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    Holy balls! Congratulations!
    Hey, it's been a long time. Just busy with life. It's nice to know many of the folks from back then are still here.
    I've been doing fine.

    There's no denying that the Powers that Be has taken a big step back in quality this season. The writing is subpar (slightly improved in recent episodes), the acting is far from being the best we've seen, and the female characters do feel somewhat weak compared to the many strong female Rangers we've had in the past.

    Despite all of that, Samurai has it's upsides. For one, the show quality looks absolutely amazing. I like the directing we've seen, and it being in HD makes it all the more enjoyable. I mean, there's more but that definitely sticks out.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, this saturday's new episode number is 11/13, right? Please let me know, so I can create a new thread on Thursday, not Friday, due to Royal Wedding.
    Doin' good! Tired of all the negative criticism towards Samurai, and the pessimistic attitude people have. Other than that, I'm great! How are you?
    Hey man, I understand that you're don't want to make a thread for PRSamurai, that I understand. I've decided that I'm going to take over. But, come on, you have to ignore them. don't mind I take over?! :D
    I stopped coming here ages ago lol Most sentai and KR news/spoilers and pics are posted at at RangerCrew and RangerVision anyways.
    I hear that man! I'mma be looking for another job soon also. $8.00/hr just isn't cuttin' it ya know.
    Great job on the PRS thread!
    Not bad...been doing some retro throwback lately.

    PS: ...and after watching DCD again, the "Pink Jesus Allegory Kamen Rider from the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone" still pisses me off...

    ...and it seems his only weakness is..."Den-O"

    *shakes head*

    L8r...time to imajin Den-O Episode White, Green, and Purple.

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