree)-
To think those before me didn't even make it this far, you're so weak I should just put you out of your--

KOJI (Shouting from off-screen)-
Think fast!

TENTANGLER turns in surprise as the RED RANGER flies in from his left, hitting the ground swinging. With some choice blows from his SAMURAI STRIKER, KOJI knocks his foe from his feet. He turns around as the BLUE, PINK and YELLOW RANGERS run up around the collapsed GREEN RANGER.

KOJI (Barking out orders with princely poise)-
Sara, Blair helps those civilians! Felix, you're on distraction duty! Full Retreat Maneuver!

TENTANGLER (Getting to his feet and roaring savagely)-
No one's going anywhere (He plunges a bulbous fist back into the tile)!

The RED RANGER jumps back as if sensing that an attack is coming from his immediate front, but it is too little to late as the sensed strike sends him reeling.

ROGER (Uncharacteristically shouting out before he can stop himself)-

The RED RANGER tries to use his STRIKER to help himself up, but remains floored as TENTANGLER arrogantly beats his fists together.

Even the mighty Prince of all Makai cannot stand before my might. How sad (He shakes his fist), I was hoping for some entertainment!

FELIX (Raising his SAMURAI STRIKER to eye level)-
Sorry, no encores! (He spins his DRAGON SPINNER on his weapon's hilt, consuming it with spiraling clear blue fluid) SAMURAI STRIKE, STORM BREAKER!

The BLUE RANGER slides across the ground, bringing along with him a wave that covers his teammates with a veil of water. As soon as the wave breaks the RANGERS and the civilians they were protecting have vanished into thin air.

TENTANGLER (Looking around, confused)-
Whaat?! Where'd they go! (He drops his arms in exhaustion with his voice becoming cracked and hollow) Oh-- crud-- Life Force waning. Better go back and-- Recharge (He disappears through a nearby crack in a blur of red light).


The YELLOW and PINK RANGERS tend to the injured teens they rescued, quickly patching up their injured legs.

That should do it, you think you can walk on that?

TEEN #1-

BLAIR (Showing concern)-
You sure?

TEEN #2 (Butting in before his friend can speak, with feverish enthusiasm)-
Oh yeah, you guys have done enough. Thanks a lot.

The two young men help each other to limp away smiling to themselves giddily.

TEEN #2-
You see that? Real Power Rangers! Who knew?

The PINK and YELLOW RANGERS turn around to where KOJI is standing behind FELIX looking over ROGER's injuries some distance away. SARA's R.O.B.E. suits vanishes in an explosion of tiny pink 天's and walks over. BLAIR also quickly de-morphs in a burst of yellow 土's.

SARA (Pushing FELIX aside somewhat aggressively)-
Here let me see him.

FELIX (A little put out by being casually pushed aside)-
Wait, Sara!

SARA (Giving him a death glare)-
Which one of us had to take that three-week First Aid course, hmm?

ROGER (Growing angrier by being babied like this)-
Shut up, both of you. I don't need your help now and I didn't need it before. All of you and these freaking spandex pajamas are all getting in the way. Can't you turn off the human-marionette feature already?

Only good disciples are rewarded, and if today is any indication, you are just the opposite of that.

ROGER (Indignantly)-

You didn't contact us when you encountered a Yokai, if not for the Early-Warning System already being completed in this area, you'd be dead. Also, you punched me, in my face. I'll only activate the R.O.B.E. Inhibitor for those who prove themselves to be worthy.

So you do have something like that--


TENTANGLER stands in the middle of a chamber with his arms outstretched as Life-Force flows into him in the form of a smoky haze. As his color returns he sighs in relief.

I have instilled you with enough Life Force to defeat those pesky fools. If you complete that task, there's a lot more where that came from.

TENTANGLER (Stretching out his body as if to test his new power)-
The things I do to get my life back.


ROGER (Still arguing)-
There were people in trouble, it's not like I had time to contact you.

So they could die for your ego? (His SOL-PHONE rings and he puts it to his ear) Hello? Okay. Okay. That didn't take long, okay thanks. (He hangs up his phone and puts it back in his pocket) Ryuujin says that Yokai from before disappeared off the map, but now he's back.

