Marc Guggenheim Writing Script For Potential Jackpot Movie

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Jun 20, 2012
It’s about time, right? Everyone’s been wondering when the comic book character Jackpot was going to get her own movie. Well, that time may finally arrive, if Sony Pictures likes the script that comic book writer Marc Guggenheim is currently crafting for them.
Yeah…we know. You have no idea who this is. Here’s what’s actually going on: Sony is currently raiding the Marvel IP catalog for every single character in the Spider-Man universe, and drafting up movie treatments for each of them. No matter how insignificant, or how few issues the character’s been in, you can generally assume Sony’s considering their own movie right now.
Jackpot is the super-moniker of Sara Ehret, a young mother who gained superpowers from her own gene therapy research. She actually got the injection WHILE pregnant, and fortunately her kid suffered no ill side effects...

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