Mini-Pla/Model Kit Shinken-Oh & Gosei Great, Black Versions


Black Version
I apologize for some of the pics, my camera has just not been cooperating at all. But here are my latest paintjobs:


KuroOrigami in emblem mode

KuroOrigami in animal mode


Black GoseiMachines

Gosei Great Black Version

The high kick test: passed

Shinkenger vs. Goseiger preview

Once you go black...


Those are kickass pics.
I hope I can paint as good as you. :sweat:


punishment in the form of food.
That looks really great! Good job!

Man... they really should've released a Black and Gold Version of Shinken Oh.


Black Version
I use Tamiya spray paints to do the main colors (metallic black, mica silver, light gunmetal, and gold) and then Gundam markers (black, gold, silver, chrome silver) to do highlights and details.

I also tend to do multiple light spray coats on anything that's being painted a drastically different color, and I usually mask off anything that's going to act as a joint or connector-- a few layers of paint can make it nigh-impossible to snap stuff together without breaking it.