Then we should get out there.

But we can't just leave Rog' here.

ROGER (Straightening up and smiling as if his injuries are completely gone)-
Don't worry about me, I'm right behind you.

The others look at KOJI unsure if they should really just leave.

Babysitting can wait, that green guy and I have a score to settle. (Looking down at ROGER who appears slightly confused) The other green guy.

ROGER mutters to himself angrily as the others take off and leave him behind. As soon as they are around the corner ROGER makes an attempt to stand with painful results. Nonetheless he keeps at it and eventually makes it to his feet although he still has some difficulty standing on his own.

ROGER (Panting from the strain as he talks to himself)-
Who am I kidding? I can't fight in this condition. I'm no use to anyone-- Of course with my suit on, I wouldn't have to worry about that. If only there was some way to keep it on without losing control!

In his anger ROGER slams a bandaged fist into the alley wall. While grimacing in pain from his poorly-timed outburst, his eyes suddenly widen with realization.


KOJI, FELIX, SARA and BLAIR run in, finding a large crowd of PYRO-KAI attacking humans. They look around, but there is no sign of TENTANGLER.

Where is that guy? The Sentry Wards definitely picked up his reading earlier.

We've still got a job to do, these guys mean business.

Right, let's finish these little guys off fast and find the big one! (They each draw their SOL-PHONES and press a button, which in a flash causes their R.O.B.E. Suits to return to their default mode) CALL TO ARMS!

They each transform their MORPHERS into STYLI the lift their Kido symbols from their wrists and slash them out before themselves like a blade. The symbols glow and quickly encompass their bodies, transforming them into their Ranger armor instantly. The RED RANGER opens the SOL SPINNER holder on his belt and pulls out two disks, his LION SPINNER and his THUNDER SPINNER [REFERENCE].

These should help even the odds. (He places his LION SPINNER on the hilt of his sword) Okay, everyone use your Sol Spinners so we don’t waste too much time on these guys! Okay, Cut Loose!

They all charge in, causing the PYRO-KAI to notice them before they can consume any souls. In a fight scene reflected by this FOOTAGE [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FZEZsyaEnc][REFERENCE][/ame] the RED RANGER strikes down two PYRO-KAI as he enters the crowd before spinning the disk on his SAMURAI STRIKER, which reflects the image of the LION GUARDIAN running on its mirrored hilt.

KOJI (As his STRIKER becomes consumed with fire)-

The RED RANGER brings around a trail of fire behind his swinging blade, before slashing it in a perfect horizontal strike which explodes outward with showering flames. This fiery technique hits a crowd of PYRO-KAI hard and leaves behind several still-burning flames on their convulsing bodies.

FELIX (Spinning his DRAGON SPINNER, covering his weapon in water once more)-

The BLUE RANGER twirls his liquid-coated blade in a circular motion before grabbing it by both hands and swinging it with all of his might. Released from his blade, a crescent-shaped shock-wave tears through a crowd of PYRO-KAI. Following closely behind, a cascade of water finishes them off.

SARA (Spinning her TURTLE SPINNER to consume her weapon in a vortex of wind and light)-

The PINK RANGER twirls her wind-encased STRIKER in front of herself for a moment before swinging it in an upward arc. A shining pink gale knocks her opponents from their feet.

BLAIR (Spinning her APE SPINNER, which coats her blade in a cloud of sand and stone)-

The YELLOW RANGER lowers her weapon to arc it in front of her body momentarily before launching a powerful vertical slash. The shock-wave released from her weapon nearly cleaves the very ground beneath her foes in two, kicking up a geyser of sand and dirt. Not far away, the RED RANGER lifts up his THUNDER DISK and places it on his weapon.

KOJI (Lifting his weapon up dramatically)-
And now the shocking conclusion! (He spins the gray disk on his STRIKER which releases a static charge across the tip of his sword before growing into a storm of lightning bolts) SAMURAI STRIKE! THUNDER STORM!

