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You know what, Leangle? You're either really dense, or you just DONT CARE about other people. How could you NOT know. My post was 4 posts above yours. FOUR. And I am not going to look at that god damned spoiler cut to tell you ANYTHING.

This is the SECOND time you've done this to me.
Actualy I didn't even look at any posts before mine, Again, I'm very very sorry, How can I make it up to you?


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Actualy I didn't even look at any posts before mine, Again, I'm very very sorry, How can I make it up to you?

Then stop posting spoilers toward to Faded.Memories. Seriously.

Just ignore him. He used to be banned here as ryu dairenjaa. (dimetrozord ranger aka Pee Sponge).


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OK, I'll stop posting spoilers without hide tags

And I've never heard of them, So you must be mistaken, And do you have any proof behind those acusations?

EDIT: cool, this is my 777th post

Proof behind WHAT accusations?? Proof of you spoiling me twice? Okay. Here we go.

The first time you spoiled me on Kabuto. I had just finished watching the 12the episode and you told me that [hide] Just wait until you get to the late 30's episodes Hiyori was Tendou's sister. [/hide]
When I confronted you about it, you said you didn't know I hadn't watched it, MEANWHILE you had JUST said that I should wait until I saw the late 30's eps.

THIS time you claim that you didn't know that I had JUST started the series, and YET you responded to a question that I had posted in the SAME post under a spoiler cut, where I clearly said I was on episode 4.

I will drop this now, only because I respect Fayt's wishes, but mark my words Leangle, you're seriously starting to PISS ME OFF.

Sorry, I guess I'll use them even in a topic where I expect people to have already seen all of it

And yes. You should NEVER assume everyone has seen ALL of ANY series.


Im not straight but my boyfriend is
I am just going to ignore you for my OWN sanity, Leangle.

The whole Bob, George, Chuck thing is really working.

LAWLS!!! "Kamen Lidah BOB-O!!!!"

Seriously, when we're watching it, we'll point to a rider and be like, " That's George, right? Ok. George. Got it."
And even though we're starting to get their actual names it's still so much fun to use such common names. BOB!

*giggles* I love kamen rider so much.
The whole Bob, George, Chuck thing is really working.
Kenzaki Kazuma: Kamen Rider Blade,

Tachibana Sakuya: Kamen Rider Garren,

Aikwa Hajime: Kamen Rider Chalice

[hide]Kajimou Mutsuki: Kamen Rider Leangle

That should help you out on the Riders
Do not click spoiler until you are on ep 15/16!
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Im not straight but my boyfriend is
Also, random:

Watching Kotarou makes me want to drink milk.

And he reminds me of RF, because RF has a serious milk habit LOL.
::sigh:: Tachibana is a *****, I hate him. Anyway I guess I should get back to watching this. Have to redownload those eps I lost when I reformatted some months back though. Hate the Undead too, they suck indeed.


Aoi Kurenai

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I thought the Undead was a pretty neat idea for a set of "villians". That group alone is what makes Blade one of my favorite series, the whole backstory with the battle royal and their reasons for taking part in it was great. It's always good to have an opposing set of characters with personalities as opposed to say the Worms from Kabuto in where all but like 7 only had any real personality (if you can call it that) and only 1 of them was actually around for a good amount of time.

Tachibana is...yeah, not my favorite character by a long stretch, at least in the early episodes. When his character starts to evolve and stuff, then he gets more interesting, but Hajime will always be my favorite of the Blade riders. His suit (and really all of the Blade suits) were sexy, I don't know how this series didn't have good toy sales.
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The Undead just seem to me like they're trying to be the Grongi, the Unknown, and even the Orphnoch and Mirror Monsters in some instances, all at once - Both story/character-wise and design-wise. They just don't seem very original/interesting to me. The Worm were kinda like that themselves, perhaps to a lesser extent, I don't know.

I'm only up to episode 13 though, so maybe to Undead could grow on me. I'm just not interested at the moment.
Again, Wait until you've seen half the series to get a idea of what they're like fully, Although you don't fully learn they're true motive until near the end