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  • JSF, I called you a morally bankrupt goalpost shifter months back when we were arguing. That was out of line of me to say that, you're not. I'm sorry I said that. Have a happy holiday and New Year.
    It's all good man. Water under the bridge. Thanks for the comment, I also apologize if I offended you in some way, shape or form. I've been wrong on a lot of things before, but I'm quite grateful I was. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here today with the kind of mentality I have now. Sorry this reply was late, the forum was down for awhile, and I just got back on it
    At the moment I don't think I'll be able to but maybe some time in the next few months I'll be able to.
    Hey, I'm down to do the art for your Kamen Riders if you're interested. Not sure if it'll be to your liking but I'll do my best and just message me your character descriptions.
    What chapter is that? I don't even remember anymore. But I'm very glad you're enjoying it. Once I finish GAIEA and Dinoman I think I will repost it on HJU and clean it up a bit. As for non fan-related stuff, do you mean a non-toku story? I haven't actually. Not much comes to mind right now.

    By the way, do you use AIM or MSN? Perhaps we could have easier conversations there.
    Yes, I remember you commenting in that thread. I appreciate the input.

    Any edit of Hell Rider probably won't be for a while, so for now enjoy what I put out (my "first edition" you could say).

    I asked Lynxara to read it over a few years ago and she said that the script-format made it a bit clunky to get through. I was used to writing that way for an RPG series I had participated in, but for my other fics I used the typical "novel" format.
    Thanks, it was my first attempt at fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. I still have intentions to release an second edit of it (Nothing too drastic, just a few small changes in dialogue, music and the way Ben and Kenta met. And restructure the writing in a non-script format and more like my other fics.)

    Check out my three Sentai fics as well if you're interested. I just released Ch. 12 of Dinoman and am working on Ch. 12 of GAIEA.
    hey, whats happenin'
    Life isnt exactly shining bright over here. So much to deal with besides work now.
    Guess thats what it means to be growing up :/

    How's things goin at your end?
    XP Naw it's cool I got banned, and then un banned.....I sorta have to never do anything wrong again X3 so when people try to start crap i just shrug it off X3
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