The RED RANGER swings his sword forward, but stops mid-swing as electricity launches off it like lightning. The bolt tears through the last of the PYRO-KAI finishing them off.

KOJI (Looking around to confirm victory and finally rallying his troops)-
Okay, I'll just call Ryuujin to see if he can still locate that monster. Hopefully it's still close enough to track.

TENTANGLER (In a booming voice that seems to come from everywhere)-
Closer than you think! (He bursts out from the ground beneath their feet, sending the four RANGERS flying in different directions) Nice ambush huh? (He waits for a response, but draws his own conclusion anyway) I thought you'd like it.

The RED RANGER manages to perch himself on his sword as the others attempt to stand.

KOJI (Struggling painfully)-
The element of surprise wears off after a while. How long can you keep this up?

TENTANGLER (Arrogantly chuckling to himself)-
Longer than you.

TENTANGLER raises his arms high and quickly launches a flurry of punches, making the best of his stretching tentacle-like arms. Each blow counters their attempts to stand, often knocking them down just as they try. The Yokai cackles as his attack both weakens his foes and prevents them from staging a counterattack.

ROGER (Shouting from off-screen)-

TENTANGLER's attack comes to an abrupt end although the RANGERS before him are too injured to take advantage this. Looking up, he spots the GREEN RANGER standing atop a wall.

TENTANGLER (Sounding miffed)-
Trying to pick a fight? Who do you think you are?

Although lacking the banner background he previously had ROGER mimics his pose from his previous introduction, twirling his Samurai Striker in front of himself with force before bringing it behind his back with his other hand forward as if to beckon his enemies.

ROGER (As he brings his sword forward again to trace its length with his fingers)-
Rising Sun! Green Wood Ranger!

The GREEN RANGER jumps off the planter and charges into battle with no sign of injury. The RED RANGER perches himself up on his SAMURAI STRIKER in urgency.

What are you doing?! (ROGER stops in his tracks) Just because your suit lets you keep fighting doesn't mean you injuries are gone. If you keep fighting you'll die! Just run!

Before the GREEN RANGER can respond, a club-like fist comes out of nowhere and slams him into the planter he just leapt from. It doesn't take long for another fist to explode from the ground and knock ROGER from his feet.

ROGER (Coughing in pain and gasping for breath)-
Can't run-- Suit making me-- Keep fighting (He is struck once more by TENTANGLER's fists)--ERK!

KOJI (Pleading, but also trying to bargain)-
If I activate the release, will you promise to run?

BLAIR (Fretting as ROGER collapses and is unable to respond)-
There's no time, just do it!

The GREEN RANGER begins to twitch as the inhibitor's release gives command over to him and he pushes himself up on one arm. TENTANGLER, not about to let this happen, pushes both arms deeper underground, but before they can burst out and silence their silenced target the GREEN RANGER suddenly jumps to his feet and plunges his SAMURAI STRIKER into the concrete. TENTANGLER cries out in pain and tries to recoil his arms, but cannot.

ROGER (Laughing to himself)-
You idiot, you know how easy it is to hear your attacks coming with one ear to the ground? (He turns to the RED RANGER) And you! I can't believe you fell for that. I'm hurt, but I'd die before I let this guy trash me.

KOJI (Angry and slightly confused)-
Why you--! You should have run!

Oh I'll run all right, circles around this guy that is. (He turns back to TENTANGLER) You! Snot-for-brains! We're going to have a race! When I say go, I'll run and you have your arms chase me. If I can get away, you let me friends go, but if you catch me, well... We can start where you left off last time.

TENTANGLER (Desperation turning into determination)-
Heh, so you realize that the second you release me you'll be back on the defensive! Alright, I'll play your little game!

The GREEN RANGER quickly pulls his sword from the ground and turns around, dropping into a runner's starting stance to match the footage here [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q56OIjhivO0][REFERENCE][/ame]. He breathes heavily, his wounds starting to affect him, but he shows no signs of giving up.

ROGER (Lifting his head with determination)-

With that he charges off, with TENTANGLER's arms not far behind, bursting from the ground in an attempt to take out his legs, but never quite catching him. ROGER charges with reckless abandon, pausing only to turn his head and check on the progress of his foe.

