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  • Hey, if you don't mind, wanna battle on Pokemon Black/White sometime? I have 1 question: do you EV train? I did on SoulSilver but not on Black.
    Woah uhhh after being banned for like six months I don't even remember asking for this, but I am not going to be rude and am going to use it :3 thank you very much for making it.
    Sa ngayon, di pa since sira pa ang monitor ko sa Bacolod. Ung monitor naman dito sa parents house ko, iba ang kulay, about 30 or more than that magiging okay ung resolution.
    i'll update of your avi and sig for tomorrow just working on the new background for more chances improve the Version 00.
    I'll add you when I get a chance. I'm not touching the Wiki pages, I'd rather work hard on my own page where I have total control to say whatever I want. :evil3:
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