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  • I did! Thanks! <3 I work two library jobs now, though one is focused on Children's Reference and the other is high school circulation desk. It's just... all sorts of crazy lol
    Ohhh...That sucks. I saw movies like that even before Power Rangers. Godzilla, Gamera, King Kong, Reptilicus, The Kraken, Giant Claw etc...
    Ha, that looks really inventive, thanks for pointing the way. I've been reading and really enjoying comics more lately, so I'll probably give this one a look.
    Ha. I was in and out of Tupelo in about three hours. My friend's roomate's friend works at the theater and was able to get us in a few hours after the original airing. We threw him a few bucks for getting us in. I would've went to the 7:30 screening, but I didn't get out of work until 7:00.

    Annnnyway, that sucks you had one of THOSE guys sitting next to you. There's always one in every theater. That's why I always go to the latest screenings.
    Man, it's a fucking scorcher down here. It's times like this I'm greatful I work indoors. What's up with the weather around your parts?
    I'm glad you liked it. It was a cool place to work. Real laid back. As for the International Kabob, I've never ate there, though I am familar with them. Usually when I eat out, it's mainly in the Wolfchase area. J. Alexander's, The Melting Pot, etc...

    Hit up Corky's BBQ one day, if you're ever back. Best I've ever had.
    That's cool. I forgot about Sakura House. It use to be called something else, when I use to eat there, but it's slipped my mind. It's kind of pricey, assuming it's still owned by the same people, but well worth it, if you love sushi and other oriental food.
    Oh, really? Too bad I leave for Spring River, tomorrow. I live literally five minutes away from Wolfchase Galleria. I've worked at damn near every store in that mall. Abercrombie, American Eagle, Spencers, etc... As for Germantown, I would try a place called Memphis Pizza Cafe. There are several locations, but I use to work at the Germantown location. Great service and some of the best pizza in Memphis.
    I had to order my copy of Endless Frontier off of Amazon, it wasn't available anywhere in my entire province.
    Enjoy this wonderful game!

    I haven't been on MSN in ages actually :p I think I forgot to download it when I changed computer hahaha.
    Ah. Everyone has a problem accessing to the site. Thank you very much, indeed.

    Hopefully, by tonight, it should be back up and running. :hmm:
    exactly. I'm sure it's hard to get a screwed up box (when it's just a normal case), but I'd probably be surprised :p
    Yeah, but I think the worst is over. Now my primary concern is the scorching heat were starting to get and it's not even summer.
    No, thankfully. I reside in Bartlett, which is a suburb of Memphis and it's basically up on a hill, so it in no way affected me. Some of downtown is still flooded by the river.
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