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    D is right, Knight.
    Standing up for yourself as a fan is one thing. Burning someone in effigy is something else entirely. Forever Red may have his venomous moments, but he's a saint compared to you and your flamethrowing. You could've taken the high road for once, but you didn't. Don't blame someone else for your shortcomings, Skyknight. They're no one's fault but yours.

    And in case your field of vision is still blurred, go back and read what I said before I closed the thread. I said some of you. Nowhere in there did I personally single you out.

    NOW the case is closed.
    Still have no problem with you as a person. The problem I have is with your arguing style, which isn't arguing at all. You just make statements designed to antagonize people rather than debate.

    Again, was trying to help you, not piss you off, and I'm sorry that I did that.
    According to Forever Knight, we're the same person. Does this make us best friends?
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