Writing a letter to Demi Lovato- any ideas?

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Ok guys, I've been planning to do this but can't get started. you see, this is about my plan to write to Demi Lovato. not a fan letter, but as a Friendship letter. So, I'm going to get all the help needed for her to trust me and be her pen pal. (The reason for this is because I want to befriend her since I understand all she been through, and she'll need a friend who understands her hardships.)

So guys, what should I write to Demi for her to befriend me and gain her trust? any do's and don'ts? should I write just her full name on the envelope when it's time to send it? (Because I fear that it'll end up in the wrong hands.) wish me luck guys!

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Yeah, that. It'll come off incredibly stalkerish and I'm sure she already has friends that can sympathize with her.

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Probably not a good idea. I'm sure you have the best intentions in mind but you'll never get a response and trying to befriend a celebrity through a letter isn't going to work and will, as Keith said, come of stalkerish and creepy.
Yeah....no. It's not a good idea.

She may think that you're stalking her, knowing that she's suffering from having bipolar and was entered in rehab for that. I can understand why you want to writing a letter to her, but no.

It's not a good idea to writing a letter to her. It's very weird for you wanting to befriend with a celebrity that you don't know very well. You'd have to be her friend in a real life, you know?

I'm sure you have the good intentions in heart. But, don't do it. It's for your own good. Please don't writing a friendship letter to her. It's very strange and very creepy.

I do hope you will do heed my advice. :hmm:

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I'm looking forward to the day when she opens the letter and reports you to her agent.
Good luck being arrested for stalking. :thumbs:

What, you can't get A REAL girlfriend so you'll just settle with writing a stalkerish letter to some Disney cashcow?

Your letter would probably land you in court, so my advice is to quit your Disney obsession,, get a job, and get a bloody boy/girlfriend.

As for the penpal thing, they have websites for making penpals.


You shouldn't do this period. You already come off as creepy about these girls on HJU. I can only imagine what that person would think reading a letter coming from you.


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Ok, I got this do's and don'ts from a friend of mine.

DON'T tell her that you're a big fan.
DON'T start off with your purpose. Instead, incorporate it into your letter midway.
DON'T be straightforward.
DON'T make it short, but DON'T make it too long.

>>Observe proper spelling and grammar.
>>Be courteous? I don't know, I guess that'll work.
>>Be subtle.
>>Make it of decent length. 3 paragraphs will do, I guess.
>>Pray that you'll succeed.

By the way, some say I should, some say I shouldn't. and besides, Demi's legal. so what should I do?


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Just write SK a good letter and he'll give you a good time... Love you long time buddy... :169:



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She's going through a Nympho phase, and arnoldmcguire335 wants to get in on it... :169:


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She has been in rehab recently

What makes you so sure she'll even read it, anyway? She must have staff to open the post for her, and if they see anything inappropriate (such as complete random strangers writing to her wanting to be her friend) they report it to the police. It won't make a difference whether or not you write her full name on the front.
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