TENTANGLER (With genuine surprise)-
Not bad! (He plunges his arms deeper in an attempt to increase his speed)

The GREEN RANGER quickly rounds a corner and down a hall with the Tripwire Tentacles of his foe not far behind, exploding out and chasing him before diving back underground to gain the upper hand. Without stopping ROGER launches himself from a ledge on to a tarp-covered construction device which breaks his fall. As he rolls from the well-placed padding, TENTANGLER's fist dives right into it and sets off a large explosion. ROGER rounds another corner to a wider corridor, diving around columns which do little to slow the encroaching arms.

TENTANGLER (Turning to discover his foe has arrived behind him)-
Trying a sneak attack--! Not on my watch (He thrusts his arms deeper)!

ROGER (Realizing he hasn't won yet)-
Oh cru--(He attempts to dive away from the fist, but a blur of red stops it in it's tracks)!

The RED RANGER holds down the arms with his sword with all of his might to ROGER's surprise.

Get out of here! You'll ruin it!

KOJI finally knocks away the powerful fist only for the other to burst from the ground. The second punch launches the RED RANGER right into the column behind them, knocking the GREEN RANGER aside in the process. ROGER makes a quick recovery and is back on his feet despite sounds of incredible pain.

I told you!

Before he can say anything more, the GREEN RANGER is on the run again from TENTANGLER's free fist. Cart-wheeling over his opponent, he holds him in place as TENTANGLER is struck by the fist that was meant for ROGER. Even though he had dived away, the RANGER doesn't go far.

Heh, stop hitting yourself!

TENTANGLER (Growling with anger)-
You'll pay for that-- (He attempts to pull his stretched arms from the ground only to find that ROGER's acrobatic running has left them snaked around corners and columns so that they cannot budge)!! What--? No!

ROGER (Relaxing slightly)-
Now that I've got you trapped and a weapon free, I'll claim my victory!

The GREEN RANGER draws his BEAR SPINNER from his belt and places it on his STRIKER. Spinning it, his weapon becomes consumed with a vortex of glowing green leaves. He spreads his arms wide as a vortex develops around his body as well and slowly lifts his weapon.

ROGER (Preparing to charge his trapped opponent)-
SAMURAI STRIKE! (Slashing TENTANGLER with a horizontal blow) LEAF STORM!

TENTANGLER becomes surrounded by leaves as ROGER flies past and the Yokai finally explodes in defeat. On the other side, the GREEN RANGER swings his weapon one last time as his foe is reduced to cinders. Suddenly, the YELLOW, PINK and BLUE RANGERS leap in to join him.

Wow, you did it!

FELIX (Pacing before the other three with arms crossed)-
Well I guess he saved us for what it's worth (ROGER knocks him gently with his STRIKER in retaliation).


CALAMARI (Furious, but with resolve)-
Curse those brats! Hyakki Yakō!


TENTANGLER explodes to skyscraper height in a burst of flames, howling loudly in sudden rebirth with the volume of several demonic voices. ROGER draws his GUARDIAN CREST and SOL-PHONE quickly.

ROGER (Appearing in his respective SUMMONING SQUARE)-
Don't worry guys, leave him to me! BEAR GUARDIAN! RISE AND SHINE!

ROGER's GUARDIAN grows large and transforms, drawing him inside in the process, but the RED RANGER is already prepared for them and drawing the Kido symbol for FINAL FORMATION in the cockpit of his LION GUARDIAN.

KOJI (Spinning the symbol)-
Don't even think about leaving us out again! LINK UP! (LION GUARDIAN begins transformation into FINAL FORMATION)

ROGER (Grasping his CONTROL PODIUM as his GUARDIAN begins transforming with the others)-
Hey! I said I could take him! Come on!

The other GUARDIANS come together and the combined result pulls its samurai helmet over its head to complete its transformation.

TOGETHER (Minus a sulking ROGER)-

Before much further posing can be done, TENTANGLER launches a brown, slimy mass from his mouth, but the MEGAZORD protects itself with its CYCLONE SHIELD. The Yokai's repeated attacks do little to slow the SOLAR CREST, which presses onward despite the explosions created from TENTANGLER's onslaught.

