Last November, Raw Fury announced that their open beta for their upcoming ‘West of Dead’ would be available for February 14, 2020. Thankfully the game’s open beta launched Friday as planned, and players can now partake in the event. However, the open beta is currently available on the Xbox One and on PC through Steam. Furthermore, ‘West of Dead’ Open Beta is set to close on Monday, February 24.

The game is an American gothic action, fast-paced, cover-based, twin-stick shooter set in the old west of Purgatory, Wyoming, 1888. Players get to play as William Mason (voiced by Ron Perlman), a Ghost Rider-like cowboy that vanquishes demons and witches. Like most twin-stick shooters, players will be put their skills to the test. Players will have to find cover, dodge attacks, and outwit enemies to bring peace to the west!


Nevertheless, fans that own the Xbox One, or avidly play on PC should try the game as soon as possible. Also, for those interested to learn more about Raw Fury’s ‘West of Dead,’ please check out the game’s official website. Furthermore, the game is scheduled to release on Playstation 4 too. However, the Playstation 4 open beta has not been announced nor confirmed, so please stay tuned for further details.