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  • August, not sure if you can answer this there any truth the Wikipedia claim, (don't worry that's why I'm asking) that Kadokawa approached Toho about making 'Godzilla vs. Gamera' but was turned down?
    There are photos up on my Facebook page. I heard that there were some photos up on the Comic-Con event, but have only seen one, so far.
    Hey August, I was just curious if you had any photos/videos of any of your events. Like the Superhero show or the events at Comic-Con. I asked some folks and it seems none have been seen. Must've been a blast.
    Are you looking for anythign specific? At the moment I have 4 episodes of this years Kamen Rider subbed, well, 3 released, one in qc, Shinkenger just aired a couple days ago, at the moment we have nothing subbed, but we should have 2 or so eps ready by the 28th. I do have the first ep raw however. As for anythign else. Right now the only other currently airing Japanese live action hero show is Takara Tomy's Rescue Force which will keep going until April when Rescue Fire is slated to begin, there are some 42 episodes of that currently subbed. Let me know what you need and I'll try and get what i can to you, either via mail or via downloads (everything mentioned is also available via ddl and torrents from my site)
    Hey August, I Am Big Fan of Ultraman & Godzilla, I Saw Seller Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monster it Cool and I gonna to By this Book.
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