TENTANGLER (Bringing his arms up in preparation for his attack)-
Just because you've brought your machines together doesn't mean you're a team! (He launches his fists underground into the streets below) Take this!

The snaking arms begin to travel beneath the surface and the RANGERS inside the cockpit look on in surprise.

Oh no, not this again.

The MEGAZORD puts away its SHIELD and raises its weapon above its head. The GREEN RANGER turns to KOJI to speak.

Hey, you gotta listen to his attacks coming from underground.

He knows that!

How's anyone supposed to hear anything with you guys around?

Suddenly one fist bursts out from the ground before them and the other one from a building behind, but the RED RANGER has already determined this and the MEGAZORD leaps into the air.

Hey, how did you--?!

The SOLAR CREST's blade flies like a blur and leaves TENTANGLER's arms fist-less stumps. What's left of their foe cries out as he pulls his severed arms from the ground. Taking their chance the RANGERS draw their weapons from their CONTROL PODIUMS and the MEGAZORD responds by lowering it's SOLAR SABER in front of itself in preparation for their final attack. Sparks begin to rain from a suddenly darkened sky as TENTANGLER howls in pain and fear of the oncoming strike. The MEGAZORD arcs its blade in a circle which obtains a ghostly liquid-energy trail. The MEGAZORD grips its weapon with two hands and the RANGERS inside do the same.

TOGETHER (As the final Kido symbols appears before them)-
POWER OF FIVE! (They swing all at once and the SOLAR CREST does the same) SHINING SABER!

The afterimage of the SOLAR SABER's shining attack tears through TENTANGLER and the YOKAI collapses backwards as the sparks stop raining from the sky. The MEGAZORD turns to strike its Kabuki pose once more as the Yokai behind them falls to the Earth and goes out in one last blaze of glory.

The curtain falls one more time.


FELIX and SARA support ROGER under their arms with BLAIR and KOJI close by. The injured member of their group looks indignant although he says nothing about the support.

SARA (In a motherly yet condescending tone)-
Careful Felix, we don't want him to get banged up because you're too careless.

I've got him, okay?

BLAIR (Thinking aloud perhaps)-
Won't you miss basketball practice, bro?

ROGER (With a smug look, although not much more smug than usual)-
Those guys can survive without me. You guys on the other hand I have to keep an eye on.

FELIX and BLAIR don't find this very funny, but ROGER and SARA begin to crack up. Feeling somewhat like the butt of the joke, FELIX looks around nervously to catch KOJI smiling to himself.

FELIX (Turning to SARA quickly and whispers to her quite loudly)-
Did you see that? The Prince just smiled.

SARA (Stopping short of her giggling as if this is a matter of life and death)-
What, really?! At something Roger said? That's crazy.

KOJI (Becoming somewhat cross in response to this whispering)-
Come on, I can hear you. You don't have to talk like I'm not here.

ROGER (Sighing and then shaking his head)-
You get used to it.


In an ornate oriental room, a man sits, writing a letter by candlelight. The low flicker of this manner of lighting makes it difficult to accurately discern this room's exact location or contents, much less many of the features of this man himself. Despite this lack of proper lighting it is clear he has graying hair and a beard.

MAN WITH FAMILIAR VOICE (In voice-over to narrate his writing although actually he says nothing)-
Thanks for the letter, Felix. It seems things have become quite interesting in my absence. I’m sorry I cannot return just yet or tell you exactly what I’m doing, but hopefully what I have enclosed makes up for it. Love, your favorite uncle, Kabuki.

KABUKI finishes writing and looks over at something on the table next to where he is writing. It is a circular device contained in a large amount of paper in a box as if it has just been mailed from somewhere or is to be mailed. As the candlelight flickers, its exact identity becomes clear as the BEETLE SPINNER [REFERENCE].

KABUKI smiles to himself as he folds up his letter and puts it in the box with the orange SPINNER. He finally lifts the lid and slides it over the box, causing the screen to fade to black.


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