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Did you have to actually say "Period!" "Comma!" when typing it?

Pretty much. :redface2:

Still, it saves time from typing, though I only use it once in a while. Android's voice to text honestly sucks in comparison to my Mac's, which makes Dragon Dictation a scam.


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This movie was good but I can't figure out if I like this one better than the previous films. Downey Jr had tons of screen time in this movie while the other actors and actresses didn't get as much. I did thought this film made good use of James Rhodes but his suit action scenes were limited. Tony Stark didn't even get to fight in the suit as much either. Most of it was him outside the suit or controlling it with his neat tricks. One thing I didn't like was that this movie made it seem fire is the suit's weakness or something. Both Iron Man and Iron Patriot had their own problems with fire in this film. Lastly, I did not like the plot twist with Mandarin. In a way, it made sense, but in a way, it makes you think that Marvel can't come up with a creative way to use Mandarin properly.

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Finally saw the film.....

Very crisp and the humor has actually improved from the last two films. Despite some drawbacks, It was actually pretty good.

A perfect 10/10

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