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The Emperor of the Last Empire
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The Story
After the defeat of Chimatsuri Doukoku, the Shinkengers parting ways and drama start to happen. Mako met a man named Shotaro Hidari and fall in love with him, but her parents want her to marry a man named Sokichi Narumi. Ryunosuke returns to become a kabuki actor, but he got knocked out and faint. He then wakes up and found himself in France, meeting with Genta, who now owns a huge restaurant.

Chiaki tries to confess his feeling toward Kotoha, but found out that she is dating a man named Tsukasa Kadoya, which angered her sister, Mitsuba because of the man's arrogant manners.

As for Takeru, a man named Nazmi "Nazm" Ameer met him and tell him that Gedoushou are going to join force with a lot of enemies (Dopants, Fangires, Jakast, Yuumaju, Gaiark, etc.). The man then asked him to join forces together. Because of his arrogant to any strangers, Takeru ignored the man.

As for the Gedoushou, they did join forces with other villains and attack a city nearby. Takeru fights them alone as he got badly injured by them. The other Shinkengers, Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider Skull and another mysterious figure in suit, named Saito appear and brings him back to the Shiba House.

Nazm then revealed events that happened to the generation before them; the same thing that happened in the present. Shinkengers defeated Chimatsuri Doukoku and sunk the Rokumon Junk, Kamen Rider W defeated Utopia Dopant and prevented the Gaia Impact from happening, Decade managed to restore most of the dying worlds. All of the present events are just a repetition occurs because an orb had shattered before and cause things to repeat for the next generation, except for Nazm's as his father was protected from the blast occured from the shatters.

They then agreed to join forces along with other heroes out there. The Shinknegers are then leaved to protect their place. The drama becomes heavier and heavier.

Takeru met a girl, Tsunade who is actually a Gedou. She is known by other Gedoushou as Dayuu's daughter because of her ability to calm down a lot of Ayakashi. The girl then defect on Gedoushou as she tells the Shinkengers about the villains' next move. They are going to resurrect some of the dangerous monsters ever lived (Doukoku, Robogog, Utopia Dopant, Kamen Rider CORE).

Takeru then falls in love with the girl. Kotoha sees this as she becomes jealous of them. She actually love her lord so much, but could not say it out loud as she is a shy girl. She then gets a mental breakdown and started to become wild.

As for Mako, she still can't choose between her loves one or her parents' order. To make matter worse, Sokichi is Shotaro's boss in detective agency and because of respect, Shotaro didn't tell his boss about his feelings.

Years have past as the Shinkengers had married. Takeru had married Tsunade and have a son and a daughter both named Takeru Jr and Kotono respectively. Mako is married to Sokichi, with Shotaro went missing after the wedding. A man named Terui Ryu had to take the mantle of Kamen Rider W. Kotoha is forced to marry her adopted cousin named Ray (he is Rayonix) by Mitsuba for his adultery act with Tsukasa, causing her to pregnant. Mitsuba then kills the baby inside the womb to make sure there is no trace Tsukasa.

A Greeed, Mezool appears in front of Tanba and put a Cell Medal into his head, letting out a nest of Yummy. Tanba still hate Takeru for being a Shinken Red when he does not came from Shiba family. He then instigates the other existing non-Shinken Red Shiba family members and wage war toward Takeru. He also captured Kaoru, Ryuunosuke, Chiaki, Mako and Kotoha as another Greeed, Kazari inserts Cell Medals into their head, turning them into Shinkenger-based Yummy and attacks Takeru.

Takeru is forced to hide somewhere in Malaysia as he and Genta recruited new Shinkengers; Kusari Todoroki (Shinken Black), Hanabi Hyuuga (Shinken Orange) and Josh de Reich (Shinken Clear). The sub-war of Shiba and Takeru's Shinkenger has begun.

Nazm then state that the world has to be split up into two to prevent the repetition from happening again...

(There will be two endings for each world)

Ending 1: Affliate Version
Chimatsuri Doukoku has been revived and he sets his revenge on the Shinkengers. He then lead the Gedoushou to attack a city.

With the help of Kamen Rider OOO, the original Shinkengers are saved. They then fights the Gedoushou.

Nazm had opened the crack the lead to the Sanzu River as he and all other heroes goes inside to confront Doukoku first. In the midst of the fight, the Gedoushou leader is managed to be defeated by Takeru's blade struck into his chest.

Doukoku gains his second life as a lot of robots are sent to defeat him. He then possesses Takeru and fights the original Shinkengers as Gedou Shinken Red. Nazm and the other heroes are struggling at the villains' reinforcement has come.

Takeru managed to get his sense back as he tells Kotoha to stab him in order to prevent Doukoku from taking over his body forever. She do as he told after a lot of talks.

Takeru dies on Kotoha's lap as she cries. She then vows to fight the villains to the end...

Ending 2: WAR Version
The sub-war become worsen as a new dark heroes group are formed. The dark heroes then trap a lot of heroes into their own virtual world and fight them to the death.

Takeru stated that they have to move to the other country as it is no longer safe for them to stay there. His team then split up with Takeru runs with his family.

He is then cornered by Kamen Rider Den-O Wing, Chiaki and Kotoha as both Takeru and Tsunade fights them. His children run away from the fight.

The husband and wife is then killed in the fight. Kotoha manages to regain her self back as she is shock to see Takeru. She kneels down and cry until the sun rise...

So, this is it. My style of Come Back Shinkenger. This is also my ideas for my future fanfics. Please review this, okay?


some good ideas in there, others sitting a little uncomfortable with me (like ryu becoming w, and philip's absence in the formation of a 2-in-1 kamen rider), in my very own opinion. and now i see where you wanted to stuff shinkensilver in lol. honestly, i feel that you should keep these ideas and develop them separately, coz now there are too many crossovers and it's a bit hard to handle if it's in one story, along with the ocs.

(also ryuu disappears after the first paragraph lol)

so yea, it is a good pool of ideas, and now you'll need to decide what to do with them.


I liked him when he wasn't a god
I like some of your ideas but the rest is a bit ... strange. Why would Takeru marry a Gedou? How can he have children with her (unless she's a "half-Gedou" like Juuzou and went into the Sanzu River while she was still alive.) Why would he run away to Malaysia, why would Mitsuba try to kill her sister's baby, etc. etc. None of those things really fit in with what we know about the characters


The Emperor of the Last Empire
i can tell you that, people WILL change as days goes by...

Takeru's love story have a bit the same situation with Otoya's. Yes, Tsunade is Half-Gedou. Takeru run away so that he can hide his family from upcoming dangers. Mitsuba doesn't want to have any relationship with Tsukasa...

any questions?


Minato Ascending
Your ideas are interesting, but it doesn't seemed to fit the characters that we have come to know in the series imo.

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