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  • Howdy! Were you getting a bunch of crap from people? I was surprised and worried when I couldn't PM you the other day. Anyway, everything ok?
    Thanks for looking at my drawings. I am redesigning the belt a bit and reinforcing the PEZ theme like you suggested. I'll send you a link to some updated drawings in a whiiiiiiile, if you wouldn't mind taking another look. Is that ok?
    maybe i haven't really put too much thought towards characters yet i think we should focus on setting and BG first, I'm not saying its a bad idea, i just think we need to prioritize, but i think its a decent sub plot
    so about the fanfic, maybe i could give more to it, i got a idea for the main female role, her name would be named after the mona lisa, and throughout the series the main rider has a crush on her and tries to win her over, he will eventually win her when he saves her with the introduction of his final form.

    so what do you think of that sub-storyline?
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