If Kamen Rider Blade had an extra season....?

Since Black & Black RX, if there was an extra series for Kamen Rider Blade, how would you see that happen?

I can imagine 4 new riders as the next generation. Amane will be one of them as the "hearts". The four original riders will get back together joining the new four.

Only this time, the new Undead like Kerberos are born. They'll all be based on mythical creatures.

Albino Joker can appear as a sealed ace possessed by a new rider based on Joker. Another antagonist joining the joker rider would be a new character becoming Glaive and Kerberos. But Lance & L'arc don't appear in the series.


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Of all the heisei shows to get a second season, Blade should be one of the last, as it had one of the more definitive rider endings. No matter how you did it, it would seem forced.

Dr Kain

Yeah, Blade's ending is perfect. There is no reason to have another season.


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Chiming in that Blade's ending was fine, anything after that would just cheapen the impact. Faiz needed a second season way more though than Blade, that ending was such BS...

Toku Prime

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I don't see how Faiz would be any more deserving than Blade. In both cases the story being told was concluded. Having said that, the story was concluded in Black too and yet Kotaro still came back to battle an evil empire from another dimension.

If it had to continue (and I'd still rather it didn't as I like Hibiki more than the five shows that came before it) then presumably Kanzaki and Hajime would be written out and only Tachibana and Mutsuki would continue on against a completely new and unrelated enemy. Either one of them would be upgraded to the new lead or they'd have to recruit someone new. Either way as the Glaive design is meant to be a new, powered-up form of the Blade system that would be the default suit for the lead guy.

Dr Kain

When did 555's story conclude? It didn't have an ending, it just stopped. They still had too many unresolved plot points in the show, most of which came out in the last 6 episodes of the show. They didn't even kill the main villain, they just knocked him unconscious. Of course,they didn't even actually show Takumi beat the King, the thing just cut to after the battle bs that Agito did. The same goes for Kabuto.


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The same goes for Kabuto.

Kabuto could have elaborated more on how Natives were going to integrate into society now, especially the people turned into Natives due to the plan in the last few episodes, but aside from that it had a pretty conclusive ending. Villains all dead, all tragic characters explicitly or ambiguously killed off. It wasn't really a great ending, but it was conclusive.

Dr Kain

How are the villains all dead? They forgot about the Worms to fight the Natives. The Worms are still out there.

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